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Digging Into VGK’s Historical Shootout Stats

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Despite being the shortest summer in franchise history, it’s starting to feel like it’s been a long time since hockey. This summer’s sports news has been dominated by another collection of people trying to put an object into a net. From the Women’s World Cup to Messi’s arrival in America to The Creator’s Bournemouth team buying every player they can find it’s been hard to ignore soccer.

Now, some of us like soccer, many don’t (I won’t judge), but everyone can agree though that the most exciting part of any soccer game is the shootout. The American women fell in theirs, Messi succeeded in his, and there was a marathon one between France and Australia a few days ago.

All these shootouts had me missing hockey shootout. So, today I bring you VGK’s stats in shootouts from last year and beyond.

Last year, 10 Golden Knights participated in the nine shootouts Vegas played in. The Golden Knights as a team went 9 for 35, 25.7%, and won five of the nine games that were decided in the skills competition.

Here’s the rundown of how each player did, and how each has done in their VGK career.

2022-23 SeasonVGK CareerCareer
Marchessault17% (1 for 6)22% (6 for 27)23% (7 for 30)
Cotter20% (1 for 5)20% (1 for 5)20% (1 for 5)
Eichel20% (1 for 5)13% (1 for 8)28% (9 for 32)
Smith40% (2 for 5)40% (4 for 10)27% (7 for 26)
Roy0% (0 for 4)30% (3 for 10)30% (3 for 10)
Theodore33% (1 for 3)42% (8 for 19)45% (9 for 20)
Stone33% (1 for 3)33% (2 for 6)24% (4 for 17)
Dorofeyev50% (1 for 2)50% (1 for 2)50% (1 for 2)
Stephenson100% (1 for 1)17% (1 for 6)17% (1 for 6)
Kessel0% (0 for 1)0% (0 for 1)27% (20 for 75)
TuchN/A33% (4 for 12)45% (9 for 20)
KarlssonN/A22% (2 for 9)30% (3 for 10)
HaulaN/A33% (2 for 6)25% (2 for 8)
PirriN/A20% (1 for 5)48% (11 for 23)
DadonovN/A20% (1 for 5)14% (1 for 7)
PerronN/A20% (1 for 5)35% (26 for 75)
NealN/A0% (0 for 3)32% (17 for 54)
PaciorettyN/A0% (0 for 2)22% (8 for 37)
PatrickN/A0% (0 for 1)33% (4 for 12)
AmadioN/A0% (0 for 1)0% (0 for 3)
LindbergN/A0% (0 for 1)0% (0 for 1)

The most successful shootout artist for the Golden Knights has been Shea Theodore. He’s a stellar 8 for 19 in his Vegas career and has scored the game-deciding goal five times.

Last year, Reilly Smith, Paul Cotter, Mark Stone, and Theodore each potted a game-winning attempt in shootout with Smith being the only member of the team to do it twice. The Golden Knights have won 20 shootouts in team history. Theodore leads the pack having the deciding goal in five, followed by Alex Tuch’s four, Smith’s three, and Erik Haula, Marchessault, and Stone each having two. Pavel Dorofeyev and Cotter also have one a piece.

Next season, Bruce Cassidy will have plenty of great options when games head to shootout. Despite losing some of the team’s best weapons over the years, he still has an arsenal of Theodore, Marchessault, Eichel, Roy, Cotter, and Dorofeyev to choose from.

On the flip side, VGK goalies have been a mixed bag in the shootout.

2022-23 SeasonVGK CareerCareer
Thompson.778 (14 for 18).800 (28 for 35).800 (28 for 35)
Hill1.00 (4 for 4)1.00 (4 for 4).773 (17 for 22)
Brossoit.500 (5 for 10).615 (8 for 13).559 (19 for 34)
Quick.667 (2 for 3).667 (2 for 3).682 (227 for 333)
SubbanN/A.947 (18 for 19).955 (21 for 22)
FleuryN/A.682 (30 for 44).726 (249 for 343)
LehnerN/A.667 (16 for 24).545 (67 for 123)
LagaceN/A.667 (2 for 3).667 (2 for 3)

Adin Hill was perfect last year but has been just average in his career. Logan Thomspon was average last season but had been stellar in his VGK career.

Once again, the Golden Knights are in pretty good hands if the game remains tied after 3-on-3 next season.


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