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Did They Just Leak The Colors?

Late this afternoon the Las Vegas hockey team sent out an invitation to all season ticket holders encouraging them to come down to Toshiba Plaza on November 22nd. But you already knew that. It’s the color scheme in that email that is the interesting point.

Now, let’s make it abundantly clear before I share it with you. I do not know for a fact that the color scheme in the email is the actual color scheme. But let’s put it this way, it certainly fits the prior description.

Well as I’ve said it will have some desert influences. Because it’s Knights, there’s obviously going to be some steel grey somewhere. Probably have some gold because that makes sense, and most teams have black. -The Creator

Ok, so now let’s take a look at that email.


See that red? That desert looking gold? The grey lettering in “Don’t Miss Out!”? Here, let me zoom it in.


Las Vegas Colors b

What do you think?


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  1. James

    Judging by this email, Gold appears to be the accent colour, very prominent on the email. I thought Red Rock Red would be the accent colour.

    All signs point to Desert Knights, but Golden Knights isn’t dead (yet)

  2. DaveVegasNews

    I see what you mean Ken, very telling, no accidentals at this stage I would think. Also notice each number in the count down has been, black, red, white, grey etc…

  3. James

    How would you feel about gold being the accent colour? The majority strongly dislike Golden Knight because Nevada is The Silver State. I’m guessing that being called the Desert Knights, but playing primarily in gold won’t go over well.

    I guess Red Rock Red is too close to the Arizona Coyotes red to be the accent colour. That desert looking gold is original.

    • berri

      I am ok with gold as an accent on the red and black for sure….perhaps thinner lines or outlines in silver? After George McPhee said double entendre it has to be Desert Knights, which I love 🙂

      • James

        Me too. The colour scheme in the email is pretty similar to the Anaheim Ducks, but they don’t wear gold jerseys.

        The Nashville Predators wear gold jerseys, but it’s a different shade of gold. It looks more like yellow than gold to me. Ditto for the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins.

  4. sparky chewbarky

    The red/gold/black/silver colour scheme has been the speculation for a while now.
    Someone over at Chris Creamers wondered…is that a hint of the logo behind “Don’t Miss Out!”?. If you look REAL close you can see, what looks like, part of a black V over part of a red K?….

    • James

      @sparky chewbarky
      I can’t see it! However, I thought I heard Dana Lane and Brian Blessing say the logo was “simple” a day or two after seeing it. A letters logo, exactly as you described fits the bill.

      To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a knight jousting with a hockey stick logo from Adidas after seeing the World Cup of Hockey logos.

      I read that in a News interview today/yesterday with George McPhee, said the name is a double entendre. Pretty easy to guess from that I think. It’s got to be Desert Knights.

      Regarding the colour scheme, pretty similar to the Anaheim Ducks as someone else pointed out on twitter.

  5. Derek

    Looks like the Anaheim ducks colors.

  6. Slack

    Team colors aside, I don’t see anything in the invite about the planned turkey drop at the event WKRP style. I guess it’s going to be a surprise.

  7. wayne

    How about the Las Vegas Gamblers……????

  8. Tom

    Nothing says “fast and exciting new hockey team” like earth-tones and a semi-pro name. (Yawwnnnn)

  9. Ken M

    What are you guys talking about? The jerseys are going to be white when they go to other cities. So, white.

  10. Tom

    Looks like it must be Desert Knights. God I wish I could like this name. I really want to but it just screams stupid. I’m gonna try though. I’m gonna try real hard.

  11. evileye

    Unless my monitor is way off that looks more like bronze than gold to me.

  12. Campy

    Anything with the name Knights is a big mistake. Knights serve a King. It should be the Las Vegas Aces. A King never beats an Ace. End of story.

  13. Luke

    Looks like Anaheim home color scheme. We don’t need two of the same ugly sweater in our game

  14. cody

    Las Vegas Dessert Knives. Yum!

  15. A.J.

    Ok, so this may be a bit crazy, but I think Foley has been yanking our chain a bit regarding “something” Knights. If that possible logo in the background of the ad is indeed a V and a K, then I’m going to throw out the fact that the “something” in “Something Knights” is in fact “Vegas”. As in we will be the Vegas Knights (very strong double entendre). If you look back at the Blessing interview and read the transcript, he never says we are going to be the (Las) Vegas something Knights. He simply states the following “We have moved some color schemes around, and the team will be something Knights. K-n-i-g-h-t-s. ” Just a last second theory as this all winds down.

  16. Ray

    So aren’t the gold, black, and red basically Ottawa Senators colors?
    Mot necessarily a bad thing.

  17. cody

    Also notable that as well as Ducks the Ottawa Senators also have same color scheme. And what is a senator but literally a GOLDEN KNIGHT. And people took issue with Blackhawks/Nighthawks. :/

  18. GREG Grewal

    I personally think he should have just went with the Las Vegas Knights… the sounds of a color before Knights is so unnatural in hockey…
    Las Vegas Gamblers
    Las Vegas Vultures (lol)
    Las Vegas Renegades

  19. Ben

    Wow very original. Not. looks like the Ducks color scheme. good work for a team that will probably last about 5 years.

  20. James

    I’m almost one hundred percent certain it will be Something Knights, but Vegas Desert Knights is a very real possibility. Although, VDK reminds me of vodka.

  21. James

    I can see where you’re coming from. Mr. Foley had a blank canvas to work with, but he had tunnel vision. It’s a damn shame he had preconceived ideas and didn’t seriously consider other suggestions. Who knows the end result might have been better. As an outsider, earth-tones doesn’t scream Las Vegas. I would have went with vibrant colours.

    Will the name problems fade into background once the games start?

    In the past I have rooted for the New York Knicks after going to a game at MSG. I didn’t like the name and hated the colours, but I grew emotionally attached to the team. I’m looking forward to the journey. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • Tom

      Yeah they really missed an opportunity. It’s a shame. I know a name shouldn’t be that big of a deal but I can’t help it. I’m actually avoiding showing up for the announcement at T-Mobile just to avoid being disappointed.

      • James

        I know what you mean. I didn’t think I would care this deeply about the team name. I’ve never supported an expansion team before. The name and the colours already came with the sports teams I decided to follow.

        Everything is perfect working with a blank canvas in the form of expansion. This feels like a blemish. A small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of the franchise. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it. I guess it was only a matter of time before the new car got a scratch in some way shape or form.

  22. Preston B

    That’s gonna look so sick

  23. DaveVegasNews

    First, it will not be just Knights, cannot be for several reasons….

    2.No TM Filed
    3.Vegas Knights MC actually has a TM in Vegas for just that term and “could” fight it.

    There now knock off the impossible and focus.

    As mentioned above if the thing in the center is a rip off of the Golden Knight head and he calls them the Golden Knights then his brain is in fact mush and void of any creativity. Desert Knights is clearly the most original and liked.

    Thank you Ill be in the lounge all week folks.

    • Tom

      That whole thing about our team not being allowed to call themselves Knights when they play in Canada was bs. If it were true, then why is the Winnipeg Jets allowed to call themselves the Jets when they play in the US? It was just an excuse to justify a decision that was already made about going with a 2-word name.

      • James

        That’s out of my wheelhouse. The Edmonton Oilers and Houston Oilers also coexisted.

        I think Mr. Foley knew exactly what he was doing with the whole Nighthawks thing. He wanted to give the impression that he was considering other team names besides Knights. He knew there would be backlash from one of the most popular fanbases. Or perhaps he just wanted some more publicity. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

        • Aaron

          Or it could be that the London Knights own the naming rights to the pro hockey team name of “Knights”. I don’t know enough about this but maybe the Jets are allowed to be the Jets or the Oilers the Oilers because of the difference in sport, or maybe the NY Jets didn’t get the name rights in both the USA and Canada, where as the London Knights have both. Or maybe the London Knights only have Canada but Vegas would need it in both countries as they would be playing in both.

          • Tom

            Good point. Maybe. Oh well. The name sucks. The colors suck. Here’s to hope that the logo is cool.

  24. James

    What about having a just Knights logo? Whilst being called the Las Vegas Desert Knights.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars jave a Jags logo. With no mention of Jacksonville. Whilst Jaguars is shortened to Jags.

    • Garry

      @James, I can see that in fact he may just use a VK while still being called Desert Knights. No issue there, wouldn’t shock me if he did. All speculation at this point because honestly I see no horse, golden knight helmet, V or K unless one expands upon the hidden logo.

  25. James

    Not sure if you’ve seen the Team North America logo, but they have an inverted triangle logo that resembles a V. The Las Vegas Silver Knights Jersey Concept (Take II) had a similar idea. You could repalce the sword with the intials DK. See team North America.

    I couldn’t see the golden knight helmet after it was clearly explained on the twitter feed.

    Side note, I saw an awesome hashtag on the London Knights website #defendthethrone

    The Las Vegas marketing department could have a field day with ‘Game of Thrones’ references

    • Garry

      Yes, very cool, you can really approach the Knights theme in a rather brutal adult way or corny way, time will tell 🙂

  26. Aaron

    So Calgary Hitmen Colours?

    • James

      Yes, copper is more representative of the Las Vegas desert than gold.

      Mr. Foley would have totally given the game away if he said the colour scheme was Red Rock Canyon red/copper/black and steel mesh silver. It screams Desert Knights. You can’t be the Golden Knights without any gold in your colour scheme. I’m convinced Mr. Foley said gold when talking about the colour scheme as a form of midirection.

  27. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    I did some digging. That desert looking gold, perhaps it’s not supposed to be gold afterall! Copper perhaps? Unless my monitor is way off that desert looking gold never looked like gold to me.

    DAN MARRAZZA wrote the following on Thursday, July 7, 2016;

    To the west, T-Mobile Arena maintains a distinct, deep shade of COPPER that emerges from the horizon when approaching the Las Vegas Strip from either Highway 15 or Tropicana Avenue.

    Did you know that both of these unmistakable looks were incorporated into T-Mobile Arena’s design as a special tribute to Las Vegas culture?

    When the design firm Populous, which partnered with MGM and AEG in designing T-Mobile Arena, decided on an appearance for the west side of our home arena, they meshed various shades of COPPER with a futuristic design. This was meant to reflect the area’s desert and Spring Mountains.

    On the lower level of the arena, much of the concourse area echoes the shades of COPPER and brown on the west side of the arena’s exterior – another tribute to the desert.

    • There’s no doubt the west side of the stadium is supposed to represent the mountains to the west of the city. I think they were going for something similar with the color scheme for the team. My guess is still Desert Knights, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it’s Golden or Silver. Anything else, I’d be blown away.

  28. lakawak

    The NHL already has multiple teams that BLEED money and only survive because the other profitable teams are forced to support them. So why not just move one of them rather than create a NEW team that will be losing money within a few years when the novelty wears off and now I is just “Hmmm…who the hell thought a hockey team in Vegas was a good idea? The same people that thought Phoenix could support one?” Buffalo is a dying city. IT is not the 50s anymore. It can’t support ONE major professional sports team, let alone two. Take them.

  29. James

    ‘I can see that in fact he may just use a VK while still being called Desert Knights.’

    I was listening to the Vegas Hockey Hotline yesterday. Brian Blessing and Dana Lane have seen the logo. It’s pretty obvious that the name will be Desert Knights, but the way they were talking it was like they didn’t know the team name from looking at the logo. They may have been playing dumb, but there is a possibility that they saw a VK logo. A VK logo could be any of the three team names.

    They also said that it wasn’t obvious what the primary home colours will be from looking at the logo. The franchise could go several different directions based on the logo colours.

  30. Jude

    Does anyone else see part of a big V in the background in what looks to be dark blue or black in the ice???

    • Excellent eye. I didn’t see it, but one of our graphic design buddies did. Posting his finding now. Have a feeling it’s exactly what you saw too.

  31. Mirsch

    I think a lot of people are overlooking the blue green color in the background being used. I’m thinking silver gold red and the blue green will be used as no team has a scheme like this..:

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