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Development Camp 2024 Takeaways

The final event of the summer has come and gone with VGK prospects wrapping up Development Camp at City National Arena this afternoon. The young players participated in a pair of scrimmages as well as a host of practices over the week. Here are my takeaways, mostly from the two scrimmages.

Trevor Connelly

Unfortunately, VGK’s 1st round pick this year picked up a knock that kept him out of the second scrimmage, but he was impressive in the first one. The biggest element of his game that stood out was his composure on the puck. Once he gets it, he looks so comfortable, plays with his head up, and is always looking to advance the play. There haven’t been a ton of 1st round picks that have come through VGK Development Camp, but of the ones that have, Connelly was the most impressive in their first appearance.

Carl Lindbom

The Swedish goaltender who had a monster season in the SHL showed well in his appearances in the scrimmages. He’s not the largest guy so you’d expect him to need to be very athletic to make saves, but it’s not necessary with the fluidity of his movement. This isn’t to say he’s not athletic, it’s just that he rarely puts himself into a position where he needs to rely on recovery moves to make saves. He confirmed the plan is to play in North America this year, so his stock could shoot through the roof in the next 12 months.

Mathieu Cataford

After a monster 90-point season in the QMJHL, the former 3rd round pick had his moments at Development Camp. He scored a nice goal from the circles and created a few other chances for teammates. He did look a bit behind the play at times off the puck though which leaves plenty of room for growth.

Matyas Sapovaliv

Sapovaliv was not terribly noticeable in the first scrimmage but he really came to play in the second one. He didn’t end up getting on the board (he passed one puck from directly out in front of the goal that he should have shot) but he was in and around the front of the goal all game. He has gotten a lot stronger since we last saw him and he admitted he still has a ways to go in that area.

The Jakubs

Both Jakub Brabenec and Jakub Demek were unimpressive in this camp. As overage draft picks it was expected each of them would be among the best players, but it simply wasn’t the case. Both had long seasons and likely hadn’t been on the ice much before this camp but it would have been nice to see each physically dominate at times.

Lukas Van Vliet

There were times when he looked like the game was moving quite quickly for him but in the moments in which he got to the front of the net he looked right at home. His best moment of the weekend was a brilliant tip on goal that the goalie stopped. Van Vliet then batted the rebound directly into the net before the goalie reacted. It was probably the most impressive play made by any prospect in the two scrimmages (Jett Jones had a pretty sweet one as well).

Jack Stockfish, Sloan Stanick, Jozef Viliam Kmec, Mikael Huchette and Lennart Neisse

It was a strong camp for many camp attendees. Stockfish dominated the first scrimmage both physically, throwing his body around at every opportunity, and offensively scoring a goal and generating multiple chances. Stanick was the offensive standout in the second not only potting a goal but being danger adjacent on just about every shift. Both Kmec and Hutchette were constantly making plays in their time on the ice looking like two of the most explosive offensive players out there. Finally, 17-year-old German goalie Lennart Neisse was excellent in the second scrimmage. His battle rate in the goal was excellent and he kept out several Grade A chances.


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  7. Pistol Pete

    Adding Nikolaj Ehlers to my Marner and Mecas list of hopefuls. Nearly identical career pts/game to Marchy and nearly six years younger. Very much on the lighter side weight wise but really a good player. Has indicated he does not want to be extended in WPG. Last year @ $6m.

    • ThG

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      • Pistol Pete

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  8. Pistol Pete

    For me when it comes to learning the game Cassidy and McCrimmon are my top resources. In the July 1 McCrimmon press conference the takeaways include:

    1. Talks with all UFA’s began early in the season except for Martinez where it was agreed it would be at the end. I want to suggest McCrimmon might have agreed to Marchy $6m three years perhaps before the TD however had he gone ahead with the Hertl and Hanifin deals he would have to have traded Theodore to fit in Marchy’s $6m otherwise cap space would have been only about $200k. Remember, he needed to extend Dorofeyev and Korczak and add Samsonov, Olofsson and Holtz totaling around $4.9m requiring a Theodore trade.

    2. A deal with Marchy was entering its final stage heading into the draft and collapsed the day before. We now know term was the issue. Signing Marchy would have required trading Theodore.

    3. When asked he said both free agents and trades are still possible. Obviously trading Theodore would be required for any meaningful transaction for example for a top six winger.

    • Pistol Pete

      Correction: contract negotiations were “over the course of the season” not necessarily early in the season as I stated above.

      • Rashaad

        Pistol Pete,

        Marner is such a ridiculous idea that I am quite surprised that you keep bringing it up. His cap hit is 10.93 and he is seeking 12.5. Once you do that it throws everything out of whack. I wish you would please stop with that. No disrespect but I know that you are better then that.

        Martin Necas and Nik Ehlers are much better ideas. As you know acquiring one of these players means trading Shea Theodore. I still don’t think it is a foregone conclusion that Theo is traded.

        If we want this team to get younger then why are we trading Theo who is just 28 years old. Nik Ehlers is a fine player. He is the equivalent of a Marchessault, a 60 point player but 5 years younger. Ehlers is on an expiring contract and will cost somewhere in the 7-8 million dollar range per year to sign to an extension. Remember young UFA’s are very expensive. Ehlers is not a bad idea but there are better options. Martin Necas is the jewel. He is just 25 years old. I believe that Carolina has put him on the trade market to gauge interest rather then actually move. They want a ton in return because he is still RFA status and cost controlled. Necas will only take up about 3.5 million of cap space. They won’t want Theodore. Carolina is looking for a huge return, something like 2 A+ prospects and 2 good young NHL ready players. It’s likely that no one meets their demands and Necas remains a Carolina Hurricane. Necas is going to salary arbitration and the Hurricanes are afraid of what he will get awarded. I don’t think that Vegas has the assets to make a Martin Necas trade. Those assets were used up to acquire Hanafin and Hertl.

        The guy that Vegas should be looking to acquire / steal is Nic Robertson of the Maple Leafs. Pistol Pete, you have been looking at the right team but the wrong player. Robertson has actually requested a trade. The Leafs are going to do all they can to convince him to stay because he is young and cheap.

        Nic Robertson scored 55 goals in 46 games in his last season in the OHL with the Peterborough Petes. He is 22 years old and the kid can really snipe. He has never gotten a fair chance with the Leafs because they have established players in their top 6 forwards. Robertson doesn’t profile as a bottom 6 type of player. He dominated the AHL and has nothing to prove there. With the Maple Leafs last year on the third and fourth line he scored 14 goals in 56 games wich is a 20 goal pace. He did this with shitty line mates and no power play time. His salary was under $800,000 and may get awarded about $1,200,000 in arbitration. Unlike Toronto, Vegas does have some question marks and openings on the top two lines next year. I believe Robertson’s upside is equal to that of Pavel Dorofeyev perhaps higher.

        So why not trade for Robertson and keep Theodore.

        • Rashaad

          Also, very much like Logan Thompson, Nic Robertson wants to be traded because he believes in himself and wants a better opportunity. I want the player that wants to prove himself and is highly motivated and most importantly takes up very little cap space.

          • Rashaad

            I understand how acquiring Hanifin has made Theodore more of a luxury then a need but I would still like to keep Theodore since he is still young. Brayden McNabb is 33 years old and in the last year of his contract. I’d rather have a 28 year old Theodore extended to a new contract then an older McNabb.

        • Pistol Pete

          Rashaad keeping Marner on the list is basically poetic license on my part. You’re right it would be hard if not impossible and that would be if he would agree to $12m. If the deal was Theo plus Roy plus ? that would increase today’s cap space to $9.5m, $2.5m short of Marner’s 2025-26 $12m. The 2025-26 cap is projected at $92m a $4.3m increase from 2024-25. If $2.5m went to carry Marner that would leave only $1.8m to give raises to Howden, Kolesar, Olofsson, Samsonov and McNabb all of whom are expiring at the end of 2024-25, obviously not enough cap space.

          Marner would work as Barbashev plus Theo plus Roy plus ?. Barbashev would free up enough cap space. Eichel will need $12m 2026-27. The cap will keep going up. Rashaad just remember MCrimmon and McPhee have a history of swinging for the fences and consider this: Stone’s health. I am not saying Barbashev plus Theo plus Roy is even a smart idea we just need to consider every possibility.

          Necas went into arbritartion. I lack experience in this area so it will be interesting to see what his price ends up at. You don’t think that could be straight up for Theodore? If not then how do you see that deal?

          Ehlers probably makes sense, maybe the most sense as relates to cost and being a straight up replacement for Marchy. Would just Theodore be enough? I might assume so.

          Like your idea on Nic Robertson, Jason’s little brother, right? We have $1.3m in cap space and how would you see that deal structured? Not a Marchy replacement but an interesting idea for the future.

          • Pistol Pete

            Rashaad I might see him coming over from Toronto as part of a blockbuster deal for Marner. Btw Dorofeyev would slot into Barbashev’s spot. Look I’m not saying they would consider doing that but Barbashev is about the only way to create the space for Marner’s $12m and give raises to all the 2025-25 expiring contracts. Perhaps you run trading Theodore and Barbashev and Roy by McCrimmon and he would shrug it off with a chuckle but then how do we ever know? We don’t. Again, Stone’s health but who knows?


          • Rashaad

            One thing I know we agree on for sure we both trust the management team

          • Emmanuel

            Eichels not gonna get $12M unless he has 2 bananas seasons in a row.

  9. ThG

    missed another development camp game !!

    some posters here are like little kids going into a candy store, they want everything that they see, as old adage goes “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”

    anyone catch creepy joe’s statement that he had 12 day jet lag, a cold, and the other guy was yelling at him during the debate?

    And to the a$$wwipes above, with their neo nazi nonsense, this is what happens when you interject woke politics into hockey,; Bettman needs to get the woke crap out of hockey.

  10. ThG

    Lucas Van Vliet
    July 06, 2024

    I just wrapped up my last day here in Vegas, it really flew by.

    We had our second and final scrimmage of Development Camp and it was awesome. I said I wanted to score today so I stuck to my game and got one in, it felt really nice. Late in the second, I saw an opening to maybe try a Michigan but it’s a little slippery out there. I’m a skilled kid so I wanted to give it a chance but maybe next time I’ll get it.

    Joe Fleming also had a chance to show off a little bit of skill when he was awarded a penalty shot. After seeing his attempt, I think we probably would have been better off without it to be honest. I don’t know what was going on in his head there, he said he almost had it, but I don’t think it was even close to going in. I have to give him credit though, it would have been really awesome if he scored. We were all giving Flemmer a hard time for that, it was hilarious. Then after Joe missed his shot, he went down on the other end and caused a penalty shot for the other team, I think he was letting the refs have it after that.

    After such a great week here, I think the connections I’ve made have been so important. I know that everyone I’ve met is going to help me get better throughout the year. The nutritionists, the medical guys, the lifting coaches, just hearing how much they’re going to reach out next season and see how I’m doing, that’s one thing I’m looking forward to. I definitely don’t take it for granted that this is something that not many people get to experience, and this is something that I dreamed of.

    I’m really looking forward to catching up with my family when I get home. I haven’t had a chance to talk with them much since I’ve been here, but I want them to know how great my experience here has been. They’ll be happy to know how nice this place is and how well the Golden Knights have treated me and everything. I may not be up for talking much at first since I’ve got a red eye back to Michigan tonight and I’m landing at 5 a.m. but we’ll definitely be catching up. I really want to fly out here next season and catch a few Golden Knights games and hopefully, my family can join me to see what it’s like. I don’t know how they’d do with the heat, but I hear it cools off eventually.

    Once I get home, I’ll head down to Tennessee with my family for the summer. I’m definitely going to be sleeping for that whole car ride. I play a lot of golf in the summer, especially with my brother. We’ve got a competitive 2v2 scramble that we do every weekend against my cousin and another buddy. My brother and I are up 4-2 right now and it’s a best of 10, so we got to try and keep that lead going. I’m currently carrying me and my brother right now so hopefully he’s ready to step up when I get back.

    Thank you so much Vegas for welcoming me and for showing me what it’s like to be a Golden Knight. This has been an unforgettable week, and I can’t wait to be back!


  11. T.Conn

    I had an ok mini camp but the good news is I didn’t see any filthy Jews!

  12. ThG

    really ??

  13. Walt

    Tyler Kopff was also noticeable, as he showed the ability to carry the puck into the offensive zone and make plays more often than most of the players did, and he is 6’4″ and 205 lb. from New Jersey. 21 y.o.

    he looks better than veteran prospects with AHL experience like Demek and Brabenec.

  14. JB

    I like reading all the crap here, I guess. I just prefer to wait until something actually happen, to comment on. But I do have one thought: Someone was comparing Theo and Nabber. Two dmen yes but completely different players. Theo is offense no defense. Nabber is a pure dman. Physical, shot blocker, tuff. Theo is a horrible defender. Now with Hanni on board I would trade Theo and get a forward that can score. Thank you!

    • knights fan in minny

      a little harsh on 27

    • Vic

      Spot on. Trade Theo while there is still value. The team will need more physical defense with shot blocker Martinez gone, with average goaltending and likely fewer goals.

    • Rashaad

      JB, just because an opinion differs from yours, you don’t have to call it crap. I’m aware that they are both d-men. I’m also aware that one of them is more offensive oriented while the other one is more defensive oriented. Where in my post would it lead you to believe that I did not know that or thought that they were the exact same thing. Thanks for the info. It appears as though you prefer Brayden McNabb. That’s cool. I prefer Shea Theodore because he is 5 years younger and much more unique. You can’t teach what Theodore has which is high octane offense. It’s a tougher skill set to find. Defense can be learned. Players can get better defensively with attention to detail and being coached well. You can’t just become more offensively skilled that’s more of a gift. But it’s the age thing that is a real stickler to me. McNabb is old and will cost at least 5 million per year to retain as an unrestricted free agent.

      • JB

        You are so paranoid rashaaaaad! I gave my opinion. Don’t like it, tuff. I wasn’t calling your post crap. I was calling all posts, in general, crap! Ha.

  15. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    I can see a case where both scenarios make sense. Rashaad is right that Theodore is much harder to replace. Anybody can be a shot blocker and play defense well if they are coached properly and dedicated. You can’t just teach a defensemen to be great on offense and to run a power play. Theodore is such a beautiful skater as well. It’s a myth that Theodore is bad defensively. He will have some give aways because he is always trying to create offense and play the transition game. How is he second all-time in plus minus in Golden Knights history if he is bad defensively??? In 444 regular season games as a Golden Knight he is +67.

    Brayden McNabb has been a absolute animal and is 1st over all in plus minus in Golden Knights history with a plus 94. He has been a warrior but he is 33 years old. That’s a lot of miles on a body that plays that type of game. The decline can happen very quickly as we just witnessed with McNabb. I like all things about McNabb that JB likes but Nabber is not hitting as much as he used to. These are his hits in the last three seasons. 2021-22 (252), 2022-23 (221), 2023-24 (199)

    I would trade Theodore simply because he is more valuable and you can get more for him on the trade market. As for McNabb, love that guy as well but I would keep him but only resign him to a reasonable deal. 2 year maximum extension.

    • Pistol Pete

      As we have discussed Hanifin appears to have been acquired as a viable replacement for Theodore creating the opportunity to trade him for a younger possibly even better version of Marchessault. Very astute move by the FO. Very much hoping we see the switch before training camp.

  16. Pistol Pete

    People who lob the insults (“libtard” is one example) across the internet at folks they have never met and had a chance to talk to in person, there are a couple things these people have in common. They are:

    1. Acting brain dead
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    Now this could be specific to internet discourse. That is, they are abusers in that medium. They might actually be different in person. I try to keep my mind open as best I can.

    • ThG


      you are the one who introduced the term Lib Tard on this thread, you own it. I copied your post form above, below You first mentioned it above. And now you are dishing on yourself for doing it ! >!! HELLO you fall off your lazy boy ?

      Looks like you are getting senile like creepy Joe, better check your depends you may be craping in there too. Buddy.

      From above
      “Pistol Pete
      Notice how I prefaced that that I was adding him to my list? I did not really think you would pull that jackoff move again but then again you did. ThG repeat and repeat like insulting as libtards ad nauseam. Can you ever add something to your playbook? Quiz: who is the biggest “libtard” of them all?

      JULY 7, 2024”

      PS you don’t need to meet people in person, their views, like yours are well known from posting on this board over the years. Like the time you insulted all your co workers calling them stupid for being conservative? When in realty you are the one they are laughing at for voting for creepy Joe, and telling them about it. Anyone can see that he was too old four years ago. And he was a flip flopper, just like you. He flip flopped on segregation, on abortion, on border. What a loser.

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        • pistol pete

          TS don’t you agree it’s unfortunate this board does not have an ignore feature? This guy is the one person who came onto this VGK hockey site to vent his non-hockey frustrations. I tried to be nice in calling his behavior here “acting” asshole-ish vs. just being an asshole in general i.e. under the cover of the internet he acts like one but in person he might be a decent guy. Appears this tactful approach I attempted went over his head. ThG is not a guy to ever concede anything to an opposing point, apologize or show remorse similar to a certain well known national figure. Again, in person could be different (better). He’s in a tough spot here. I am known here for being a good guy, gracious and sincere, and I called finally him out. The way he acts here, I mean nobody calls this guy a good guy. Again, in person it could be different.

          • ThG

            i see the crap stain is back, whining and lying and spinning, and spreading hate as usual.

          • ThG

            popgun just called out for his hypocrisy, and goes on anther rant, spreading his lies and hate.

            Doesn’t like free speech

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            Targeting people, hey popgun NeWSFLASH: no one is putting a gun to your head forcing you to read anyone’s posts here ! Get it yet?

            Now get back to your flip flopping, that seems to be something you are almost reasonably inept at doing.

  17. knights fan in minnie

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  18. Pistol Pete

    ThG you really should stick to the VGK here. Just hockey. It would be better that way.

    • ThG

      why do you lib tards hate free speech so much ?

      I know it exposes how stupid the democrat party is day in, and day out.

  19. ThG

    creepy joe and his feckless, weak, foreign policy owns this

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    Russia launches fresh barrage of missiles at Ukraine

    A massive attack on Monday has left at least 31 dead and more than 150 injured, officials say, with one projectile slamming into a children’s hospital in Kyiv. 

    Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is now vowing to “hold Russia accountable for its acts of terror and Putin.” 

    In a series of messages posted on X, Zelenskyy said more than 40 types of missiles struck the cities of Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Slovyansk, and Kramatorsk, damaging apartment buildings and infrastructure as well. 

    “Now that the hospital has been damaged by a Russian strike, there are people under the rubble, and the exact number of casualties is still unknown,” Zelenskyy said while describing the current situation at the Children’s Hospital in Kyiv. “Right now, everyone is helping to clear the rubble – doctors and ordinary people.” 

    Associated Press (AP) contributed to this article.

    • Pistol Pete


      So ThG what is your solution to the Ukraine.

      Ideally Ukraine and Russia would agree for the eastern territories to be ceded in exchange for ending the conflict and allowing Ukraine to join NATO. If Trump is re-elected and is able to help broker this I would support it just don’t know of both parties would agree. It’s hard to imagine the Biden State Dept. has not already arrived at a similar solution though. It’s pretty obvious.

      • ThG

        biden “state” department rejected such ideas in the past PP. See my video above on what Trump would do, he already warned Putin he would take out those “golden towers in the Kremlin”.

        Meanwhile , I will jump on this before the flip flopper does,

        “The Vegas Golden Knights are mentioned as a possible landing spot for disgruntled Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nick Robertson.

        Robertson is a pending restricted free agent and has asked for a trade from Toronto as he has grown frustrated with his lack of playing time through the years. The 22-year-old reportedly has no plans to sign another contract with the Maple Leafs and Adam Proteau of The Hockey News thinks the Golden Knights are a logical landing spot for him.”

        breaking news today all over hockey world, everyone seems to be saying the same thing. When that is case, then something else happens. I think someone else mentioned this earlier, I don’t see if Knights can fit him in, or even if he wants to come to Vegas. Seems like Vegas is good place to “make your bones”, then “cash out” and go back home or get your golden parachute, elsewhere.

        • Pistol Pete


          Attn: “ThG”

          Ranks dead last.

          I know all 154 of the presidential historians are libtards, morons, idiots blah blah blah and that I no doubt am one for posting it, but this one if for you. Happy to own it buddy!

          Does the Donald even know how to read and write? Collecting information, reading reports, coming to meetings prepared, taking notes etc. etc. According to everybody in his administration the guy was a disaster. Unorganized, unfocused, low attention span, prone to emotional outbursts and temper
          tantrums, handles criticism poorly. Lots of talk not enough action. Lacking in ability to govern. #45 out of 45!

          Hoping Old Joe drops out though.

  20. Pistol Pete

    An intelligent assessment of Liberal Hivemind.

    Overtly Biased (
    No apologies and none offered or expected on this channel. However, even though the narrator provides timely and seemingly accurate information, you absolutely cannot come here for balanced reporting. I would be considered independent with a reasonable slant to the right but I can only listen to the first few moments past the pandering for likes, views, and comments. After that, I know what the remainder of the segment will be and if I need anything beyond a hypocritical bias for republicans this is not the place. Bottom line: this channel delivers what they promise, but is as guilty of unapologetic tantrums from their perspective as anyone who disagrees with their views on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Even though their content is reliable and truthful, I have to go elsewhere to gather enough detail to form an intell
    igible opinion regarding each segment’s viability.

    Pistol Pete says:

    Clever, slick segments. Obviously the narrator may not be the creator (probably a group). Catchy (superficially intelligent) but lacks detail and oversimplifies complex issues and situations, simplistically blaming the Left. It would be nice if it was this simple but problems are more complex and nuanced. Solutions are created drawing from ideologies across the spectrum, the Left, the Right and all in between.

    • ThG

      liberalism is a mental disorder

      = michael savage and as well my rebuttal.

      • Pistol Pete

        As anticipated, a feeble simplistic response void of detail. So much for discourse. With you and DJT it’s always insult and attack vs. do the work.

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