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Despite Years Of Coaching Against Him, Cassidy Still Surprised By Aspects Of Eichel’s Game

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Bruce Cassidy coached his first game in the NHL almost exactly 20 years ago to the day. He’s stood behind the bench for three different teams (including VGK), he’s won 509 games, and he’s been within one game of lifting the Stanley Cup.

Yet even with all that experience, he still finds himself in awe of what Jack Eichel can do on a hockey rink.

I didn’t realize how strong he is at full speed. Going around people that get a piece of him doesn’t even knock him off balance. That’s kind of unique because he has the puck a lot. He’ll be going around a guy and he’ll put it in an area and the guy will kind of chip him and he’ll skate right on without losing any of his pace, that’s what has surprised me how often he’s able to do that. -Cassidy

The power in Eichel’s stride truly is impressive. Cassidy went on to detail a few occasions when he’s backchecking after a turnover and he catches up to players by taking two strides while the other guy has to take five or six.

The fact that a coach who has game-planned for him time and time again over his career still finds parts of his game shocking is quite stunning.

And, it’s not just his strength that’s amazed Cassidy.

He’s got a hell of a shot too and he hasn’t even tapped into that yet I don’t think. When you see the goal against San Jose on that breakaway it was in and out of the net before the goalie moved. Like he can sling it. That maybe surprised me a little bit, how good his wrist shot is. -Cassidy

The goal Cassidy is talking about was actually against LA, but it truly was ridiculous nonetheless.

He may have been remembering this one against San Jose, which is also quite the display of Eichel’s speed. (For a good laugh, watch Erik Karlsson backcheck on this too!)

Eichel leads the team in the preseason with six points in just three preseason games including three goals and three more assists. He’s done it by taking just nine shots and playing about 18 minutes a night.

There’s no doubt he’s primed to have a massive season and has a great shot of breaking the Golden Knights’ record for goals (43), assists (50), and points (78) in a single season.

That will certainly amaze me and it will probably amaze Cassidy as well.


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  1. Bobby

    Great to hear. Might have to invest in a gold #9 sweater.

  2. Emmanuel

    Breaking those single season records is a lot to ask, if he did it would probably be points. I say he averages his 2 best seasons: 32-48-80.

  3. Damn, he’s the #1 Center in the league? Greatest of all Time who has won absolutely nothing. All that talent and salary…

    The pressure is really on him. Not just to score 50 points, but to almost double that and carry this team to a cup. That is the salary he negotiated and the expectations are indeed that high for the fans.



  4. Every shiny new toy has been “THE PIECE”. At this price point, it better be.

  5. Obvious

    I bet Cassidy is surprised! Surprised that Eichel was once considered equal to Connor mcdavid at draft time. The “experts” sure got that wrong

    • Obviously Stupid

      Obvious, he was never considered anything close to equal Connor McDavid. You are really stupid. Don’t they have some kind of aptitude test that you have to take to be able to comment on this website? What a complete moron!

  6. THE hockey GOD

    show time for roy and kolesar tonight, will they be ‘inspired”??

    sounds like a head liner for Vegas show. “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the entertainment capital of the world. And for tonight’s show we will see Roy and Kolesar with their flying white tigers!”


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