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Despite Historical Dominance, Kraken No Easy Opponent In Winter Classic

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During the short histories of the NHL’s newest teams, the 31st franchise has dominated the 32nd. The Golden Knights have beaten the Seattle Kraken eight of the nine times the teams have matched up with Vegas winning by multiple goals in all but one of the victories.

In the nine games, the Golden Knights have more than doubled Seattle’s output, scoring 34 while allowing just 16.

So, with Monday’s Winter Classic on the horizon, it wouldn’t be out of bounds to expect the Golden Knights to cruise to a fairly easy victory.

However, that may not be the case considering the Kraken’s form leading up to the marquee game. After their OT win last night, Seattle has now won four straight and have recorded points in eight in a row.

Goalie Joey Daccord has been on a tear since taking over the job in Phillipp Grubauer’s absence. In the last seven games, Daccord leads the NHL in save percentage (.944) and goals against average (1.70).

Last 10 GamesVGKSEA
Goals Against3919
Save Percentage.896.953
Power Play23.5%20.0%
Penalty Kill66.7%90.0%

Seattle is also succeeding in a place that has hurt the Golden Knights recently. The Kraken lead the NHL in goals through traffic according to hockey analytics. Vegas has been allowing a lot more shots recently and even when they are at their best shots from the outside are plentiful. Seattle’s ability to find the net through traffic could pose problems for a VGK team that has been struggling to keep the puck out of their net for the last month or so.

That being said, Seattle’s weaknesses still matchup well with what the Golden Knights do best. If Vegas can continue to break out of the zone the way they did against Los Angeles, there will be plenty of scoring chances off the rush.

The Golden Knights will enter as just small favorites on the road in unfamiliar surroundings for both teams. Team form says this game will be close, history favors the reigning champs.


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  1. JB

    Yea, could be a good game, but if LT is on I expect a Knights win. I wonder if Will be ready for this one? I think the boys will be pumped to play this outdoor game! Get them guys!

  2. Ken – while I would like to see Vegas win – history has no bearing on the current despite Vegas winning record against Seattle. That said your optimism might be considered a little premature. If TEAM A shows up with the correct winning attitude, I share your optimism but of late that is not always the case. Just something to consider. Not being negative as I am often accused of, but many posters don’t know the difference between negative and realist.

    • TS

      HD, you tell it like you see it, tell it like it is. I appreciate it !

    • JB

      Typical HD, right on schedule!

      • Apparently you are one of the one’s referenced in the post- don’t know difference between realism and negativity

        • JB

          Don’t put your BS view of reality onto me. You are a passive negative person, no more!

          • jb- you apparently have no idea of the difference between BS and reality otherwise you wouldn’t make such a stupid statement. You probably believe being an optimist is being real what a joke. – my reality is not negative it is simply being realistic which obviously you can see the forest for the trees. .

  3. ThG

    don’t see where they call these shit shows on bad ice “classics” unless they are referring to old Laurel and Hardy, or keystone cops silent era films.

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    • TS

      Fuck man, TURN IT OFF, already!! Do you have a MUTE button???

      • ThG

        go stalk and harass someone else psycho creep

        • TS

          Thg, go somewhere else where you aren’t an offensive idiot, okay? Do us ALL a huge favor and find a new audience to offend and hate on!! We are sick of you and your offensive BS, meant only to piss us off!! YOU are the creepy, psycho stalker on this site, mister! Don’t you get it?? Why do you think you are the only one who is SO reviled, SO hated here??? Think about it.

          • ThG

            only person hated here is you for your psycho creepy bull shit stalking behavior, seek therapy . You need it. Every time I post something you stalk it and harass me. THAT IS STALKING AND HARASSING *(dumb chit). And hate. You are pure evil.

          • THE hockey GOD

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            Suggest therapy, lots of it. Deep misunderstanding of realty, deep Trump hate, Trump derangement syndrome. And much much more.
            Seek therapy. And stop harassing and STALKING people on this board. They can do without your obsessive stalking evil and hate posts.

  4. JB

    Happy New Year all !

  5. Tim

    You can’t count on the Knights to beat anyone. We lose to Anaheim twice, Buffalo, Chicago, among other bottom feeders I have no confidence we can beat Seattle when every other team in the league beats the shit out of these teams. 10-10-4 in the last 24 games doesn’t sound like a Stanley Cup team but in fairness we have had our share of injuries. To play in the winter classic is an honor and our second in 7 years tells me were relevant in the NHL market for viewership. Will we play hard today or will their be the old excuses to much time off we didn’t have our legs etc. etc.If you watch all the different sports you never hear the excuses you hear in hockey it’s a little embarrassing to play hard and lose is one thing to get paid to go through the motions I’m sorry that doesn’t work for me. We’ll see which team shows up today you just never know with the Knights.

    • JB

      Oh Tim, you poor guy. Hey, don’t watch the game. In fact, just quit pretending you are a Knights fan. You just simply can’t handle the ups and downs of a 82 game regular season grind. Save yourself some grief and just read about the game in the paper!

    • knights fan in minny

      go away Mr. bitter you can find cornhole on espn

  6. ThG

    an oldie but goodie to start the NEW YEAR

    Happy New Year everyone and go knights. Arnold says odds favor a low scoring game. But what does he know ? I am looking for the “brain”, no where to be found.

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