When the NHL decided to put their 31st franchise in between New York New York and Monte Carlo on the Las Vegas Strip, they pretty much resigned to the fact that gambling on the games was going to happen.

However, a recent ESPN article raised some doubts.

I think gambling is irrelevant to what we’re all about. You can’t gamble in the arena. When we have a game day, we go down on the sports books so you won’t be able to bet on the Golden Knights at some of the local casinos. -The Creator to ESPN.com

This sent alarm bells ringing, so we reached out to clarify what he meant and if, like this one from the same story, there was a slight misquote.

“Can’t gamble in the arena,” can be taken many different ways. Sports gambling? Table games? Slots? The answer is the same on all of them. There are no physical gambling machines, tables, or betting windows inside of T-Mobile Arena, and there won’t be during games.

However, being millennials, we are huge fans of mobile sports apps, which allow you to bet from anywhere in the state of Nevada on your phone. Is this going to be somehow restricted in the arena?

No plan to block apps that I’m aware of. -The Creator to SinBin.vegas

That wasn’t even the most concerning part though. He was also quoted as saying, “on game days we go down in some sports books.” This isn’t the case for UNLV games at Thomas and Mack or Sam Boyd, it doesn’t happen for bowl games, preseason NBA, or any other major sporting event in the city, and to our knowledge, the Frozen Fury games at T-Mobile Arena in September were listed until puck drop at all casinos offering preseason hockey wagering.

Initially there was some discussion relative to taking the VGK games down at Monte Carlo and New York New York on game day, but I don’t know if those discussions ever reached fruition. This strictly a League matter and we as VGK are not involved -The Creator to SinBin.vegas

It’s still unclear if the NHL will force games to come off the board at the two casinos directly adjacent to the arena on game nights, but even if they do, it’s only for one day and at just two sports books.

So yes, there is a way to bet on the game from your seat in Section 214, and yes, Golden Knights games will be on the board at sports books all over town. Sleep easy degenerates, SinBin.vegas has your back.