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DeBoer: “There Will Be No Pacing Ourselves Down The Stretch”

28 games in 50 days.

That was what the Golden Knights were staring at back on March 21st, ahead of their first back-to-back with travel of the season. That 50-day span includes six back-to-backs, multiple four-game road trips, and the current stretch of 14 days in which they are scheduled to play an absurd nine games.

When the Golden Knights had to pause their season in the final week of January and into February due to COVID, they knew they were going to have to pay the piper at some point. That point is here and so far, they’re holding up, but not exactly dominating like they were earlier in the year.

The first game in that 28 in 50 stretch was on February 21st against the Kings. The Golden Knights lost that one and have proceeded to lose five more of the 13 they’ve played so far. They’re 7-5-1 to this point, 24 days into the grind. That leaves 15 games in the next 26 days with the Golden Knights sitting comfortably in a playoff spot, still very much in the chase for 1st place, while also trying to stave off a challenger for 2nd.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Sitting 15 points clear of the playoff cut line with just 15 games to go the Golden Knights could take their foot off the pedal and coast to the finish line by working in off games for players. No one would fault them for it, especially with the fact that the Avalanche have lost just one game in regulation since March 8th.

Pete DeBoer, though, has other plans.

I’m not a big believer in managing anything other than trying to win to give yourself the easiest path possible come playoff time. Obviously home-ice advantage against the lowest seed as you move through, it doesn’t always mean success but we want to pursue that as hard as we can. I think we’ll manage energy by not practicing, by giving them as much time off between games as we can in this condensed schedule, by making sure our travel is well planned and well thought out. -DeBoer

The Golden Knights and Colorado will play two games on April 26th and 28th at T-Mobile Arena. If one team wins both of those games, they’ll probably win the division. Otherwise, it’ll come down to which team plays better against the likes of the rest of the relatively soft West Division.

For Vegas, the focus is simple.

There will be no pacing ourselves down the stretch for the playoffs. Our goal is to finish first. -DeBoer

It’ll be fairly significant if they pull it off. If they don’t though, second-guessing is inevitable.



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  1. Daryl

    If VGK loses both of the games against COL, it would be stupid not to give the guys some rest. No mater who ays in these games, VGK finishes first or second. If it looks like they are doing too finish 2nd why not rest some of the guys a band or two. Is it really going to hurt by letting one or two players rest, especially against sins of the weaker teams

    • Yeah. You’re qualified to play GM. And/or Head Coach.


      • Frank

        Wow, you really sound woke. Your mom’s basement must be very spacious.

    • While you’re at it…

      Can we get your thoughts on Politics, too?

      I mean, you seem so damn…


    • THE hockey GOD

      ignore the clown troll(s) Daryl, their posts have no value added. Whatsoever. Ever.

      • Daryl

        You are correct and it’s childish to go on… I have stopped respo dung to them and got back to hockey….

        As I posted earlier, I wonder if MAF will get some offe sive support soon. They have not been scoring lately when he’s been in net

        • THE hockey GOD

          Daryl, the clown troll doesn’t even realize he is the clown troll. He’s a joke, don’t feed the troll. Good move !

          Yes MAF has been getting the short shift recently. He’ll be in net again tonight and expect a rebound again by LA KINGs and MAF seems to get the rebound night in these back to backs due to chicom wuhan bat lab virus F’d up NHL scheduling. Not good.

          • Daryl

            Minus Reaves, they should be at full strength, unless we are short a player due to cap issues… I would like to see them play a full 60 minutes

      • Yeah. But Daryl randomly injecting Politics into Hockey posts (and calling goals “points”) sure has a lot of Added Value, eh?

        Clown Troll is right. That’s Dimebag Daryl, here.

        He wilts easy, too.


      • Dimebag Douchebag Daryl calling my mother a “whore” really added a lot of Value to my Tuesday, too.

        Thanks, Daryl. You always Add Value!

    • Can barely dress 20 at times last week 10 forwards. Other night shorthanded 11 forwards Poor cap management may not set team free. Too bad not normal 23 player, 3 scratch season with the pandemic. All for one one for all. Go Knights Go!

  2. Mikegron32

    Last week of the season he’ll rest some guys and they’ll be fine. Leave the load management to the spoiled NBA players

    • Daryl

      While I agree… It would be nice to see a few expiraments with that last couple of games…. Especially if our position is locked and our PP still isn’t firing

  3. THE hockey GOD

    It’s first or fourth, or wait. Whatever position in which the match ups favor not ever having to play the WILD in first or second round.

    It’s like every game is a playoff game !!

  4. Hi Daryl – to your point while I feel some rest maybe appropriate not sure it is in the best interest of Vegas at this point. They have proven to have a tendency when coming back to play like they are still off. It probably is the short schedule or whatever but that is what it is so in that regard PDB should have them pedal to the medal. They will be on vacation sooner than later to rest up if they let up. Keep the adrenaline flowing. IMO

  5. Bill

    After the shutdown in Vancouver, it seems like all the American teams will be getting at least some rest in the middle of May while they wait for Canada to catch up.

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I don’t think any “added” rest will be done, if in fact the season is extended/POs delayed, because of the Vancouver/Canada div problem.

    Would be nice to finish 1st, for home ice advantage, but, we are going to have to play 2 of the other 3 teams no matter. I think St. Louis will be the 4th team in, so tuff series await for both Div rounds!

  7. Mike StG

    I have mixed feelings on this. While I agree with Hd that they’re probably better off NOT taking their foot off the gas, it would be nice to see if any of the kids could be contributors. I think Glass should go to HSK and play some games. Jurco wasn’t bad. Maybe Krebs, when OHL is done, could be helpful. Or Sikura,

    • Mike StG

      And Dugan. They have their 3LW in Janmark, so maybe PDB is right and they should just focus on getting the team playing as well as possible heading into postseason.

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