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David Perron Takes To Twitter On Contract, VGK Fans, Decision To Sign With STL

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Following the Golden Knights run to the Stanley Cup, they had some decisions to make. Two of their top six scorers were set to become free agents. David Perron had just put up 66 points and remains the only Golden Knights to record a 50 assist season, and James Neal scored 25 goals including instrumental ones every step of the way in the magical first season.

When the clock struck midnight, technically 9 AM on July 1st, 2018, both Perron and Neal walked away from the Golden Knights signing with St. Louis and Calgary respectively.

Both Neal and Perron expressed interest in staying but eventually signed contracts longer and more expensive than what the Golden Knights were comfortable with. Perron signed a four year $16 million ($4M AAV) deal while Neal got a five year $28.75M ($5.75M AAV) contract.

Negotiations are always secretive and often the details never come to light. But yesterday, Perron took to Twitter to give us a little insight into his experience negotiating with George McPhee while under contract with the Golden Knights.

No offer after the trade deadline. In other words, Perron had no choice but to sign elsewhere.


Perron missed the beginning of the Kings series with an injury to his neck. He sustained that injury earlier in the season and was a reason why he missed the final six games of the regular season and first two of the playoffs. Then, a 103-degree fever forced him out of Games 2 and 3 of the Winnipeg series. He was a healthy scratch in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

However, when the season was over, Perron was adamant he wanted to stay in Vegas.

I’ll deserve what I’ll deserve, but I’m willing to work with them to stay here. -Perron on June 8, 2018

Almost two years later, Perron stands by this, further indicating that it was the Golden Knights who didn’t have interest in him, not the other way around.

Since, Perron won the Stanley Cup and scored seven goals with nine assists in the 26 playoff games with St. Louis. He’s put up 92 points in 104 regular season games with the Blues, and he’s even managed to get under the skin of the Golden Knights in the few meeting since leaving Vegas.

However, his willingness to take to Twitter proves he genuinely cares about Vegas and wants everyone to know that he loved his time here and absolutely would have stayed had the chance arisen.


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  1. Skeeter Thompson

    Sure would be nice to have Perron’s productivity for $4M/yr right now.

  2. Mike G

    I know there are plenty of Perron haters out there but I just don’t get it. That line of him, Haula, and Neal was probably the ultimate misfits line. They proved that chemistry can overcome talent on many nights. I miss those guys and wish them only the best. I wish people wouldn’t take things that get said in the heat of battle or right after a game so personally. At the end of the day these guys are only trying to do what everyone else does in their career which is to try and be as financially successful as possible in their chosen profession.

  3. james Regdos

    The past is the past. We better get 2 or 3 new defenseman next year. Schimdt is a huge disappointment. Hes terrible.

    • Slr82

      You obviously are a fair weather fan, who rides the success but criticizes struggle and growth. The Ducks and Kings would be better places for you as a fan. Learn the game then come back to the Knights.

    • Conrad Laymon

      We would actually do horrible without Schmity! A new goalie is the one thing we need or bring up Subban to main goalie. Let’s look at the numbers, his save percentage is the same as an average goalie. In 2018, he used to actually be good! He just lost his skill this season. I have no idea why he is a fan favorite.

    • Vgk4life

      Shea theodore is atrocious in his defense. The man does nothing but stick check and opposing players skate right through him. This is the guy who was going to hold us hostage for big shiny new contract?!?!

  4. Tim

    James Neal wanted to much I could see not resigning him. David Perron was a whole different animal 4 million for 4 years and we backed off. Management has had their share of screwups so I’m not nearly as confident as I used to be with their decisions. They love too have draft picks that’s fine if you pick the right guys but I’m not very impressed with who we drafted. Cody Glass has what 3 goals I understand he’s out of position but 3 goals in 40 games are you kidding. Nick Hague not a good skaters has played 40 games and not one goal. Jake Bishop and Zack Whitehead are done check out there Wolves stats pathetic. The two Russian kids resigned in the KHL for a couple more years we have no luck with Russians but keep drafting them Nikita Gusev a good example. Lucas E. doing ok for the Wolves. Dylan C. and Jimmy S. doing ok with the Wolves but nothing to write home about. Payten Krebs gets cut from Canada’s junior team not a good sign. Jack Dugan looks to be good finally a player. The Knights hype all these guys up but it’s all fluff there just not that good if you dig into there stats.

  5. Tim

    Ken I for one would like to thank you for the site. We can vent and most of the time people have had legitimate complaints not fair weather fans like I read above. His a stat we’ve played 48 games and our total blue line production is 18 goals which comes down to about one goal every 2 1/2 games. Now how is that kind of production going to lead you to the promised land? Bill Parcell once said after half a season you are what you are and it’s so true. To many times we hear how good the morning skate was and that evening they lay an egg and then come the excuses. It’s like Groundhog Day. We all love the Knights but theirs something seriously wrong with this team. The goaltending is suspect , besides Riley Smith, Patch, and Stone our top six are lacking a scoring punch , 3rd line is a disaster, and our 4th our steady eddy line always plays hard and does there job.

  6. Bob Marsh

    As a Blues fan, I to.pass on my gratitude to LV for not resigning Perron! He has been a stud as a Blue!

  7. I say it again and again. Neal wasn’t smart sighning with a Canadian club, taxes robbed him, now with Edmonton at 5M. He could be living in Summerlin, saving hundreds of thousands of $$$ in taxes. I think it’s ego IMOP. Low cost of living and no state income taxes, c’mon anyone understand that? As a talented player, I would never play in NY, NJ, CA, Canada, Boston, no frigging way, These high tax states rob players of millions over their career’s. Some Raider’s players contracts are heavy on the back end, when the move to Nevada, these players earn millions over years because of taxes. That’s a smart agent, saving his client a ton of money in confiscatory tax rates California punishes high earners. To me, it’s a 360 slam dunk move.

  8. Herby Widmer

    Management made several big mistakes after the first season. They should have kept Perron and Haula. Than they sold our future (Suzuki, Brannstrom) for short term success that does not seem to happen. Not a single forward prospect is knocking on the NHL door (with the exception for Elvenes). Glass is underperforming and they do not give our young D men (Schuld, Whitecloud, Coghland etc) a shot at NHL level.

    Remember the time when VGK had been stacked with draft picks?

    All have been aold for short term success and as a result we now our prospects are one of the worst in the entire league.

    Remember the rookie tournament 2019?

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