I’m sure by this point everyone knows the only reason we created, maintain, and promote this site is so we can see our ugly faces on TV from time to time.

Well, it happened again last night!

Yup, Dana found himself standing in the middle of the desert (at the practice facility location) wearing a hockey jersey talking into a magic box that transports sound and video into our homes.

The ground we stand on is not a reflection of the passion for the sport. If that was the case we wouldn’t have baseball in Toronto. – Dana Lane


Want to see the whole video and the accompanying story? Good, I know just the place.

NOTE: Most, if not all, of this post is written with a heavy sarcastic undertone, but we seriously do really appreciate every opportunity we are afforded to promote the site and promote hockey in Las Vegas. Also, that quote from Dana is 100% true, and very intelligent, as much as I, Ken, don’t want to give him credit for it. So, thank you to News 3 and thank you to Gerard Ramalho.