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Dallas’ Run To The Conference Finals Painful Reminder For Vegas Fans

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Growing up in Boston I witnessed my share of shortened seasons. Historically, after a Bruins postseason exit, my father would begin rooting for the team that eliminated them from the playoffs. It was his way of coping after another failed season by the B’s. On May 5th, after the Golden Knights were eliminated I gave my son the same advice. Now, I’m dealing with a hockey-crazed eight-year-old breaking curfew in hopes that the Dallas Stars capture a Stanley Cup trophy of their own.

You get both previous Stanley Cup champions [in Vegas and Colorado]. What a gauntlet. I just couldn’t be prouder of our group… we’ve got a mix of older and younger guys, but they were just fantastic. Just hard to believe with a gauntlet like that, that you’re only halfway there. But we’re going to enjoy and need the time off here, and get ready for the next round. -Pete DeBoer, DAL coach

However, watching Dallas’ run to the Western Conference finals is truly bittersweet. Most will agree, had Vegas beaten the number one seed in Game 7, they would be looking at their fifth conference finals appearance. After the Avalanche lost a top player to another postseason distraction, the Golden Knights probably would have found their way back to the league semifinals like the Stars have.

Tonight’s Game 7 between the Canucks and Oilers will decide which team the Stars will face in the WCF. Edmonton or Vancouver will be underdogs in the upcoming series with Dallas and it’s not solely based on home ice advantage. Each has less depth and much more uncertainty in net than either Dallas or Vegas. No matter who wins tonight they will have their hands full with the Stars.

I feel like we’re deeper than last year, deeper than when we went back to the Final. Now it’s up to us to do something with it.- Jamie Benn, DAL captain

As the postseason rolls on, my household is halfheartedly cheering on the Stars to keep the Cup in the Western Conference. Sadly, if Dallas goes on to raise the Stanley Cup, it’ll feel like the Golden Knights would have as well.


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  1. Emmanuel

    None of those 3 teams are that much better than VGK. A lucky bounce here and there & we would be singing a different song.

    VGK does need to find a checking Winger to contain the Wyatt Johnstons & Leon Draisaitals of the league. Stone might not be up for it anymore.

    • Since it is not Vegas winning the Cup which of course was my first choice, I would like to see one of the Canadian Teams go all the way. I know I will receive nothing but critical nasty remarks for expressing that, but I do believe it would be best for hockey in general.

      • NAM

        Fuck Canada!

        • VGK fan

          Why the hate on Canada,? I’ve always enjoyed their bacon and beer.

          • NAM

            Their bacon is just ham and what beer are you talking about Moosehead, Labatt Blue, Molson, etc? Crap, man we live in a country of amazing craft breweries, don’t drink that shit.

        • Pretty interesting you realize of course the bulk of the knights are from Canada.

          • TS

            Kinda odd, but Vancouver only had 2 Canadien players on their team..
            Seems kinda anti- Canadien to fill their roster with others, as proud as our northern neighbors are.

  2. jeffrey m sutton

    Once VGK was up 2-0 I thought “No way will they lose 4 out of 5.”

  3. Jackie

    Being here 34 yrs but born and raised in NYC my alllegants is with the Rangers. “we bleed blue”. Till next season, lol

    • TS

      Rangers/ Panthers will be a tough match up, good luck to your team!

  4. Henderson One

    Root for Dallas and DeBoer. I don’t think so.

  5. ThG

    painful ? That is difference between idiot back east fans, and VGK fans. We true fans don’t see it as painful.

    i was in Boston awhile back, during the playoffs of NHL, which go on and on and on into middle of humid, hot summer. BETTMAN WAKE UP.

    There was this women, about 40 in the grocery store lamenting. “oh it is terrible, oh the pain , the pain” (I thought she was having a heart attack or impersonating Dr. Smith from Lost in Space). I said “Hey lady (not the Jerry Lewis heeeey laaaaadeee, just plain hey lady). What is the matter”?

    “oh it’s horrible, i can’t stand it any more”

    “What is problem”?

    She said “They lost, woe, great pain, oh woe is me”

    I said “I am not from around here, who lost ?”

    She said ” you ninny , the Bruins lost and now they are out of the playoffs”.

    I just walked away SMH.

    VGK fans are optimistic. They see the trend, they know the marchy and eicky were
    one shot from taking the Stars. They see the pattern, lost two years ago due to injuries, win the cup next year with a vengeance! The same pattern is (patterns are not STATS), is setting up.

    So no pain, cautious optimism. Get it ?

    Meanwhile the ICC is looking at issuing warrants for all involved
    in hamas mess, and ukrainian mess, houthi mess. And Genocide Joe
    is on top of the list !!

    • knights fan in minny

      so v eeggie joe said he was vp during covid jilly pooh should be arrested for elder abuse

  6. knights fan in minny

    sucks boeser out for the nucks

  7. ThG
    May 17
    Pete DeBoer has made the Western Conference Final in 5 of the last 6 seasons… with three different teams.

    I remember when the “sophisticated fans” on this board were ripping PDB left and right.

    Bunch of morons.

    • NAM

      I don’t think he is a bad coach, but every team he seems to take over is a really good playoff caliber team already, but in need of something new. Let’s see him take over the Sharks right now or whatever the Mormon team is. No, he gets fired and takes over a team that just can’t manage to get past the 2nd round, but is loaded. The talent on the Stars is ridiculous. The talent on Vegas was great too. Again, not that I think he is a bad coach, but he isn’t building winners. He gets good teams to their top potential then they fizzle out. Regardless, I hope Dallas wins this year.

      I am more impress with Richard Tocchet this year. That has been a team that just couldn’t get it right for years and that dude has made them a strong team. Unfortunately I think they lost too many pieces this playoffs to get past EDM tonight, but I hope I am wrong. Nothing would be better than watching EDM get knocked out of the playoffs early again.

      • ThG

        excuse me, but the Canucks have had a lot of good players in recent years including Hughes (so anyone could have walked in on this team and done a good job, they just need a few more pieces) , so you are saying the same thing about him as you are about PDB.
        Coming into a team with pieces just coming together.

        Maybe you forgot Tocchet coached the “mormons”, and they sucked. And he coached the lightning,and couldn’t do anything with them. I ‘ll take PDB over Tocchet any day. Tocchet has his work cut out for him tonight, maybe he learned a thing or two in all those losing years (his record is something like 308 wins “A good portion of his 30-plus years behind an NHL bench has been spent as an assistant, but he’s still managed 310 wins and 803 regular-season games coached as a head coach.”

        Meanwhile today in real news Cohen admits to stealing 10,000 of dollars from Trump org (that alone should sink the idiot Bragg’s case), and he admitted to lying to Trump’s attorney more than once. The “star ” witness is a train wreck. But the jury is mainly New Yorkers, and they , like Californians, are bunch of idiots with their heads not screwed on straight. They will likely convict because of severe TDS. The judge also bullied a witness for defense today, sustaining many objections by DA (most of them questionable) showing his bias in front of the jury. The witness basically made the judge look like the buffoon that he is. So bad, that the judge had to clear the court room. The judge is clearly biased jerk.

        • NAM

          Geez looks like he inherited a winner to me:

          Vancouver Canucks:
          2015-16 Out of Playoffs
          2016-17 Out of Playoffs
          2017-18 Out of Playoffs
          2018-19 Out of Playoffs
          2019-20 Lost Round 2
          2020-21 Out of Playoffs
          2021-22 Out of Playoffs
          2022-23 Out of Playoffs
          2023-24 Game 7, Round 2

          SN before the season power rankings, Vancouver #26, power ranking #21, pacific division 6th place. On and one and on….

          Oh right, he got Hughes, who didn’t have over 8 goals in prior seasons and had 17 goals this season under Tocchet and the most assists in a season as well. Thank god Hughes really brought out the talent in Tocchet.

          • ThG

            the canucks were coming on last season, they had more than hughes , they had a group of young developing players. Tocchet didn’t make much of difference. Based upon prior coaching experiences anyone could have walked in and pushed them over the top. The team was primed to advance with so many good players.

          • ThG

            learn to read “excuse me, but the Canucks have had a lot of good players in recent years including Hughes (so anyone could have walked in on this team and done a good job, they just need a few more pieces) “

    • TS

      Nope. NOT MORONS. We just HATED Deboer when he coached the dirtiest team in Hockey, the Sharks.

      Cane, Thornton and Burns, the 3 assassins. His dirty team was the reason we got knocked out of playoffs then. But then VGK Mgmt hired the guy!! No way fans here would support him.
      .and many did not.

  8. jeff

    Dallas fan. Vegas vs Dallas was a one play/one shot series. 100% Vegas would be here if they beat Dallas. After the series I truly thought, no team would pose a more difficult task defensively than Vegas. In addition, what you see Dallas doing now is very very much copy cat version of what Vegas did last year and to Dallas this year in long stretches.

  9. Of all the teams remaining as of this writing, with it being 0-0 with 6 minutes remaining in the first period, the only team that wouldn’t leave a total sour taste in my mouth winning the Cup would be the nucks.

    • JB

      Nucks just didn’t show up at all for a game 7. Disappointing !

      • ThG

        “didn’t show up”

        isn’t that the coach’s job to get them ready ?

        They gained valuable playoff experience, if they get a good goalie and coach doesn’t mess things up and make this year an outlier; then they will be back. Another team that the VGK will have to compete tough with in their division.

  10. Cheese Louise

    After all of the crying by Dallas’ fanbase about ltir and all the booing of Stone, you couldn’t pay me to root for Dallas.
    Always hated Deboer as well. It was a slap in the face when the knights hired deboer in my eyes after the sharks crap.

    I hope karma comes around and bites the Dallas fanbase for there unsportsmanlike conduct for the last 2 years and gived them 50 years with no cup.

    For me let Canada take it this year to shut up all the retarded Canadian fanbase of there incessant crying that bettman is putting his thumb on the scales to keep Canada from winning any cups, instead of taking any responsibility for why their teams haven’t been good enough to win against an American team.

    Let’s go Oil!
    Knock Dallas out and shut the retarded Canadian fanbasebup for a while!

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