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Dadonov‘s Back But League To Address Voided Trade At GM Meetings

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

He’s not the most popular player but last night even the most critical Golden Knights fans had to feel happy for Evgenii Dadonov. In his first game “back” the 33-year-old forward scored Vegas’ third goal of the game and is now tied for the second most on the team.

Dadonov began a flurry of three total Golden Knights power play goals. The crowd roared when #63 backhanded a loose rebound into the net and his teammates wrapped him in a tight group hug on the ice.

I felt that support from the stands. Probably pumped me up even more. I always loved playing here… Great experience playing here in front of this crowd. Still think it’s the best fans in the league. -Dadonov

In the end the trade was voided and Dadonov is back in line with the rest of his Vegas teammates. However, this messy deadline incident will not go away. Player protection clarity will be a future topic of conversation with league officials. The NHL never wants this to never happen again.

I think there’s going to be some fallout. They are going to be talking about this at the GM meetings. A no-trade list is submitted solely between a player agent and the club. The league does not keep track of no trade list, the NHLPA doesn’t. Which by the way, is crazy. –Pierre LeBrun on TSN

Clearly, there were miscommunications from several parties and it wasn’t the league’s finest moment. On a spotlight day like the NHL trade deadline the eventually voided Dadonov deal led headlines. The league would rather make player protection awareness a more streamlined and transparent process.

I think the NHL is going to push for a change where the league, Central Registry, maybe the PA, gets a copy of these no-trade lists. That makes sense. –LeBrun on TSN

Back to the scratched deal, it puts the Golden Knights in yet another cap conundrum. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman wonders if Vegas isn’t done dealing. Possibly with Dadonov again in the mix.

Not sure Vegas will be as interested in Bryan Little’s contract (or Shea Weber’s) as it was in Ryan Kesler’s. Kesler is in the final year of his contract, and, if you can, you want to avoid being committed to LTIR for a long time. Little has two more years and Weber four. But, if the Knights want to bribe someone to acquire Dadonov to activate, say, Alec Martinez, there will be interest. Arizona will make itself available, assuming the Coyotes are not blocked from trading for him. Another possibility is Seattle. The Kraken have a ton of cap room, and will be searching for offense. –Elliotte Friedman in 32 Thoughts

Friedman relayed a story about a current Golden Knights scout that went through the same type of stress and uncertainty as Dadonov did this week.

The Dadonov situation must bring back night sweats for Kelly Kisio, a pro scout for the Golden Knights. In 1992, he was to be traded from San Jose to Chicago, but a fax machine did not connect and the move eventually was blocked. (Hat tip: Drew Remenda.) Kisio had a good NHL career, 658 points in 761 games. –Friedman, 32 Thoughts

Not only will GMs rework plans to avoid future no-trade list dilemmas but they will address a question of competitive imbalance.

GM’s are meeting next week and what were being told according to sources there will be a conversation between NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and the GMs about whether or not to extend the salary cap into the playoffs. There is no cap in the playoffs and it’s been controversial. This is going to be an interesting discussion. I’m told there’s a group of GMs that’s been talking about this for a month and they went to the league and asked ‘can we talk about this?’ –LeBrun on TSN

Many accused the Golden Knights of trying to beat the system but there’s a feeling it’s become rampant amongst contenders. However, when you add up Vegas’ man games lost, the attempt of imbalance will likely not matter in the end. When this season concludes, it’ll always be remembered as a season full of bad luck. Injuries, cap trouble, voided trades. It’s been one event after another and the league is taking notes.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    and COVID, don’t forget COVID and the silly NHL covid protocol rules, which favor Canadian teams

  2. THE hockey GOD

    my favorite poster

    Ryan The Hockey Guy
    Vegas had 90 shot attempts tonight. They understood the assignment.

  3. VGK Fan

    I must give credit to DeBoer for doing the right thing and starting Dadonov last night. Also, credit to the PA announcer for the long pause as Dadonov received a standing ovation at the start of the game. After Dadonov scored his goal credit goes to the fans for a standing ovation. Dadonov did not deserve the recent treatment he received and the fans recognized that all night long.

    Right or wrong when they announced DeBoer’s 1,000 game there were a scattering of boos and not much of a standing ovation.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PA announcer is worst in league, always yelling at wrong time in game. Has no sense of action on ice when he bellows into the mic startling everyone.

      Another example of fake hockey experience they put on at t mobile

    • It was the right response by our fans, and I am proud that they support Dadinov as a player, NOT a Russian. Thank god there are still rational humans in the world, with the global chaos right now, and the political climate so toxic.

  4. Aaron

    That power play last night was unreal. So much puck movement it made my head spin. Where has that been?

  5. Clearly, something has to be done about the lack of a post-season CAP. I am not sure what the answer is, but having no CAP at all is probably not the right answer. Maybe they expand the roster and have some added CAP in post-season instead of no cap?


  6. Henderson One

    Malpractice by McCrimmon. He should be gone!

  7. Galdom

    Just shut him down. Season is over anyways

  8. Galdom

    Just shut him down. Season is over anyways.

  9. Galdom

    Pete DeBoer confirms there was a setback for Max Pacioretty, who appeared to leave morning skate with an injury yesterday.

    DeBoer didn’t have a timeline but said he won’t be available “in the near future.”

  10. Henderson One

    Patches is injury prone and his career is likely over. He certainly did not play well in the SC playoffs last year.

  11. Mike StG

    I think it’s coming down to either trading Patch and retaining ~2M to a team willing to take a flyer on GI , or buying out his last year. The first option would be better cap wise, but you gotta wonder what teams would risk it given that it looks like he may end up missing 53 of 82 games this year, in addition to his late season injuries the last 2 years.

    Love the guy, but they gotta improve their cap situation to where it’s at least manageable. At this rate he’ll play a few games and go back on IR or LTIR, which is a real problem – having an occasional player making $7M. And as far as a replacement they should get Brisson (who turns 21 in October) into the AHL this year and then try calling him up to VGK midseason. No more overcooking prospects.

    • Mike StG

      him… not GI.

    • Mike – what team would take patch – l am sure there.must be some team other than Vegas that takes on injury, old past their prime etc individuals and provides them a retirement package. Vegas has more than their share of these individuals. You know who they are as well as l do – there ” elite” in some way or another

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