We first brought this idea to you about three weeks ago when Brian Blessing suggested it on the podcast, but now, national hockey media has caught up.

The argument for general managers is quite simple. If we are to make the best decisions for our franchise moving forward, we need to know the rules of a potential expansion draft so we can prepare. We used common sense to come up with this, but it appears hockey reporters are now are hearing it directly from the source.

We’re excited to find out the rules if there is expansion. It’s certainly nice to get those rules so you can make your business decisions short- and long-term based on making players available — if there is expansion. – Doug Armstrong, St. Louis Blues GM 

There have also been multiple reports from guys like Pierre LeBrun, USA Today’s Kevin Allen, and plenty of local reporters regurgitating the info as well.

This isn’t the important news for Las Vegas though. Obviously general managers want the information for preparation purposes, but these guys prepare for everything, so there’s no reason to really read into their requests as confirmation expansion is happening.

However, this little nugget may just be something to get excited about.

The three day NHL GM meetings are this week. Hopefully someone spills the beans, and we get some great news soon.