Fortune Magazine, the world leader in sports prognostication, has some good news for those of us hoping and praying for an NHL franchise in Las Vegas.

It’s no secret the NHL is looking to expand, capitalizing on a popularity surge that drove growth in revenue from $2.2 billion in 2006 to around $4 billion in the 2013-14 season. Earlier this year, the league got expansion applications from Las Vegas and Quebec City. But expect the league to approve just one new team, to be located in Sin City, for a record expansion fee of $500 million. The league is likely to want to add teams in the West to balance the league’s geography. -Ben Geier

As mentioned above, they aren’t exactly the most reliable source when it comes sports news (aside from franchise valuations), but it’s nice to see more and more people jumping aboard.

Years ago, and in some cases months ago, you were about as likely to find a pro hockey in Vegas article as you were to find an anti one. Since the last Board of Governors meeting though it’s been overwhelmingly positive when it comes to hockey in the valley.

Quebec City on the other hand is starting to lose its luster apparently.

Nous sommes désolés, amis du Québec -Ben Geier

I honestly haven’t the slightest clue what that says, but I have a feeling it’s not something my Canadian friends want to hear.

Oh well, too bad. No time to feel bad, the crystal ball says we are getting a team!