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There’s finally starting to be a bit of movement on the “Return to Play” front as sources from many major insiders have indicated the league is on track to return on January 13th.

The Creator echoed those statements in an interview on FOX Business yesterday.

Well, I don’t believe when (the season) opens we’ll have significant fans in the arena based upon the COVID spikes that are going on. It may not start on January 13th, it may slide a week or two but we will be playing hockey and we’ll be in T-Mobile but unfortunately, we may not have fans. –The Creator on FOX Business

Training camps would likely open about two weeks prior to opening night to prepare for a shortened season.

The 56 games are expected to be played mostly, if not entirely, inside of the same division and will be played at home buildings. Divisional re-alignment is almost guaranteed now as the “All-Canadian Division” appears to be inevitable.

We may not have fans which is really sad, especially for our team because we intend on winning the Stanley Cup this year. –The Creator on FOX Business


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  1. Noticed we received the exact same Email back to back . Is this like voting twice or more during the election like when on, or what?

    • We had some weirdness in posting today. Twice is better than it deleting the whole thing and making me re-do it (which is what I thought happened).

    • The Noodle King

      I mailed in my 27, postage pre-paid and envelopes pre-signed, so I suspect we’ll see 25 more e-mails shortly.

  2. Dean

    Any idea where the CA teams will play? Any chance the Kings or Ducks play at Orleans Arena since AHL likely won’t happen and they’ll need a new home (at least for start of season)?

  3. Help me understand why financial issues no longer exist. Is the magical tooth fairy dropping off millions of $$$$$$$ to cover expenses? Can’t imagine a Govt bailout but who knows stranger things have happened. No fans, no revenue, Jersey sales won’t keep the lights on etc etc etc. Businesses interested in loosing money ?????

  4. Apparently otherwise would not be asking the question. Your answer unfortunately is like many other responses when a question is asked and that my friend is where fake news comes from. Lord knows there is enough fake news to sink an aircraft carrier. You have heard the statement l am sure “now the rest of the story ” that is normally much more interesting.

  5. Ken – In case you haven’t noticed its the finance side that drives business. No one goes into business to loose money – no finance no business – no sports or anything else. Whether you recognize it or not the economy is driven by money and business drives the economy. It is certainly not government free hand outs which someone, believe it or not, has to pay for as government itself has zero money other than yours and mine and the balance of working people. It has everything to do with connecting the dots. Just throwing out a statement that finance is not an issue is ludicrous – it is probably the most important aspect of what’s happening or not happening depending on your point of view. . These owners are not in business to entertain you and I with the aim of not making money. If you go to work everyday with the intent of loosing money you know what they say ” a fool and their money are soon parted”.

    • The Noodle King

      HD—-the financial issues were the owners asking for more salary defferal and an increase to escrow, both of which were already agreed to 5 months ago. The players refused to adjust what was already agreed to 5 months ago. Where ya been…….??? Gotta ease up on the Orange Juice man……..

      • Noodle King – I read all the BS you read as well and am aware of what been written (whether true or not is questionable). When statements are just tossed in the wind with out an explanation I am always one to dig deeper. Call it a fault or whatever but there is so much BS thrown around which turns into fake news that people swallow hook line an sinker which is part of the problem we face in this once great country. If it wasn’t for fake news the media would have zero to say period – they peddle all this crap and begin to believe it themselves which leads to more fake news. I smiled today about your 27 votes and more to come. If the Orange Juice man can’t stand the heat get he should just out of the kitchen. If you are going to report on things don’t report unless you have the true facts to back-up it up. As they say “the facts man just the facts”.

  6. The players need fans. I hope everything is better in January so we can experience the best team in the NHL. Always and forever Vegas Born go knights go

  7. NHLPA


    Golden Knights trying to deal Pacioretty

    According to TSN Senior Hockey Reporter Frank Seravalli, the cap-crunched Golden Knights are looking to trade the 32-year-old to gain cap flexibility.

    “I’m told the Golden Knights have doubled down in recent days and weeks in an attempt to try and move Pacioretty,” Seravalli said on Insider Trading Tuesday. “He has three years left at $7 million a year, coming off a 32-goal shortened season. You think back previously in this off-season, they were trying to move any number of players on their team to try and gain salary cap flexibility. Pacioretty would go a long way in terms of getting some of that flexibility and also enable them to potentially take a run at any number of the high-profile free agents that remain unsigned at this point, like a Mike Hoffman or an Erik Haula.”

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  8. Be prepared, Sisolak is big at virtue signaling, at destroying business. He won’t let fans in for the foreseeable future, he’s a Democrat. What’s pathetic, this scum was at opening night, after the shooting, prostituting himself for political purposes. Now, Mr Lefty, is doing everything he can to destroy this team. All the while, galavanting around maskless, at a restaurant, a grocery store. He also went to a BLM protest, Mr Lard Ass, supporting a Jew hating, Marxist loving, Cop hating organization. He controls The Knights future, and uniformed lefty’s here say don’t mention politics. Unimaginable !!

  9. Mark – true statements are against being politically correct and the fake news which is peddled. I admire your speaking up if no one else does that’s their problem. He is a dirt bag in the first order. He is a problem but not as big a problem as all the voters who put him on office. And now we are about to have another dingbat in DC. Lord help the sane people left in this world.

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