Team work. No bickering. Free communication. The ability to talk to anyone up and down the line with no fear of retribution. A free flow of information. I talk to everyone in my organizations. I find out who’s working hard and who isn’t, and what’s good and what’s bad, and how we can do a better job from the bottom up. -The Creator

That’s the kind of organization being formed here in Las Vegas.

Speaking with the Las Vegas Review Journal, The Creator attempted to give us a look into his management style and how he’ll use his prior successes to hopefully bring success in this new venture.

I’m not going to let anyone screw things up. I know what I know. But whoever we would hire can certainly convince me of things. I would want open-minded people who want to be part of a team and who listen to others, but when tough decisions need to be made, you make them.

As we’ve mentioned before here on, from the outside looking in, this guy appears to be everything you could ask for from an owner. Quotes like these to the RJ just further confirm it.

He’s planning on being in charge, but he’s also aware that he must let the hockey people do what they do when it comes to hockey decisions.

They should believe in me, have confidence in me that we would be very successful in a positive environment.

He’s already got us believing, now it’s time to fill out an organization with believers as well.

Only then will this become a reality.