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Creator Not Invited To Board Of Governors Meeting This Week

In an interview with Steve Carp of the RJ, The Creator revealed he will not be attending the NHL’s Board of Governors meeting scheduled for this Friday. The reason given was because he has not fully paid off the ridiculous $500 million entry fee the league required to award Las Vegas a franchise.

Last September all the news surrounding the Board of Governors meeting was about the official presentations of Las Vegas and Quebec City. But they also took a look at early returns on 3v3 overtime, concussion protocols, coaches challenges, and more. All important aspects that will affect the Las Vegas TBA Knights when they hit the ice in October.

The Creator’s lost invitation is just another example of the league not doing any favors to help promote their newest organization. Right now on, the only mention of Las Vegas is a news aggregate box way down on the right side. Any time you see a team list, Las Vegas is not there. Head over to the shop, Las Vegas is no where to be found. Of course, there’s nothing to sell and nothing to really show, but would it not make sense to have placeholders? A little greyed out name that says Las Vegas. A shop that says coming soon. These are little things that keep the new franchise front of mind, something the NHL seems uninterested in doing.

How is The Creator any less of an owner than any other person currently with a team on the ice? Blaming it on money is such a Bettman thing to do, and it’s really a pathetic excuse. Las Vegas has a GM who’s been a part of the NHL for 34 years, a staff pushing 40 members, the nicest home arena in the league, and a practice facility set to officially break ground any day now, and the league is shutting its owner out over a few million dollars he’s already committed to pay? It’s like telling a homeowner they can’t move in until the entire mortgage is paid?

Vegas’ presence at the Board of Governors meetings will likely be rather insignificant, at least in the early going and he gets a feel for the lay of the land, but this is more of a concern on principal . What if there is something discussed The Creator would like to have his voice heard on? Or in the next two Board of Governors meetings he won’t be able to attend until the team is paid in full in April? What if the league shuts out George McPhee from the GM meetings in March? At what point is this team actually going to be considered a true member of the league they are going to participate in just over a year from now?

It’s probably not a terribly significant issue, and it certainly won’t affect the future of the franchise, but it just feels like a slap in the face to a man who brought the NHL summer publicity for the first time this decade that wasn’t lockout-related.

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  1. D G

    Edmonton built an arena for hockey, by hockey.

    T-Mobile looks great, but it’s a multipurpose arena. Other than that “the best building in the league” line, I’m with you 😉

    • T-Mobile Arena was 100% built with hockey as the main focus. I think the building will look a lot better when they finally get to deck it out with the Vegas hockey flare it deserves.

  2. Garry

    I heard if he had a team name he would have been invited lol Speaking of which I heard it’s Desert Knights. Maybe the NHL should just put that up and help him say what will take another month.

    It does suck though I agree.

  3. pfh64

    I’m not the Bettman basher other folks are, but this is moronic. So Jeremy Jacobs, just how bitter are you that you got outvoted?

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