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Coyotes Always Seem To Keep It Close

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Since their first season, the Golden Knights have now faced the Arizona Coyotes 13 times. Although Vegas’ record is 9-4-0 in those games, it doesn’t truly tell the story, a lot like last night’s game.

The Coyotes will remind us that in their history against the Golden Knights they’ve taken points off the Golden Knights in eight of the 13 games.

We’ve played this team before and we’ve had some success. I don’t want to go in there and be intimidated. We shouldn’t be intimidated if we play the right way. We got to have some swagger going in there knowing that if we play our game we can beat this team. -Rick Tocchet, Coyotes coach

Prior to last night, in the first dozen meetings with the Coyotes, the Golden Knights led the scoring margin by just six goals. However, three were scored in overtime, one in shootout, and one was an empty netter. So, after last night, Vegas has nine wins against Arizona, but an overall lead of just four goals in regulation. 

2019-20 vs Arizona
3 Games (2-1-0)
Goals For 7, Goals Allowed 6
1st Game: 10/10/19 Arizona wins 4-1
2nd Game: 11/23/19 VGK wins 2-1 in SO
3rd Game: 12/28/19 VGK wins 4-1

2018-19 vs Arizona
4 Games (2-2)
Goals For 11, Goals Allowed 12
1st Game: 11/21/18 VGK wins 3-2 in OT
2nd Game: 12/30/18 VGK wins 5-1
3rd Game: 02/12/19 Arizona wins 5-2
4th Game: 04/04/19 Arizona wins 4-1

2017-18 vs Arizona
4 Games (3-1-0)
Goals For 16, Goals Allowed 10
1st Game: 10/10/17 VGK wins 5-2
2nd Game: 11/25/17 VGK wins 4-2
3rd Game: 12/03/17 VGK wins 3-2 in OT
4th Game: 03/28/18 Arizona wins 3-2

Arizona has frustrated Vegas offensively in the past and did again for 40 minutes of the game last night. The Coyotes have held the Golden Knights to 2.83 goals scored per contest. That’s significantly lower than the 3.14 goals per game Vegas averages over their first three-plus seasons.

Lowest VGK Goals Scored Per Game (Min. 8 Games)
Overall 3.14 since 2017
vs. Minnesota 1.89
vs. LA Kings 2.54
vs. Nashville 2.56
vs. Colorado 2.63
vs. Dallas 2.75
vs. Arizona 2.83

With three more games still left to play against these Coyotes, the Golden Knights are in for a battle. Arizona showed over the first two periods they have the ability to stifle the Golden Knights’ attack and they may have corrected one of the issues that’s plagued them against Vegas in the past.

Since that emotional, unforgettable night on 10/10/17, the Golden Knights have netted seven power play goals in the first 12 matchups. Last night, Vegas went a miserable 0 for 5 on the man advantage including a failed 63 second 5-on-3 and a shorthanded goal allowed.

Vegas escaped with the first game of the four-game “series,” but they’ll have to pick it up if they want to keep racking up points against these feisty Coyotes who always seem to play them tough.



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  1. sb

    Like most every game the past two seasons, take Periods 1 and 2 off, come out like gangbusters in the 3rd. That’s not the road to the Cup. Gotta get that hi-end playmaking center for Pac and Stone – explains poor PP – and move Stephenson to the 3rd line to help Tuch. Poor Tuch being forced to play on a one forward line. He needs a real winger and Chandler. Zero production from the 3rd and 4th lines.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Decent article Jason. But “close” is only good in ……… well you know. 😉

    I think that 9-4 stat is the real story here.

  3. Next three very telling where we are at. Edmonton listening to offers for
    McDavid what would VGK give up?

  4. tim

    John Gibson shut out the Wild last night Kemper gave us all we can handle b0tt0m line any good goalie will give any good team a hard time with less talent. Just saw where Pavel Dorofeyev terminated his KHL contract and is going to sign an entry level contract with the Golden Knights. Good news for us they say he looked good in the camp we had after we drafted him. I hope they show some Silver Knights games on TV it would be fun watching the kids.

    • VGK2018

      Just got Ahltv. It was like$30 for all games for one team. Looking forward to watching Krebs, Patel and maybe even Glass soon.

  5. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Yea Ken or Jason … Have you guys heard any info on TV games for the Henderson Horsies? Thanks

  6. Daryl

    Maybe they just match-up well against VGK but Arizona is an average team that we shouldn’t have so much trouble against. I just don’t get it. We play badly in most of the first two periods and have to play great in the final just to get the win. That needs to change.. and soon

  7. DOC (Decency returns)

    January 20, 2021, What a glorious and significant day! ………. as the Knights go for 4-0.

  8. the president Elect- Hockey God

    cody glass and his replacement kolesra both stink– deal with it folks.

    on another note VGK desperately need upgrade at 3rd line center position.

    PS impeach 46 , trump won

  9. president elect trump


  10. DOC (sanity returns Jan 20th)

    Such a great day watching a REAL President be sworn in. A man of decency, dignity, compassion and honesty.

    • Daryl

      The President who will have to be reminded everyday he is the President b/c he has dementia. I wasn’t a big fan of Trump (as a person) but today marks the day America starts to fall apart

    • THE hockey GOD

      china joe decent???? ROFLAMO, the guy can’t even wipe his own butt , let alone know what day of week it is.

      obama/biden most corrupt administration in last one hundred years.

      bunch of libtard moes running the nation. Tyranny reigns. First and Second amendments lost. Stolen Election. Massive voter fraud.

      The excrement oozing from his orifices will soon flood the nation ! Their test plan cities of SF, LA , PORTLAND, SEATTLE, etc will soon be coming to a community near you. THIRD WORLD nATIOn shiitehole here we come. Too the borders are closed, we are trapped like RATS on a sinking ship. There is no where to go. Half of America knows the truth of the matter, and they don’t like it at all.

      Texas , then Florida will leave the union. America does not like CHEATERS !!

      • DOC (Decency returns)

        YOU talk about stuff oozing from orifices. YOU are sure showing that!

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