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Continuous Trade Rumors Bound To Impact Performance

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Being at odds in the workplace can leave a person confused, hopeless, and stressed. That can go for million-dollar athletes as well. After the latest TSN report, it doesn’t take an insider to tell you Max Pacioretty and Jonathan Marchessault are feeling a little underappreciated right now. (And Fleury, but that started a while ago.)

Playing hockey is their job, a job they love, and most of us would too. However, it’s still work and at times an employee can feel like they’re on the outside looking in. We can all connect with that. It’s hard to imagine Marchessault and Pacioretty being thrilled with their names constantly mentioned in trade rumors.

Since early October, the two forwards have seen teammates traded all while wondering if they’re next.

There’s not a lot of places that are looking to add players with big numbers or assuming contracts with term… There are a lot of teams that are really trying to be as close to the floor as they can.-Kelly McCrimmon in October

Some fans will remind us that pro hockey is a business and athletes are paid well enough to deal with adversity. In the Golden Knights situation, leaked names aren’t just an issue for the player but for their families, friends, and teammates as well. So we’d respond to those fans by asking, wouldn’t it be easier if there wasn’t adversity though? Sure, they can deal with it, but should they have to?

The Creator expressed to Fox 5’s Vince Sapienza that he isn’t anticipating a trade, but he did leave himself an out, which at the very least confirms the talks are real. So for now Pacioretty and Marchessault are safe, expected to be in a Golden Knights grey, white, red and gold uniforms this upcoming season.

As we watched in the postseason, Vegas needed more offense so sending one of their best scoring forwards elsewhere wouldn’t be helping the club. Especially, if they trade a high-impact forward in order to oblige the $12M of cap space in goaltenders.

Now, it’s just you’re in you’re out. They’ve signed they’ve made some great trades. There’s really no stability there.-Ryan Whitney on Spittin’ Chiclets

If there’s one thing I hope the front office learned after failing in the postseason is that an NHL team needs to be physically and mentally strong to win a Stanley Cup. That doesn’t mean they can’t make tough decisions, but try and keep the players’ names out of the press if they aren’t the real trade targets. It’s much easier to prepare for competitive hockey without unnecessary distractions…

Or bloody swords.


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  1. Well Jason my hats off to you – finally a post which makes more sense than anyone wants to admit. I am not sure if I was in the shoes of the names battered around I wouldn’t just say pay me my money, kiss my —, I am out of here. This goes to what I continue to preach – attitude is more important than any other issue regarding hoisting the cup. That ingredient was the driving force of year one when the team as a team and individual themselves had something to prove to their previous employers. Management will never have a team capable of what they want if they continue down the path of trying to buy the Stanley Cup versus developing a team with a winning attitude. They will never develop that attitude if participants don’t feel they are wanted and they definitely can’t feel they are wanted when all the read or hear is their name associated with trades or whatever. Yes they are all professional but more important they are also human and act accordingly.

    • normbob

      Bingo!! If management wants to be cap compliant and try to buy a team at the same time, it doesn’t work. If they are trading Fleury, Pacrioretti and Marchesault, then getter done. What does DeBoer want, only he knows but I’m not sure it is what is there now. Give those three a break and either trade or not but QUIT jerking their chains about no trade. Stability and the feeling of a team is not there. One other comment, surely there was a better choice than DeBoer.

  2. Believe it or not i agree
    Keep are mojo working

  3. Tim

    Playing in one of the best spots grows on you beautiful facilities. good owner, great weather, the best restaurants and entertainment in the world whats not to like. I would imagine leaving La La land would be a shock just ask Nate Schimdt. Yes it’s a business but there’s also the emotional side so hanging these guys out to dry I don’t believe is the way to run an organization. Bill Foley and what he learned at West Point just went out the window. The creed of Honor, Camaraderie. and Loyalty has been shit canned. Now your on pins and needles never knowing when the hammer will fall. The truth is they should have never traded for Patch and given up Nick S, Tatar, and a second and when we needed Patch most against Dallas he did squat. Anyone can pad numbers against inferior competition but when it’s money time that’s when your stars need to step up. In my opinion Patch and Marshie are dead weight which I’ve said all along and now it comes out there the two guys there trying to trade no big surprise. If you know anything about sports stats don’t always tell the story the eye test never lets you down. One last thing with Lehner and Fleury I’m a happy camper the name of the game is keeping the puck out of the net and we have the best combo hands down. All of you that don’t know what our goalies are worth really don’t understand sports.

    • Hi Tim – how can you say good owner ( based on what’s going on, there are probably some who would question that ) at the beginning of your post and a little later “Bill Foley and what he learned at West Point just went out the window. The creed of Honor, Camaraderie. and Loyalty has been shit canned” I will give you, owner personally maybe fine but he has surrounded himself with many who are questionable The attributes you listed are many of the things that develop the attitude I referenced and necessary to win. Just an observation on my part but it is refreshing how some see that the current path they are on doesn’t necessarily equate to hoisting the Cup.

      • Tim

        hdbiker my meaning on the two different answers on Bill Foley are this. One from the money aspect he will spend where a lot of owners won’t which is a good thing. On the second part I’ve lost respect for him from the point of his Honor, Loyalty, Camaraderie , of the team. Right now how can any player be comfortable with there career and the lives of there wives and children are in flux. Hope that explains what I meant.

        • No problem l figured it was something like that. They spend the big money but a guy and his family is anything but comfortable. They gave Fluery an extention and turn around and bring in a placement. I was serious when l stated about give me my money, kiss my a– l am out of here. I have been involved in those situations and it can’t help but soure you on things. Sinbin would have people believe players coming to vegas as a love affair, it’s all to do with $$$$$. They don’t care where they play. Are some places and owners better than others certain but at the end of the day it’s the dollars that count.

  4. sb

    Players don’t feel wanted in Vegas? Is that so? How about Alex P., Mark Stone and Robin? Saying they don’t feel wanted? They were wanted a whole bunch. The few players given up to get these three had no long ties to the Team. Tatar had barely just gotten off the plane from Detroit. He had no attachment to Vegas. Alot of talk going around that players don’t want to come to Vegas because Mgt isn’t loyal to players. That didn’t stop stars Alex P, Stone or Lehner from coming to Vegas. In fact, they were dying to come to Vegas.

    I give Mgt and Ownership alot of credit for developing the most outstanding third year Team in the history of professional North American sports. No small accomplishment. Mgt and Ownership wants to win. They want to be Champions. Vegas people, be glad you have these people bringing you such a high level of sports entertainment. There are about 25 other NHL teams and fanbase that woud love to trade places with Vegas.

    • Tim

      sb Money talks hence the reason free agent come here. Tatar had a cup of coffee but that cup cost us a first, second, and third draft pick would you make that trade again. Next Patch for Tatar, Nick and a second round draft pick would you do that again. David Perron signs with St. Louis 4 years 4 million gets as many points as Patch at 3 million a year less would you have let him walk without even offering him a contract? Yes they had a good expansion draft but after that besides Stone and Stephenson what have they done? 2 second round picks for Martinez he’s marginal, trade Haula, Miller, Eakin, Schmidt, Bellemare, Hunt, Carpenterand how much better are we. Any way you cut it the first year we made the finals 2 years ago were beating San Jose 3 games to 1 and choke big time and last year we can’t score in the playoffs barely beat Vancouver and looked pathetic against Dallas. We’ve got a good entertaining team but not a cup team and all this chaos doesn’t help.

  5. Come on SB – the guys you referenced it was all about money they couldn’t get elsewhere. So don’t try peddling the BS that there was a love affair to come here. They came here because mgt gave them something $$$$$$ etc. they couldn’t get any where else. If you believe otherwise, which I seriously doubt, I have a bridge for sale that needs a gullible buyer. You must be on the payroll as a PR man. Money talks and BS walks it is just that simple.

  6. knights fan in minny

    the way a lot of people complain you would think this team was in last place every year this team has had 3 good years and more to come dump holden save the money you have a good stable of young d rotate them and see who sticks

    • sb

      This ‘thing’ about loyalty …………… who started this nonsense as it relates to Vegas? A player is here one year and he deserves a lifetime of loyalty, never to be traded? A guy here two years? Loyalty is for Steve Yzerman, captain for 20 years. Loyalty is due for Marc Andre in Pittsburgh for all his years, not Las Vegas. Loyalty is earned over a decade or two of service, not one, two or three years. The Great One was traded, Esposito, Trottier, Dionne, LaFluer, La Pointe, Robinson, Sawchuck, Hall, Sittler. All HOFers. Oh, my gosh! How could those rotten Managers not sign Perron after one year of service! How disloyal! He deseved BETTER from those meanie managers. Silliness. Loyalty is EARNED over many, many years of service. Not one or two years.

      • knights fan in minny

        well said sb

      • Norman R Sunday

        So I guess loyalty means nothing unless you are with a team forever? You mentioned Fleury, well he gave up his no trade to go to Vegas and got screwed. Loyalty is giving a guy a chance to thrive for the sacrifices or contributions he has made to the team while still playing at a high level. I guess if you were let go for someone who comes in and sucks up to your boss causing you to be a casualty is acceptable to you after a number of years. No one is safe in Vegas.

      • James D Burke

        great post

      • jason mason

        Who do you think is going to be here a decade? How exactly is that Yzerman loyalty thing going to work if no one has a chance to stick around on a franchise only 3 seasons in? They’re kicking to the curb a sure HOF player with his name on 3 cups and helped get them to the finals in their 1st season. If that’s not going to get you some love then nothing will.

  7. When the owner, management and coaches see the team run out of points for a long stretch during the playoffs they need to make adjustments. It is their vocation.

    Professional sports isn’t about making the players or coaches feel wanted.

    Produce, stay out of trouble, win. And have some fun along the way. There are no “participation points” awarded.

  8. To much time no hockey idol minds get in trouble all the time
    I will say todays players much different then old players and management is trying to adjust
    Slowly it seems. MM

  9. Lynda C

    How much of the rumor-mongering is coming from the team actually actively shopping players around and how much is from the media making up stories? The Knights are over the cap they have to do something there for X and Y players are on the market? I’ve said just about everybody is on the table for the right offer. The Knights actually picking up the phone and trying to make deals is one thing and I could see the players having an issue with that, listening to other teams make offers, if you can’t deal with that you don’t belong is cap ear pro sports.

  10. the president Elect- Hockey God

    trading is part of BETTMAN’s NHL because of the salary cap, deal with it snowflake whiners

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