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Continued Reliance On Offense From Defense In New System?

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Over the course of his first few weeks as the head coach of the Golden Knights, Bruce Cassidy has shared quite a bit of information on his preferred systems of play. One of the constants that has come up is his appetite to see the puck on the sticks of the forwards a bit more in the offensive zone.

That’s not to say Cassidy is completely against the low-to-high play the Golden Knights have grown accustomed to using, but it’s not going to be Plan A as it has been for the past few years.

With it comes a fairly large concern due to the point distribution Vegas has seen over the past few seasons under Pete DeBoer.

Last year, Vegas defensemen scored 47 goals or 18% of the total output for the team. They had three players (Pietrangelo, Theodore, Whitecloud) with at least seven goals and saw the blue line generate almost a quarter (24.2%) of all team points.

Offense from defensemen has become a staple of the Golden Knights’ identity and they’ve just hired a head coach that certainly does not operate his offensive system the same way.

In his five full seasons behind the bench in Boston, defensemen never accounted for more than 34 goals in a season, typically amassed between 11-12% of the team’s goal-scoring output, and saw just three players in the last four years combined (McAvoy, Krug, McAvoy) score seven or more goals in a season.

GoalsGoals/Game% of Team GoalsPointsPts/Game% of Team Points
2021-22 VGK470.570.1791672.040.242
2020-21 VGK360.640.1891422.540.275
2019-20 VGK340.480.1521331.870.230
2021-22 BOS310.380.1231411.720.201
2020-21 BOS180.320.1101001.790.223
2019-20 BOS320.460.1411442.060.236
2018-19 BOS310.380.1211551.890.222
2017-18 BOS340.410.1271621.980.223

For a few seasons in Boston, Cassidy had both Krug and McAvoy and yet still the numbers are significantly lower than what we’re used to in Vegas.

However, the newest hire, John Stevens, has a history of high output from his defensemen. Last year his Dallas team was a bit underwhelming but the season as the head coach in Los Angeles and then a few before it have shown similar numbers to the Golden Knights.

GoalsGoals/Game% of Team GoalsPointsPts/Game% of Team Points
2021-22 DAL300.370.1291662.020.260
2017-18 LAK400.490.1681892.300.284
2016-17 LAK370.450.1861551.890.287
2013-14 LAK360.440.1821491.820.277
2011-12 LAK440.540.2341421.730.275

Stevens’s teams consistently had three players with at least seven goals per year (usually Doughty, Martinez, and Muzzin) and he saw about 28% of point production come from the blue line.

Cassidy has vowed to continue pushing for the Golden Knights to be a strong transition team, but expects to see the power play run through the forwards much more than defensemen in 2021-22.

Pietrangelo and Theodore’s production has been crucial to VGK’s success over the past three seasons, especially in the playoffs (Theodore in 2020 and Pietrangelo in 2021). It will be intriguing to see how it all fits together between the dominant blue line duo, Cassidy, and Stevens.


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    • Lou Dog777,

      There is a common misconception on this website LTIR doesn’t help during the regular season teams still can only play with a $82.5 million roster it adds no value. The reason we picked up the LTIR was to save sending a second or third round pick in the Dadonov trade.

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