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Common Players Found Across TSNs New Expansion Draft Mocks

Two of TSN’s top analysts released their expansion mock drafts with many similarities. TSN’s Director of Scouting Craig Button and TSN’s Senior Hockey Reporter Frank Seravalli are two that are clearly in the know. From the players selected is it possible some secrets are already out of the bag?

Let’s start with the obvious. Go ahead and Twitter search “Marc-Andre Fleury + Vegas.” You’ll read multiple tweets about his eventual move to Las Vegas. In fact, there are even rumors floating that MAF’s wife was in Southern Nevada house-shopping. If any of our real estate friends out there can confirm this story we’d all appreciate it.

Both Seravalli and Button have Fleury taken as the Golden Knights first goaltender. Possibly the outcome of this season could impact the Cup-winning backstop’s decision. After his stellar performance in the first few series the hockey world realized Fleury has a lot left. In fact, there’s a running theory that Fleury and Matt Murray could split the Conn Smyth trophy. Talk about leaving Pittsburg on a high note Costanza. At 32-years-old, Flower could be a valuable commodity for any team. However, according to TSN experts, Fleury will waive his NMC and settle into his six-bedroom/ten bath Summerlin house Mrs. Flower picked out.

A second player selected by Button and Seravalli will be excite the local core. For all that are still upset about the absent “Las” you’ll be happy to read the name Jason Zucker on both mock drafts. Personally, seeing the Wild’s forward selected puzzles me. From all accounts, Minnesota doesn’t seem prepared to move on from the 22 goal-scoring winger. Maybe, the Wild are warm-hearted and will reunite Las Vegas with a native son. The question is, what will it cost the Golden Knights.

Other players the two TSN hockey minds agreed on were Trevor van Riemsdyk, Jimmy Hayes, Alex Killorn, Philipp Grubauer and Antti Raanta. Seravalli seems very confident the Vegas will select Van Reimsdyk.

Hayes is in his so-called ‘contract season’ with $2.3M remaining. Coming off a disappointing season(5Pts/58Games). Killorn is a different commitment. If the Golden Knights select Tampa’s mid-line forward chances are he could be with the team for awhile. Attaining Kilhorn’s $4.5M/6 year contract will saddle Vegas for years to come. George McPhee and crew could be okay with the length. Kilhorn holds a Harvard degree and intangibles that his team finds valuable.

He’s a special player… that consistent rock. -Tyler Johnson, Tampa Bay Lightning center

He does everything right. -Steven Stamkos, Lightning center

He makes everybody around him better. -Jon Cooper, Lightning Head Coach

It’s possible his mix of size, speed and Hockey IQ is worth the risk for the Golden Knights. If George McPhee drafts a player with six years remaining on his contract it should be a good sign. He wouldn’t be scooping up a cap gobbler, he’d likely see Killorn in the long term plans.

Look, are these any clues as to which player will be on the expansion roster? It wouldn’t surprise me with the information TSN has access to. Let’s put it this way, when you’re filling out your entry into the Expansion Draft Contest, I’d sprinkle in a couple of Button and Seravalli’s selections. It can’t be any worse than what you typed in already.


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  1. todd little

    I don’t put a lot of stock in any of these mock drafts that are largely going “Best Player Availbale” from each team. It’s very likely to play out that way. just go back and look up the last three EDs from when Nashville, Atlanta, Columbus and Minnesota entered the league.

  2. jim little

    it possible he can join Vegas

  3. Jason Pothier

    Guys, if you noticed these two analysts weren’t even close to picking the best players available. In fact, each selected multiple AHL career players for their contracts. Both of these mock drafts are anything but ones to ignore. With the exception of Zucker, these mocks are about as good as any out there.

    I’d suggest giving it another look Todd and you’ll notice more names that don’t belong on a pro roster.

  4. Jason Pothier

    *i meant not to ignore… but you get my point. These two mock drafts are close to being right on.

    • PhiSig 150

      Did Button not select someone from Buffalo? Or am I going crazy?

    • todd little

      Jason, agree that the TSN drafts are probably among the better ones so far but I was talking more in general terms – should have been more clear on that point. Most of the ones I’ve seen have been strictly BPA and have the team close to the cap ceiling.

      • todd little

        the one I really don’t agree with on the TSN drafts is both guys have Fleury going to Vegas in the ED. Just don’t see that happening.

        • todd little

          ha ha – so much for that. Looks like MAF will indeed be going to Vegas. That would be a good pickup. Give Fleury the chance to be your version of The Beezer.

        • todd little

          ha ha – so much for that. Looks like MAF will indeed be going to Vegas. That would be a good pickup. Gives Fleury the chance to be your version of The Beezer.

  5. Phisig150

    There you go with those intagibles again. And a Harvard degree as a cherry on the sundae. Wow what a guy. Take our 26 million please. Add 30 million for Brown and that’a almost 60 million for qualities you just can’t buy, well I guess you can and character costs a shit ton apparently.

  6. RJ

    Great post. I’ve mentioned Zucker a few times here so I’m really pleased to see him pop up on this post. I’ve been targeting Jimmy Hayes and TVR/Krueger on a lot of my mock drafts too.

    My biggest question is why would we think that Fleury will be available? His trade value is much higher now than it was prior to the playoffs and if he is willing to waive his NMC for the draft why wouldn’t he waive it to get traded? That is a ton of value Pittsburgh would be leaving on the table by not making a move, I’d be surprised if they let him go essentially for nothing.

  7. Dwayne Lucyk

    If the Las Vegas off season resident, Jason Tucker, is available, Vegas Golden Knights should definitely select him and make him their first captain, which would be a great PR move and, at the same time, his 22 goals will come in handy, too. They should select as many 20 plus goal scorers as possible, that have reasonable contracts, that are made available.

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