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Comeback Kings Of The Postseason

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13 games into this postseason, we’ve learned a lot about the Vegas Golden Knights. Nothing has become more apparent though than the fact that this year’s team is never out of a game. Game 2 against the Stars was the fourth consecutive game in which the Golden Knights fell behind only to erase the deficit and go on to win the game.

Game 2 was also the seventh time in the last eight games Vegas has allowed the opening goal, and they’ve gone on to win five of them.

We’ve got a thick skin. It’s veteran guys that know one goal is not going to dictate the rest of the game. Usually your goaltender has to make some saves to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand and that’s certainly happened as well. -Bruce Cassidy

The Golden Knights have amassed eight come from behind wins this postseason, the most of any team. Florida is right behind with seven, but no other team has done it more than four times.

This isn’t new for Vegas either. In the 2020-21 season, when VGK also made it to the Conference Final, they posted seven comeback wins of their 10 total playoff victories. So, in the 20 playoff wins VGK have had in the past two postseasons they’ve participated in, 15 have seen them trail at some point.

The most comeback victories in a single playoff run in NHL history is 10 by last year’s Cup champion Colorado Avalanche.

We weren’t on top of our game in Game 2 but we were good enough to find a way to win. That’s been our team this year a little bit. I’ve used the word imperfect a lot because we are, but we find ways to stay in the game and win. That’s a credit to the guys and that’s what’s made us who we are this year. -Cassidy

The Golden Knights have clearly become comfortable in every type of game state. Of the 16 playoff teams, only Edmonton saw a smaller portion of their games with the score tied. VGK’s games have had an average of just 16:50 with the score even. Vegas has trailed for more than a full period per game, 20:26, and yet still have posted a 10-3 record so far.

(Our players) like to win and they know how to win when the game gets close and when it’s winning time. We don’t always look great doing it and I’ll be the first to admit that and we’re working on that every day but there’s an inner confidence in the group. I don’t consider us this cocky arrogant group. They are respectful of the game and the opposition, they just have an inner confidence in each other and that’s come out this year. -Cassidy

They now sit just two wins away from raising a Conference Champions banner for the second time in franchise history, and as they head to Dallas that inner confidence is only growing. Ahead, behind, or even in the rare times when the game is tied, this Golden Knights team always backs itself to come away with the win.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Point well taken Ken but let’s for game 3 break the streak, score first and never trail. I would say one of those is overdue!

  2. Jailbird

    I think it will tuff to win tonight’s game. Stars will throw everything into this game. My hope is for a split in Dallas. If not tonight, then Thursday !

  3. Tim

    A split sounds reasonable but taking tonights game would be sweet justice for some of our other mishaps through the years.

  4. Dan Foley

    I would really like a snoozer of a game where they score early and often and stuff DAL into 3-0 hole. Is my hope likely – no but I can hope just the same.

    • TS

      Dan, holy cow, do you have psychic power?? That is exactly what hpnd!!

  5. Mark

    This is a battle tested team, just tough as nails. Like I said, teams like Edmonton and Toronto and Boston need to grow nut sacks. We got more balls than any team in this league and everyone knows it. Stone is an absolute warrior, he would be the guy in the foxhole that would make you feel safe. He would of been a great field General. Alec Martinez is such a a great player, he basically never fucks up, rock solid, he’s worth every penny they pay him. Petro is absolutely as solid as they come, just a terrific defenseman. Marchy, a true talent, a gutsy fighter, never quits. The key is team cohesion, we got that in Spades !!!!! Think about this too, Hill, Thompson, Brossoit, Quick, Lehner and Patera, we got six guys that can produce, it’s going to hurt losing any of them, save of course, Lehner, who had disappointed everywhere he’s played.

  6. Dylan

    You know what is NOT making a comeback?

    The lettuce atop Petey Pie DeBoer’s Arrogant DOME.

    Lol what a terrible look. Suck it up, Peter. Man up. Shave that dome!

  7. TS

    Game 3, 4-0, end of 2nd, Stars are IMPLODING!!!

  8. knights fan in minny

    ottenger who

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