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Collaborative Effort Between McPhee And McCrimmon Continues As It Has Since Year 1

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

To most this is probably going to be a minor detail, but for some reason, it bothers me that many ignore it, are ignorant to it, or simply prefer the alternate reality in which it is not true.

It’s about the front office and the chain of command. How they operate now and how they’ve operated since the very beginning of the franchise way back before they were even officially recognized as a franchise by the NHL.

The fact is, George McPhee and Kelly McCrimmon, no matter what the placard on each of their doors says, work collaboratively as a pair.

Shortly after McCrimmon was hired on August 1st, 2016, he and McPhee had a “fantasy draft” of sorts.

I divvied up the teams, I said you take these 15 NHL teams, I’ll take these 15 NHL teams. You deal with them all year, I’ll deal with these and we shared everything. -McPhee on May 2nd, 2019

It’s a story each has recounted publicly upwards of 10 times, including most recently on an episode of the Cam and Strick Podcast.

In Year One, in terms of the division of responsibilities, George came to me early on and said he wanted to split the teams. He thought it was too much for one guy and I would do a good job with my teams. So, we split the teams and it was pretty random how we split them, I had 15 teams I was responsible to deal with the general manager of and bring the information back to our group and George had 15. –McCrimmon on Cam And Strick Podcast

Both have maintained this style of management has continued on ever since.

We basically co-managed for three years and that will continue. -McPhee on May 2nd, 2019

Over the course of that year, and every day since, our titles have changed but we do everything really collaboratively. We work together every day. That’s the way we’ve run it from the outset. –McCrimmon on Cam And Strick Podcast

McPhee’s quotes are from a press conference at City National Arena the day McCrimmon was named GM. It’s the same day we first learned of the phrase “President of Hockey Operations” which became McPhee’s new title.

Literally however insignificant a move we’ve made, it has never ever been someone overruling the other. -McCrimmon on May 2nd, 2019

So, why is it so important to me that this fact be more widely known? Well, it’s because of where much of the credit and criticism has fallen over the past few seasons.

Many credit McPhee for everything that went on in the first two seasons and give McCrimmon the acclaim for the last three. It makes sense based on the title and who is standing behind the podium answering questions from the media, but it doesn’t when you consider the Golden Knights’ process.

Any credit given to the organization for the epic build-out from the Expansion Draft belongs to both McCrimmon and McPhee. While any critique of the changes that have been made since belongs to both as well.

Happy about the Stone and Stephenson trades? Angry about the Tatar one? Pumped about the run to the Cup Final? Livid about the excuse-ridden playoff-less season? Amazing culture in year one? Callus nature of the roster shuffle the past few? Three coaches, cap hell, Eichel, Pietrangelo, Lehner?

You name it, read the quotes above and realize all of it should be viewed as a joint effort.

So, if you are defending the front office, or doing the exact opposite, do it properly and dole it all out to both Mc’s, not just the one that had the arbitrary title of General Manager at the time of each event.


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  1. sclabuji

    Callous, not calice

  2. Irrespective of what everyone thinks and I know we have made a ton of mistakes, trades, cap issues, etc… we all have been spoiled. I hope we can keep this up, nobody wants 10 years of darkness.

  3. StuC

    With Lehner as starting goalie we don’t make playoffs, I believe it’s that simple. Rest of team will fall in place but not trusting whose behind you affects so much.
    Everything that has happened is in the past move forward or don’t.

  4. A VGK fan

    How about blaming SinBin opinions? Does that fall squarely on Ken or is that partly Jason too? Ken’s perspective is asinine half the time. Jason is much more in the middle

    • Sinbin is about entertainment. Ken’s “perspective “ is always well thought out, out of the box thinking, and entertaining regardless if anyone agrees with it or it’s viability. Jason is a great compliment to Ken if not a bit of a “tumble weed”. Hold firm on your takes Jason.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    I grade the front office an A minus.

    Deal with it.

    I give the Grape Stomper, owner idiot, a C minus.

    • knights fan in minny

      could you do better

      • Carl

        Bill needs to read this, for sure. That way he’ll know to fire both of them together, next time they F things up.

  6. Eric M

    So your saying we should reference them as GMMc(2) (can’t type the square sign!)

  7. Roberto

    Tangent, but …

    The great strength of the VGK comes from the fans and local support. Some moves have had it waver a bit, but all in all, you can’t pass 5 cars without 2 or 3 of them having VGK plates. Attempt to get coffee without seeing VGK gear. Impossible.

    With all that being said, disappoints me that so much of the major news and interviews the team and players do is with out of market media (how many clips has SinBin had to use citation quotes to display?). SinBin and others get some good stuff, but most of it is from pressers, open to anyone. They have to sweat for each and every detail.

    I get these players and front office have had long relationships with these out of market outlets, but would be nice to see them take some more time and build relationships with local media. Would love to read something breaking on this site, rather than the Portage la Prairie Podcast for Hockey.


    • A VGK Fan

      Here’s a hot take, since I know people within the VGK org…a lot of them despise Ken. They gave the buffoon a chance early on but once they saw some of the stupid crap he was saying they turned on him. A lot of the players are skeptical of Ken and some dont trust him. Hence why the limited access

      • Roberto

        Hot take plated, consumed and reviewed. 5 Stars.

        Clearly wondered about that. No I don’t. Appreciate your insights.

        Hopefully course correction occurs and trust is rebuilt.

  8. Tim

    Ken the boys are being a little rough on you today and I don’t know why? We all know George and Kelly work as a team and then get approval from Foley so for better or worse all decisions have been agreed on. We all new the two most glaring blunders were 3 picks for Tatar and not resigning Perron for 4 years at 4 million which was chump change for what he accomplished in those four years. Mistakes like that set your minor league system back and in Perron’s case could he have been a difference to win a cup as he did in St. Louis? We’ll never know but that’s history I worry more about there next blunder. I do feel good with Cassidy and Stevens so tomorrow is the first round of the draft and then Friday finishes it up. We don’t have a lot of draft choices but it doesn’t matter none ever become NHL stars just a few muckers in Hague and Whitecloud and thats after 5 years now thats pathetic. Suzuki probably the best and we trades him away to get our sniper who now is a question mark and Suzuki signed a 8 year contract. So along in that trade we actually gave them Suzuki a first 2 seconds, and a third for Patch and as I’ve said Perron has had a better last four years then Patch. I know I’m bitching about the same old thing but I just can’t get it out of my head how stupid they were and how it set us back as a team. Look at what Patch has scored in the playoffs not very impressive to say the least.

  9. A Fan

    I’ve always known they were a equal 2 team duo, (add Foley also I guess) and always wondered why so many never seemed to add McPhee in their complaining. Someone above said a lot of the team doesn’t like Ken, while I don’t agree with him often myself, but I give him credit for not doing mostly ‘fluff’ media as most local media does. They kiss ass so they can get a ‘story’ and get a check. At least his writing stands out being different than most, he gives his honest opinion. No one is going to agree with someone all the time. Besides, he has to stir the pot, that’s what keeps most of you returning. It’s called marketing.

  10. Obvious

    Nice pic for article!

    3 backstabbing 2 faced snakes

    They shud be looking for Lehner laying on some sidewalk on the strip strung out on crack

  11. Obvious

    Even IF Eichel has the best year of his career and leads the entire league the damage done to Vegas by fat bastard and that idiot mcFly will be too great to overcome especially with that psycho Lehner between the pipes.

    Relying on a bunch of players at the end of their prime and past their prime with a nut job goalie nobody on the team can stand is what fat bastard will leave this organization with when 2 faced foley wakes up and runs his ass off

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