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Cody Glass Opens Up About His Brief Return To The AHL

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

At different points this season the Golden Knights have had to make difficult decisions due to the salary cap. When fully healthy, Vegas is within a couple hundred thousand dollars of the $81.5 million limit with just 19 players on the active roster.

Early in the year, they experimented with a lineup of 13 forwards and five defensemen. At other times they’ve taken advantage of the emergency exception rules in the CBA that allow a team to exceed the cap. But when every avenue has been exhaust and Vegas wants to ice a standard 12/6/2 lineup, it’s typically been Cody Glass as the odd-man-out.

There are multiple reasons for this, a big one not related to his play on the ice. Due to his age and contract status, Glass is the only forward on the Golden Knights’ normal roster that is waiver exempt. Thus, he can freely travel between the NHL, the taxi squad, and the AHL without ever being at risk of being claimed by another team. The same cannot be said for players like Keegan Kolesar, Nic Roy, William Carrier, Ryan Reaves, or Tomas Nosek.

However, performance on the ice has played a factor in some of the decisions surrounding Glass. To put it bluntly, Glass simply hasn’t been good enough to force himself onto the roster at all times. That’s definitely not to say he’s been bad, or is even among the poorest performing players on the team (he’s definitely not), but when a decision has to be made, he hasn’t made enough of an impact to compel the front office to make a different choice.

This most recent instance was unlike any prior one though. When Alex Pietrangelo returned from LTIR, Vegas once again needed to clear space. Like before, Glass found himself on the outside looking in, however this time, instead of assigning him to the taxi squad, he was sent to the AHL… to actually play.

I just wanted to see him get a little more confidence 5-on-5. So we’d like him to go down there and play games, contribute and be an offensive player, come back and give us some juice when he returns. –Kelly McCrimmon to Las Vegas Sun

Unlike previous situations where he was assigned to the taxi squad and remained with the NHL team, this time they were looking for improvement. This time, they were sending a message about his play at the NHL level.

Glass spent just one game in the AHL. He scored a goal (a nifty one at that), he posted a +3 rating, and was named 2nd Star of the Game, a Henderson 3-1 win over Tucson.

It was good, we have a really good group. The coaching staff was really good to me, played me a lot, played me in every situation, so it was nice to get that back under my belt. Focus on my confidence, stuff like that. -Cody Glass on VGK Pregame Show on Fox Sports Las Vegas

Then, an injury to Ryan Reaves and a three-game suspension to Chandler Stephenson quickly opened the door for Glass to return to the NHL.

Obviously, I don’t want to be (in the AHL), I want to be up in the NHL, I think I belong, but to go down to get my confidence up was good. It’s a lot different though. When I went to the AHL I had a lot more time and space and I felt like people kind of backed off when they saw me with the puck. -Glass on VGK Pregame Show on Fox Sports Las Vegas

In his return to the NHL, Glass centered the Golden Knights top line, between Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone. Unfortunately, the production from the single game in the AHL did not immediately translate. Glass has been held off the scoresheet while playing more than 20 minutes of even-strength time with Pacioretty and Stone.

Plus, neither Stone nor Pacioretty hit the back of the net in the two games, and the trio has been on the ice for nine scoring chances against while creating just four.

When I came back to the NHL, there’s barely any time to make any plays. You have to be a lot quicker to make your plays. Producing at the AHL level is a lot different than producing at the NHL level. For me, I wanted to produce at both but it’s kind of hard to translate it going back for one game and then coming back up. I just tried my best. I’m not one to pout or anything I’m one to just bury my head and work hard. -Glass on VGK Pregame Show on Fox Sports Las Vegas

The future remains uncertain for Glass. With Stephenson eligible to return tomorrow and Tomas Nosek on as hot a streak as he’s ever been in his career, Glass could easily find himself sidelined once again in the near future.

One thing is clear though. To stay in the NHL, Glass needs to produce in the NHL.



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  1. Herby

    Not even sure anymore if Glass has a future in the NHL. He should be traded as long as he still has a tiny little bit of value.

    Would love to see Nosek between Stone and Patcioretty.
    He is still the most underrated center on the team.

  2. phantom major

    no question that Glass should be a trade chip

    he simply is not a good enough skater, and by that I mean his stops and starts, his turns, and his short distance quickness are all subpar, as is his physical play and puck retrieval in the corners. He is a reacher, not a skater.

    He seems to be one trick pony, on the PP in front of the net he has 4 goals. He should re-invent himself as a gangly version of Patrick Hornqvist. net front or bust.

    • phantom major

      very disappointing that Stone and Patch looked so unproductive playing with Glass.

      I guess we could say that the Glass is half full

    • Bent Hermit

      He would make a great Hornqvist type player. The difference between Glass and Hornqvist/Simmons is that they like going to the net, Glass avoids it when he plays 5 on 5. If Glass would play like Kolesar in front of the net, we would be talking about how many goals he has put up this year.

      • Howard

        Glass is not capable 5 on 5 to play in front of the net because he’s frankly too weak – slight of build and the extra weight he put on just slows him down and weakens his stamina. Frankly put, Glass has been and will end up being a bust at #6 pick in the draft.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I have mixed feelings on Glass. I wanted this kid to succeed.

    Early on I saw some skill with his vison and passing, but, ……

    I just don’t know if he really has enough to be a consistent NHL player.

    Of course, if we trade him, then he’ll go on to be fantastic elsewhere!

  4. Mike StG

    With less than a week to TD Vegas will need a replacement (or addition) for the playoff run. With Nashville now in a playoff spot Haula may be off the table. Supposedly they’re interested in Bobby Ryan, and possibly Tanner Pearson (but with VAN Covid outbreak he might not be an option). Glendening is a good bottom 6 option at center. Highest faceoff % win in the league this year. In Vegas he could be a half PPG player or better, esp if he had Tuch & Nosek/Roy on the wings. Avs are said to be looking at Hall and Foligno as upgrades at F, besides a vet goalie. Vegas can’t stand pat and expect to make it out of the West to the final four.

    • sb

      The on-the-cheap answer is Andreas Athanisiou in LA for the Tuch/Nosek line. Blazing speed, can score, wing or center, but not much defense. When it comes to scoring, he’s a major upgrade from Roy.

  5. knights fan in minny

    if the lanche get hall that would be going from the outhouse to the penthouse

  6. Carl

    Glass seems to be in a situation like Dylan Strome was in Arizona. No good. But once Strome got to Chicago and a different system, he got good. Or at least a lot better. Glass may need a change of scenery in a new city.

    But even then, he may not pack the goods.

  7. EK

    Last night, 2 times that I saw, Glass was on a rush without the puck, and even though he was looking right at the guy who had the puck he went off-side. It wasn’t like the other guy pulled the puck back or changed direction. Glass just didn’t time it right. Stopped 2 possible scoring chances right there. It’s the little things.

    • Bent Hermit

      I saw that too. I was wondering how frustrated Stone and Patches was getting with his lack of paying attention to the play.

  8. LVsc

    @GoldenKnights forward Alex Tuch hasn’t scored in 11 games, and has one goal in his past 15

    that says it all about the 3rd line problems. a talent like Tuch should be scoring a lot more. He is a wild stallion, a guy who does not easily fit with other players styles, and so it is difficult to find the perfect fit for him.

    But one thing is for sure, he needs to go to the front of the net a lot more, with and without the puck. He should be a monster in front of the goalie. just circling the ozone perimeter with the puck is not gonna get it done.

    • Knights Fan

      What would it take to get Alex Iafallo(50% retained? Would Cody Glass and Nick Holden for Alex Iafallo(50%) make sense for both teams? Looking for a matchup with a trade deadline seller and player with realistic salary. The Holden inclusion is to make sure we can be salary cap compliant the rest of year without all the movements. If we could make a deal like this maybe we can trade a goalie in offseason to resign Iafallo and Martinez.

      • sb

        Every team in the League passed on Holden when he was free to take on waivers. Why would any team give up a valuable player to get a D-man they could have had for free? Beyond wishful thinking.

    • Vegas Man

      What does that list have to do with Cody Glass ?

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    This time of year is both interesting and tiring.

    Having to read all these crazy trade ideas. Too funny.

    For me, I still say we can win the cup no matter what. If we can improve, fine.

    But with our cap situation, not much will happen, unless, big money is moved. The obvious choice is MAF, but, will they or can they, pull the trigger on that?

  10. Tim

    My thought on Cody Glass is he’s to young to give up on. Put him back in the AHL for the rest of the year and after the season get him a skating coach to work on his speed and a therapist to get his head straight. See where he’s at in September when camp opens and then make your decision. On another front you regular posters know I’ve been a big Tomas Nosey fan forever and I always use the term a 110% player and I see the coaches and some posters are finally seeing his value. Doc this is what you call using the eye test. The sad part is they keep dicking him around on his contract only giving him one year with a small raise at 1.25 million. He has no security and he’s better then half the players on the team. I’ve always thought he was on he short end of that. I think he’s 27 at the prime of his career and hopefully they take care of him this summer. Martinez the other underrated player on the team at 4 million a year now would you rather have two Martinez type players at 4 million or Petro at 8.8 million I’d say thats a no brainer. We wouldn’t be in cap hell right now if management would have done there homework but what is is what is and let’s hope Petro picks it a bit. I’m not a believer in these phony assists to me a direct pass that leads to a goal is an assist but the way they give out assists is a joke in my opinion. Well let’s beat the Blues tonight and move on.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      I have sang Nosek’s praises for a longtime now. Glad to see him finding a little more success with the recent goals.

      So Tim, can we agree that your “eye test”, will not be what decides the Cup champion this season?

      • Tim

        Doc unfortunately my eye test tells me no were not in the conversation for the cup. Could we be sure but we need an infusion of talent a center to play with Stone and Patch and on the third line Stephenson, Tuch and a quality player and yes we would become cup favorites. Regrettable the only way that can happen is if we could move Fleury as hard as that would be. Otherwise we will continue being the brides maid never the bride.

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          That’s ok, we’ll just disagree for now Tim.

          Would I like to see them improve with a move, of course, but I also think it will take moving MAF, or maybe Smith, to get something worthwhile done. Not sure that’s going to happen.

          If not, I DO think we have the team to win the cup, if at full strength and playing at our best!

  11. sb

    That’s because he is a skating and perimeter scorer. Just because he’s big doesn’t make him effective in front. He has huge talent, but use the talent he has. Don’t try to make him something he’s not. Put Tuch with Leon Draisaitl and he would produce McDavid numbers. He’s that good. And Vegas is wasting this guy’s career by saddling him with AHL level players in Years 2, 3 and 4. Get him the proper center and winger and they would push the Karlsson Line to Number 3. Tuch is that good. On this team, besides Tuch, Stephenson is the only other forward who can make end-to-end rushes and actually get scoring chances. Every other winger struggles to skate and handle the puck. That’s a big weakness and why Line 1 really needs a puckhandling center.

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