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Cody Glass Gets High Praise From VGK Nemesis Logan Couture

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For the Golden Knights fan base, public enemy number one when it comes to the San Jose Sharks is Evander Kane (and there could be more to that saga later today). But a close second is Logan Couture.

From saying he thought he lost a testicle when blocking a shot to the high-stick teeth incident to just terrorizing the Golden Knights in general by scoring goals in bunches, it’s not hard to dislike Couture if you choose to root for Vegas.

But now it’s time to make fans like San Jose’s #39, if only for a moment.

Following a wild preseason game that was highlighted by 114 penalty minutes including 20 separate penalties in the 3rd period alone, Couture took the time to say some incredibly nice things about Cody Glass.

He’s a good player, he’s going to be a very good player.  He’s smart, the way he sees the game, he’s creative with the puck. I like him as a player just from the two games I’ve played against him. -Couture

Couture and Glass shared the ice for 5:00 last night where the Golden Knights scored once. In the other preseason game, the two were out there together for just 2:46 and very little happened. Under eight minutes total and yet Glass made an impression on the 10-year vet.

The two will likely be seeing a lot of each other over the next two games, and certainly the next few years.

You don’t hear a Sharks player say nice things about a Golden Knight often, so we’ll take this one a cherish it.




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  1. Mark

    Glass is in, he reminds me of a good chess player, he’s always 2 steps ahead of everybody. He will score goals but he’s a great team guy, setting up goals, making the right passes. He’s not going to learn a damn thing in Chicago, he belongs, so does Schuldt and Hague, big time players, IMOP. Any info on Tuch’s injury, we need that bad boy, hes game as they come !!!

  2. Chris

    Please Vegas brass Cody Glass has got to stay period

    • Eakin’s injury pretty much locked his spot in. Now he needs to keep it.

    • Lisa Glass

      Reading these comments and the praises is mind blowing and also so exciting for Cody’s family back home in Winnipeg. We’re all so very proud! He’s a great young man that brings a finesse and hometown feel to the sport!

      • Mark

        Tell him Lisa, we are proud of him, he plays beyond his years. I love his game, I’m happy he’s ours, alot of great years ahead for him. He’s going to be very wealthy, he deserves it giving us fans alot of upcoming memories. Go Cody, Go Knights !!

      • Mark

        Yessssss, great 1st game, a awesome goal !!!!! Cody Glass is a Golden Knight !! He belongs !!!!!

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