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Cody Eakin Sustainability Study

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Golden Knights center Cody Eakin had quite the year for Vegas. In his 8th season the 28-year-old Manitoban added career highs in Goals (22), Goals Created (17), Points (41), Points Per Game (.53), Plus/Minus (+19), Shooting % (18.3), and Point Shares (5.2). Vegas benefited greatly by Eakin’s substantial offensive upgrade from 2017–18.

Plain and simple, everyone is quietly asking the same question; Can Eakin do it again next season?

Eakin’s first standout season was in 2013-14 as a member of the Dallas Stars. He totaled 35 points (16 goals, 19 assists) averaging 17:20 minutes of ice time per game. Eakin’s strong campaign carried over to the following season with Dallas.

In 2014-15, Eakin again performed up to his abilities, even sprinkling in a few more points. The center collected 40 points (19 goals, 21 assists) averaging 17:12 TOI. Eakin added another 35 points (16 goals, 19 assists) in 2015-16, tallying a total of 110 points (51 goals, 59 assists) in three consecutive seasons. Consistent numbers for a middle six center. And by the way I never mentioned his reliability killing a penalty.

After a couple of dim seasons offensively in 2016-17 with Dallas, and 2017-18 with Vegas, Eakin cracked 40 points for the second time in his career. So, the answer is yes. Yes, Cody Eakin can repeat his success from last season, but will he?

One mindless and obvious element to my prediction is that Eakin is playing for his next contract. After the 2019-2020 season, the veteran will become an unrestricted free agent and his $3.85M cap hit will come off the books. Players tend to perform well in contract years (see pretty much ever VGK player in 2017-18), and I expect the same from #21.

Taking a look at next season’s roster, we’ll have to assume Eakin will be playing with two highly skilled offensive players. Nikita Gusev or Erik Haula could join Alex Tuch and form one of the deepest third lines in hockey centered by Eakin. No matter what the combination ends up being, it’ll be the most talent he’s anchored in Vegas. Which is why it’s hard to believe Eakin wouldn’t repeat his success from last season.

Then again he could get bumped to the fourth line, or even more drastic, get traded. In that case burn my prediction and this article altogether.

(See, we can write a whole article about Cody Eakin without referencing a certain penalty. I knew we could do it!)


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  1. Mike G

    Looking forward to burning this article. He’s getting traded. Wish it wasn’t so but if it helps get a Karlsson deal done then so be it

  2. A Fan

    So how many players are we realistically going to lose this year in order to keep Karlsson? I think we should do all we can to keep Eakin at least another year and see how things play out with the new guys like Gusev, (Glass, Carr maybe) and the return of Haula. I think Miller should go for one since cap space is needed. He has a great shot, but he misses the net often and we have some young D who can come up and help with cap space.

    I think Miller is gone for sure, probably Pirri and maybe Bellemare unless he can be kept on the cheap. Some of the AHLers such as Lagace may go. (Hopefully, or keep him in the AHL) It will be interesting to see how this all plays out soon.

    • Mark

      He’s as game as they come. Just a talented player that lays it down every minute he gets. He’s well liked by everyone. The key is his next contract. He won’t command 6 million a year, hopefully, we can keep him, at 28, he’s in his prime. One of the guys that help put us on the map, a stalwart. Nobody never has to worry about Eakin, shows up, kicks ass and takes names. Disgusting how they ran him off after the fake call against the Sharks, unforgivable. What a 3rd line, Tuch, a beast, Gusev , a blur on the ice, Eakin, shoving it down your throat or Haula, if he’s healthy. Go Knights !!

  3. Dman

    Read capfriendly, and you will see why the VGK will have to jettison several players. they are already at ZERO cap space, and that does not include Karlsson and Gusev …….or even Nosek, Engelland or Subban, players who are possible to be re-signed….not to even mention UFA’s Pirri, Bellemare and Carpenter.

    iow, about an additional $13.5 million in cap hits will be used on signing those remaining 5 spots.

    the Clarkson contract (LTIR) will open about 5.1 mill

    Capfriendly has McKenzie on the cap roster for some unknown reason, and Zykov is another likely goner. They total about 1.4 mill

    thus, about $7 million more will have to be dumped.

    that means Miller 3.8, Holden 2.2, Eakin 3.8, and Reaves 2.7 are all on the trade bubble. it is likely that maybe all of these 4 guys will have to be moved to get cap compliant, because their replacements at $1 mill apiece would add $4 mill more.

    the next few weeks will be a wild ride with some certain changes on the horizon.

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