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CMO Brian Killingsworth Resigns From Vegas Golden Knights Organization

The man behind some of the most recognizable Vegas Golden Knights concepts has stepped away from his role as Chief Marketing Officer, a position he’s held since 2017.

Killingsworth and his team came up with the VegasBorn slogan that has become synonymous with the Golden Knights and has acted as the team’s official hashtag for four seasons running. He also was a key figure in the design and launch of the historic gold jerseys which took the league by storm in 2021.

He took over the position shortly before the Golden Knights’ first game and quickly transformed the team’s image with jerseys, slogans, mascots, commercials, license plates, community events, and so much more.

The list of notable pieces of the VGK brand in which Killingsworth had a hand in is literally too long to type out. Classic moments like donning the Statue of Liberty in front of New York New York with a Golden Knights jersey or launching a global platform for fans around the world to feel like a part of the NHL’s new team (VGK Worldwide) or introducing a license plate that towed around by more than 60,000 Nevada registered vehicles, the Golden Knights brand is what it is today in large part because of Killingsworth.

Sources tell that Killingworth left on his own accord.


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  1. J

    The toy isn’t shiny and new anymore. On to the next thing

  2. A VGK Fan

    Still waiting to hear when Ken will resign from SinBin. That’s a day I will celebrate.

    • C’mon, wtf !! Get off this blog if you don’t like it. Act like a man !!

    • Pistol Pete

      What! Ken is a big part of the glue that holds us together!

    • Sherm

      You mean the dude that owns the blog? Are you dense or just stupid? If you don’t like it, don’t follow. Stop acting like a petulant teenager on the internet.

  3. THE hockey GOD


  4. Duckboy

    If he had anything to do with the gold helmets, bye Felicia!

    • THE hockey GOD

      or the putrid vomit yellow jerseys , good riddance !

      • Thomas Stone

        Those jerseys were awesome. Iconic. I’m not aware of who this guy is or how he operates. I’m only stating that uniform scheme was contemporary, powerful, and made the team intimidating. Totally worked.

        • THE hockey GOD

          vomit yellow is not a good color for anything, he missed adding the green and/or white skates to it

          aka Charlie O Finley “look”

      • Kang109

        Or the red jerseys that everyone loves? You can’t be right all the time, but you certainly that have to take some risks. Easy on all the criticism. Not sure what you’ve done lately besides criticize and complain.

  5. Tim

    Personally I think anyone who works for the Vegas Knights worries they may be next on the chopping block. I realize this Killingsworth group resigned but were they asked too . Living in Vegas as long as I have and coaching baseball all those years you meet a lot of people that know a lot of people and you hear things. I know for a fact two lawyers who worked with the Vegas Knight Foundation quit because I don’t want to use the words they did but just say they weren’t very complimentary. There’s a trend here that management must be hard to work for. Stormy is gone, Mike McKenna is gone, Ally who we all loved left not sure why did they all leave for better jobs or were they pushed out? Ken’s a lot closer to the Knights then we are maybe he has some more information. You hear stories like one player was traded wasn’t told tried to get into the practice facility and was locked out a teammate had to tell him he was traded, Haula getting traded a week before his wedding was another smooth move. The Gallant firing after winning the Jack Adams a players coach and now hired by the Rangers. Then we have Fleury’s treatment last year is there a pattern here that not only this is a business but in the Knights case a cold hearted business and take no prisoners. It’s getting to be an organization that I’m not as proud of as I once was. I think part of it is there’s no continuity it’s always your on the edge of your seat waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

    • THE hockey GOD

      tough to pay people when your buddy goobner sissy keeps
      closing things down , just because he can.

    • Neal

      “Haula getting traded a week before his wedding” so now the team has to schedule trades around weddings? What’s next they have to worry trading people near their birthdays, vacations, their kids birthdays….I mean what is an ok time frame from a guys wedding to trade him. It’s not like he gets paid millions to play a game.

      “Gallant firing after winning the Jack Adams”. You mean getting fired a season and a half and after winning the Jack Adams, losing 4 games in a row, having a team that didn’t show up to play most nights that season? You mean that guy. A guy they replaced with a coach who’s gone to two consecutive conference finals and has gone 65-19 since being here?

      Get used to being on the edge of your seat waiting for the next change, that’s life being a NHL fan.

    • Well said!!!! Love your post!!! I’m done with this organization myself…I’m going to watch Flower in Chicago…I want to support him before he retires!

    • Dylan Barmmer

      Yup. The VGK Org eats its own. All day. Every day. Hard to support it all, anymore. Greedy People. Insecure People. Bad People. Period.

  6. Vic

    The new GMO has another problem….The best marketing asset will now be wearing a Black Hawks jersey. Maybe they can sell #29 Black Hawk sweaters in the Armory.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes they can paint billy buckner’s photo all over it.

      • Dylan Barmmer

        Probably time to retire the Sad, Stupid “Billy Bucker” bit, eh? I mean, can’t GOD come up with…something new?

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Yea, lets just keep everything open, so the f*ckin idiots who don’t take the virus seriously. and won’t get a vaccine because some right wing brain-deads, tell them not to.

    Yes, keep it all open until THESE people catch it and F*CKIN DIE, so the rest of us can then be safe. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim

      Doc I’m with you I don’t get it myself I take every shot the VA will give me Shingles, Pneumonia, Covid, Etc. When I was in the service before we went overseas we got a shit pot full of shots and no one questioned it. Now these looneys think there planting a chip for mind control or whatever.

    • Sherm

      Shut the fuck up and take a walk in the fresh air, grandpa. Especially considering this article not once mentioned “keeping everything open.” Or are you just smooth-brained and that’s all you’re capable of talking about?

      • SW

        DOC isn’t referring to the article, you f*****g moron! He was replying to THE hockey GOD who is as stupid as you are!

        • Sherm

          Hey smooth brain, if you’re going to come at me at least grow a pair and type out your insults and stop hiding behind the asterisks like a child who’s afraid to get in trouble by mommy. Maybe then I’ll respect your (moronic) opinion, super shoots. I won’t wish death on anybody like Doc did, but maybe natural selection will just weed all you door knobs out someday.

          • Cher

            I fully agree with you Sherm. Childish behavior from a bunch of grown adults listening to msnbc and the rest of the media spoonfeed garbage. It’s my choice if I want to get a shot and not anyone else’s business. These name calling immature men need to grow up and take care of their own lives and stay out of mine.

        • THE hockey GOD

          if you and doc want to live in a neo fascist dictatorship, under a tyrant like goobner block head, who doesn’t even consult with businesses, families, or the people (ignoring the constitution in process) ; then I suggest you move to North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or ?? Plenty of other places.

          Get the point yet? And to wish people to die for a virus that as of today is no worse than the flu, is sick and way over the top.

          • SW

            @THE hockey GOD
            @Mister Mister
            And I suggest for you to cram it up your ass! I love how you and most of the other morons here can start with the rude name calling and condescending statements and it’s fine. But if someone says they hope you get Covid, who you INSIST is no worse than flu, they are childish and despicable. And if it’s really no worse than flu you shouldn’t care if someone wants you to get it. And as far as there being less deaths from Covid now…it’s because half of the Americans were smart enough to actually get vaccinated therefore cutting in half the population likely to die from it. In reality the death rate should be near zero. But you “smooth brains” who can’t figure this out and are dragging this shit out for everyone piss me off! You are the first ones to bitch about wearing masks, businesses having to close, etc. The sooner everyone else either gets the vaccine or dies, the sooner we can all resume life as usual. My sister and brother-in-law refused to get the vaccine. They ended up in the hospital with Covid. My sister came out of the hospital. My brother-in-law died. And now my sister is vaccinated and wishes they were both vaccinated before. I am an extremely compassionate caring woman who worked in the medical field for many years. But everyone has limits and I am so done with stupidity keeping this crap going!

    • I will never take the Vaccine. You should be a complete moron to inject something in yourself because they told you to do it on Tv, for a virus who is not even stronger as the flu and that they create this vaccine in like 3 months with no test lol. Good luck with the side effect of your “Vaccine” for this “Sickness”.

      • SW

        Can’t wait for you to get the Delta variant!

        • Sherm

          Scrolled down only to find that you are as petulant as doc, wishing ill-will on internet strangers, but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to type out a curse word? Sheesh, talk about irony.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ mister mister, the CDC vaccine adverse impact website reported over 4000 deaths related to new virus vaccines in January of this year. Slightly less than after a month of being release. Two weeks ago they posted over 60,000 deaths and over 200,000 adverse impacts. Then they took down the 60,000 deaths and replaced it back with the 4000. I have been keeping track of the website and it is more like 20,000 related deaths. There is between 100,000 and 200,000 adverse impacts.

        A friend of mine is a nurse in SoCAl ER hospital.. She is reporting that nearly all of the people checking into her area (which is an upscale location) have had the arm jab.

        So as usual, someone is not telling the complete story.

    • Bobby G

      You sir. Are a moron

    • knights fan in minny

      so doc its okay for your blorder blunder joe lets illegals in with covid and ship them all over the states

    • knights fan in minny

      get back in your basement and continue to be scared doc

    • Michael

      Seriously! Wishing people die?

      Well Ken, you just lost a reader for letting this trash stay up on your site.

      To everyone who had worthwhile things to say, I miss reading your insights.

    • Contact Tracer

      My my, you’re a bigger fucking idiot than I realized … lol ….. Dumber than a box of rocks …. like Reavo dumb …

  8. Tom Mccarthy

    I think the management socks and they should fire Deboer.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    must be a slow news day

    to bring up a non story like this one

    • Sherm

      It’s quite literally a matter-of-fact news article. You just might not be used to it with all the mainstream media garbage you probably fill your hollow head with.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i ignore mob media, you should do, they are the enemy of people.

        Employees get fired every day, it’s a non story.

        The real story here is how NHL businesses survive during a government controlled panic , doing clueless mandates, in effort to control the people. Without any input at all from people, businesses, or families. IT’s called tyranny and dictatorship. This is a Democratic Republic. IF you like this neo fascism shit then move to Cuba or Venezuela.

        Try to pick up the right theme. Doc completely missed the boat on his post.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “employees get fired or leave companies every day” These people evidently left on their own. Likely they were told business is going south and to start looking for a new job.

          This sort of thing happens when you get no revenue for nearly two years , and no solutions from people in charge except to ignore the constitution, ignore input from businesses, leave the borders wide open, ignore rational safety input.

          Odd how no one is crying about all the illegal aliens crossing the border with no arm job , under propped up regime of puppet dementia Joe.

  10. I can’t believe they trade FLOWER and Reaves

  11. Pistol Pete

    When the pandemic hit the first thing that came to my mind was vaccine and ASAP. I trust the science. Would be a fool not to IMO. I take a flu shot every year. The research by our family physician indicated that MMR and shingles vaccine may be a countermeasure against COVID so we took them. We grew up requiring vaccines to attend school. Hate to see unvaccinated folks dying from COVID but that is what’s happening. The trick here is to follow current events and understand the lengthy process that resulted in a safe COVID vaccine. Advances in science enabled the process the be more rapid than a few years ago. Thank God. I did not want to end up on a ventilator. This is not rocket science in terms of determining what the prudent move is. Get vaccinated and put away the stupid mask. I do still wear a mask but this whole controversy is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

    • Pistol Pete

      We grew up in the ‘60’s being pretty afraid of catching measles and for good reason. It could be a childhood killer. In fact childhood morbidity was common 100 years ago, a fact that today’s generation is less aware of unless one is a student of history. Vaccines have basically wiped out numerous diseases. Vaccine hesitancy for Covid, I just don’t really get it at least not as practiced by smart people. RFK Jr. is no conservative but has been on an anti-Vax crusade for decades which as I understand it translates to COVID. I don’t get it. Regular consumption of junk food as but one example will do way more harm than any properly trialed vaccine.

      • Pistol Pete

        COVID vaccine hesitancy is primarily political I’ve decided. Thank you Donald Trump. In part due to you, mask wearing continues even though you were dead set against it. What comes around goes around.

        • THE hockey GOD

          sorry Trump pushed the vaccine, he is responsible for getting it to market in his warp speed operation. Trump lives rent free 24/7 in a lot of people minds, does he do the same in yours ??

          Most of the areas that are not getting vaccinated are blue areas.

          When I was in LA last month, the local TV was pleading with authorities in those areas and pointing out the poor turn out. And LA is not Trump by a long shot.

          Yesterday a story from Germany saying that the new rNA vaccine was promoting the promulgation of these new variants. They did a number of autopsies on people who took the rNA vaccine and still caught the virus. They found the people who took the vaccine are producing the new variants. They also found protein build up in nearly every major organ in the body as a direct result of RNA vaccine.

          That is reason why FDA takes so long to approve anything. Can you hardly blame people if they want to wait to make sure all the bugs are out ? The best vaccine now on the market are non rNA ones. Like Johnson and Johnson. Unfortunately the government says it was only 67% effective, now up to 80%. If you look at the whole picture, as of today’s numbers. Throw out last year’s numbers. But recent numbers the virus death rate is no worse than that of the flu.

          Also, the CDC tests have been determined (some not all of them) as being able to distinguish between the flue and virus. And some, can not even distinguish between the variant versions of the virus. This is all on the internet. But you won’t hear it from mob media because their role is to release only information they deem would not hurt the current propped up regime in power.

          • The Trump administration did no better a job of expediting COVID vaccine development than any preceding administration would have given today’s technology. A vaccine was a no brainer and Donald Trump probably had to be pushed by underlings to do it.

            Red states (conservative) lag blue (moderate to progressive) states in vaccinations. That is beyond dispute.

            I’m inclined to think the German article you reference is poppycock. I believe it exists, just think it would not hold up to scrutiny. We believe what we want when it suits our thinking.


          • Dylan Barmmer


  12. Hockey Good. Politics Bad. I’ll celebrate this franchise as long as they continue to try and compete for the Stanley Cup. There will be mistakes even failures but thank God we don’t live in a city that accepts mediocrity in professional sports. I believe this is true not only with the VGK but the Raiders as well.

  13. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Same as the Flu????? Christ!

    100,000s dead in US. Millions dead worldwide.

    Just keep quoting nonsense right-wing stats.

    It’ll get you soon, just like all the poor losers who are in the hospital now, who thought it was fake and are now begging people to get vaccine!


    • THE hockey GOD

      “recent” stats are from john hopkins and cdc, not right wing sites, and they show that death rates are way, way , way down from last year at this time.

      Try to keep up,

      I know it’s hard for those indoctrinated in the left wing cult mindset. And for those who hate America so much that Trump lives rent free in their minds 24/7.

  14. NDDIRT

    Amazing, lowest flu deaths ever last year. I guess covid is killing the Flu virus.

  15. Sherm

    @ SW
    I cannot believe you seriously believe well-deserved name calling and wishing death/illness on strangers is at all comparable. So yes I do believe you are despicable and the fact that you worked in health care is alarming. News flash you insufferable waste of space, EVERYONE is sick and tired of this shit. And don’t begin to assume things about me based on who and what I replied to. You know nothing of me except the fact that I hurt your fragile ego. You are obviously not a “caring and compassionate woman” as proven by your own statements. Wishing illness and death on people just because they “piss you off” is the pinnacle of immaturity and hatred. Call me what you want, I promise you’ll never be able to scratch the surface of offending me, but you will never get the chance to call me a hypocrite, which is the perfect word to describe you.

    • Sw

      I will call you a whambulance, you hypocrite!

      • Sherm

        And please explain how I’m a hypocrite like you? I’d love to hear it. And try again with the insults darling, that was an embarrassing attempt.

      • Sherm

        Weak attempt at an insult. Better luck next time.

  16. knights fan in minny

    get back in your basement and continue to be scared doc

  17. I am 66 yrs. old and I haven’t had the flu in over 15 yrs. I consider myself to be at risk for COVID and or a variant at least statistically. I’ve been following the recommendations except I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors. I work with the public now that businesses have reopened and I don’t understand why I have not contracted the virus. I’m hesitant to vax for these reasons. I may still get the vaccine but not today.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i am not a doctor, but johnson and johnson is NOT RNA based as moderna and pfizer are. There is a lot of unknown science and issues unresolved with rNA. The johnson and johnson is least effective. The best thing to do is buy N99 respirator cartridges or in lie of that hazard mask. Stay away from people, and double mask if possible.

      I am working on JETSON CARTOON like bubble head mask, where you get your own purified air.

      Wait for it.

      It is very well possible , if you have not been tested, that you have already gotten the virus. I have known people that have repeatedly gotten it over and over. I have known people that have gotten the vaccine and still got the virus. IT’s not an exact science. Dr Fauci and CDC are CLULESS, they have no idea what is going on.

      The chinese blue masks that they sell at store have mesh sizes that are too large, the virus, if present in air , will pass right through it. that is why the N99, or even N95 are better. You can buy them on any on line site. Honeywell also sells self enclosed “bubble head” face shield, completely enclosed.

  18. Dylan Barmmer

    Met him. Nice enough guy. Can you blame him? He probably wanted to be the one to leave…before they fired HIM, too. What a Classless Org. I bet he didn’t notify them via Twitter, too…

    Fire Kelly McCrimmon. Maybe a new owner would be a good thing, too…

    Oh, wait. My bad. “He just wants to win…”

    • THE hockey GOD

      “I bet he didn’t notify them via Twitter, ” This refers to Fleury, That is a lie, just like big lie.

      Fleury’s agent notified FLEURY. THAT IS THE JOB OF AGENT. Fleury , by his own words says he does not follow on linee social media. His agent told him about the trade, so Fleury did not find out about from twitter, but from his lying POS agent.. His agent was one that said it was on twitter. Those are facts, go back and read Fleury’s own statement. His agent probably posted it in first place. The trade rumor that fleury was going to Chicago was on social media a week before the trade happened. GMGM notified Fleury that he was likely to moved right after the playoffs ended. This was no big surprise. Just a shot at FO by his “back stabbing” , cartoon posting, POS agent. WALSH. Everyone with a brain following this story closely knows it.

      Don’t believe the mob media hype. This “lie” has finger prints of his POS agent all over it.

  19. I’d like to thank Ownership and Mgt. for running an aggressive organization committed to winning and fielding a highly competitive team since day one. I’ve lived in cities that do enough to turn a profit and that is all and frustration is all that fans ever have to show for their support.

  20. Pistol Pete was my favorite college player when I was a kid, I used to wear the floppy socks and try to throw those magic passes. Failed. Anyway…….. when President Trump first broached the vaccine topic and speculated about possible release time frames Dr. Faucci literally rolled his eyes and rebuked the presidents claim minutes later in his press conferences. Trump got good and bad advice along the way but too many wanted his demise more than “cure” I give credit where due. Draw the line somewhere please.

  21. Generally speaking the rabid dislike of President Trump is really amazing. I see and hear when he speaks traits that I don’t admire,some say narcissist others racist . Coming from a wealthy background irritates some people as well. I probably wouldn’t want to be in his fantasy baseball league to be honest but that’s not the point. I also noticed that since the day he became the Republican nominee this guy was crushed on a daily basis and I mean daily. Not the same treatment as other presidents at all, Neither Bush Clinton Reagan or Obama had it this bad. This is tracked BTW and verified. As a political outsider he was a target from both sides but the media and those left of center I see no obvious reason for the hatred. Can someone here list the decisions or platform objectives that are so repulsive as bring 4 years of hell down on this President. I would prefer factual information and not personal opinions that don’t address the functions of a president. Thanks for helping out.

  22. Big Rick

    Marketing the Knights was a pretty easy job in the first few years. How that incompetent first CMO got canned 4 MONTHS IN (before the first game played) is beyond me. Brian lasted 4 years, got burnt out and wanted to move on. 4 years is a long time in a job these days. 4 years as CMO of a pro sports team should be easy to parlay into a great next job.

    Now this marketing role for VGK is a real challenge, with a mediocre team that may miss the playoffs this season + competition from other local sports teams for the hearts and minds of locals. Once an NBA and MLB team sets up shop in Vegas the Knights will have their work cut out for them in onboarding and retaining fans – particularly if the on-ice product is meh.

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