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City Of Las Vegas Garners Most Attention In 2022 NHLPA Player Poll

Sine 2017, the NHL Players’ Association releases a poll of hockey and non-hockey related questions answered by around 500 players. Vegas players have been mentioned in categories such as “best goalie,” “best trash talker,” “best golfer,” and “toughest player.” The team has also garnered attention for “best jersey,” “best ice,” and “best arena” in the past.

In 2020, Golden Knights players or the team were mentioned in the poll seven times. Last year they hit the board just once with Marc-Andre Fleury.

This year, there are three mentions of the Golden Knights and/or the city of Las Vegas.

Maybe the Vegas Flu still does exist as 158 different players voted for Las Vegas as the best city to spend an off day. (The other 358 are wrong.)

T-Mobile continues to impress with ice conditions being listed each time the question has been offered to the players. Back in 2019, however, T-Mobile received the most votes getting 42.5%, this year it dipped to just 5.8%.

And then there’s the lettuce. Karlsson in 2nd, two former Golden Knights also on the board. Gotta love it.

Here’s a link to the full poll. (There’s a “select year” dropdown on that page if you would like to see previous versions.)


Goalie Interference – Episode 27




  1. Fuzzerson

    Interesting because MSG was always considered the worst ice pre-renovation

  2. So we are ranked as having the 4th best ice by the players. I could be wrong but wasn’t there someone always posting about bad ice on this cite?

    I apologize in advance if I’m incorrect.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    did someone say BAD ICE???????

    what about best MUCKERS in league?

    I am so disappointed, for the record I said FLORIDA has the WORST ICE. Ice is so bad that if you took a chip out of it and tried to place it in your scotch it would melt and turn to schiltz.

    • Blitz

      Don’t be doggin the Schiltz Malt Liquor Bull. Those were some good commercials back in the 80s.

  4. Contact Tracer

    Shouldn’t we be talking about the ghost of Fleury who picks up 4 points against vgk this year in two different jerseys to send them to post season golfing?

    MAF could be hoisting yet another cup in 2022 ……………..

  5. sb

    Nice to read and surprised this site carried this article. Since the day VGK’s traded for Lehner, the writers of this site having been doing their very best to mislead readers contending that players didn’t want to come to Vegas, Russian players would not come to Vegas, that the fans are abandoning the the team and that the GM’s and Owner are horrible men who aren’t loyal and are incompetent. All lies, lies, and more lies designed to harm Mr. Foley. In fact, the players love Las Vegas including the Russians, that VGK’s, home and away, have the highest percent of the arenas sold out proving that the fans are not abandoning the team. Mr. Foley has done so much good for Vegas hockey in five short years. He deserves better treatment and respect than what he gets from this site and these writers. Shameful how Mr. Foley is being treated and spoken of and the attempts being made to harm his business and his team.

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