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Film Breakdown: Chandler Stephenson #1 Center

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Coming into the season one of the biggest concerns for the Golden Knights was center depth. With Chandler Stephenson set to fill the role as the top center and options like Cody Glass, Nic Roy, and Tomas Nosek behind Stephenson and William Karlsson, we knew Stephenson needed to be great for this team to succeed.

So far, Stephenson has been just that and the more I watch him the more I realize why his skill set fits perfectly between Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty. In the pantheon of the NHL, Stephenson would still rank all that highly among the #1 centers in the league, but for this team and that line, he’s the perfect fit.


Carp: A Blessing In Disguise




  1. The Noodle King

    Come on, NHL. Get this man a fresh picture !!

    Love the wheels on Stephenson. Would be fun to see he and Tuch do a hot lap together.

  2. Daryl

    Love Stephenson, but let’s be honest, he isn’t a #1 Center. I agree he had looked good but good against whom, the Kings? Vegas had played one tan with a winning record and they lost that game. Don’t get me wrong, I think Stephenson will look good against good teams as well, he just won’t look like a #1 Center which is what VGK will need to win the Cup. And before others jump on me about my comments on Stephenson, I think he is a bigger pick-up fan Petra… for what we paid for him and the role that he wills, he’s a better grab than Petra or Lehner.

    • Daryl

      Sorry, let me correct myself, I thought ARI was 6-6 but try are 6-5-1

    • Mark

      Its cool, a thoughtful comment. Its not really what I think or you think, its about what Stone and Patches think. To me, Stephenson is a straight man, like Ed McMahon was to Johnny Carson. He’s never going to get 40 goals, but he feeds Stone and Patches, who both are top wingers. He’s like the the groom to a leading man getting married. Sure, Stone and Patches get the runway models, but Stephenson gets the hot librarian, the girl nobody notices. That’s his role with this team, I think he fits perfectly as a #1 center.

  3. Mark

    We have a fast team, really fast. 1) Tuch. He’s just so big and fast, would of been a great LB if he played football. 2) Carrier. A bruising player with wheels, this guy would of been a great running back in the NFL, probably a 4.5 guy in the 40. 3) Stephenson. An example of a guy being under appreciated in Washington. Given so ice time with Stone and Patches, its amazing how well he’s done. I credit McCrimmon and McPhee, these guys are amazing at judging talent. 4)Roy. His breakaways are amazing, he’s another linebacker type. Again, our front office scored on an amazing player for hardly nothing. He’s young, hungry, a team guy and will get even better. I’m exited about our younger guys, Hague has really transformed into a good D man, Whitecloud is a keeper. As I’ve stated, we got a window now, about 3 to 5 years, where we should be right at the top, no doubt. It’s a blessing to have an owner committed to winning, Foley is a player, he is giving us 100%. Think about it, other teams, like Florida or Toronto and a few other teams, just sucking, no direction, fans year after year dealing with mediocrity. Yes, we lost a couple of guys, Schmidt and Stastny are the ones that hurt, but Foley wants to give us the best team.possible, feelings will be hurt sometimes , but I have no doubt our front office is committed to winning.

  4. Tim

    So much to talk about let’s start with the goalies. It’s easy to say we shouldn’t of signed Lehner and was just as easy to say we should have traded Fluery but I’m probably the only one from the start who wanted to keep both goalies.
    Here the 20/20 hindsight posters go again we should have never signed Lehner the fact is Lehner was great the last couple of years and I’m not giving up on him yet. Fluery went in a funk last year when his dad passed and we don’t know why Lehner has been in a funk the last couple of games. Let’s let it play out it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when someone is down.

    • Daryl

      I get what you are saying and it’s not that most of us don’t think Lehner is a good goalie. I personally think MAF is better but I would be OK with Lehner as well. The issue is the money spent on 2 goalies when the team has other needs, like a real #1 Center. Having two goalies is great in a condensed regular season but let’s be honest, this Division is not that strong and VGK would be OK with a regular backup. Once playoff time arrives, PDB will only use one goalie just like last year, no matter what he tells the fans. One way or the other, there will be millions of dollars sitting on the bench that could have been used to help win the next game. IMO

      • Tim

        Daryl when we first got Lehner most people were fine with trading Fluery and his 7 million cap hit. Ken and Jason both thought Lehner was better at the time. Here we are 9 games into the season Lehner got hurt in the last game how bad we don’t know. If Fluery is gone Lehner hurt were F@cked then what? On Petro I think we both agree 8.8 for 7 years was insane. Of coarse again in hindsight who knew Whitecloud would be this good and Hague and Coghlan would develop this fast with Korazack in the wings. Petro wasn’t near as important as keeping two goalies in my opinion.

  5. Tim

    About the Silver Knights I watched the game again last night and must say I’m impressed.Like I said before I concentrate on the young players when your 25 going on 26 your history. Of coarse there is a rare exception but usually your destined for a life in the AHL. I hear all these talk show host talking about all these dog teams that have all this young talent just waiting to bust out and it’s all bullshit. When you draft at the end of the draft your at a disadvantage obviously but our management team and scouts have done a great job to pickup some fine talent. You never hear nationally about our young players basically they can’t stand how fast we’ve become a power now for them to say were loaded with young talent to just discredits most of the other teams management group who flounder at the bottom year after year. My friends our window is open and will stay open for quite a while.

    • Daryl

      Wish I am able to watch these games… I get nothing out here on the east coast

      • Tim

        Daryl you can get the games but yesterday no sound. Go to the Silver Knights web site at the top it says AHLTV click on it signup and bingo you can watch the game on your computer. Easy Peasy. The web site also has after game interviews and high lights just like the Golden Knights. Hope that helps

  6. Tim – for the record l have been a Fluery fan from day one and continue to this day. I supported his situation when his dad passed as l like many l am sure have experienced the same thing. I never doubted his ability to come back he probably means more to the knights than most people realize. I am not down on Lehner l am simply stating the obvious- he is not all he was cracked up to be, never kept by other teams he was with and being an individual who looks at ROI he didn’t warrant a 5yr 5 mill a yr contract that is not putting g him down. Ihave nothing against him other than his performance which has been far from elite. My observation on any player is not putting them down it is strictly my opinion on how l look at things. Like l have said no sacard cows and anyone is game to fix their cap situation. I would hope whatever they do is kept under wraps until it is completed as it does no good for the team to splash personnel issues all over the place IMO. For the teams sake l hope both goalies do their job and keep the rotation going- 56 games will be over in no time.

    • Tim

      HD I get it we all love Fluery and were all glad he’s back but most people not you or I kept pounding on his 7 million contract and that never concerned me. As I’ve stated many times if your not good in goal you have no chance. I think Lehner is a competitor and will get his MoJo back and were going for the gold with both in goal.

  7. Mike StG

    Ken, Excellent analysis. That line is reminiscent of 2017’s Haula line. Speedy center, slower skilled wingers. This group is better though – they play D and create a lot of turnovers in the NZ. I like the Karlsson line back together too. They just play so well as a unit. And the way Glass has been playing doesn’t look like they need another center at all. Even if he falters you have Roy who can play the position well. There have been some rumblings about Vegas being interested in Brett Connolly. You heard anything?

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Flurey hot to start the year, great to see.

    Panda will get it together, not worried there.

    To early to make any judgement on Petro, let it play out.

    My only concern, right now, is lack of physical play. I hope and/or believe, they will pick it up against the bigger/better teams, we’ll see.

    • DOC – not sure you can let the walrus off the hook and make the statement about Petro as you call him. Neither of these two new addition have done much or look to be the supposed elite players they have been honored with IMO. Time will tell l guess my only question centers on ROI. MGT has dug a cap hole they are going to have to address and the final outcome may not be pretty. Not questioning your observation just providing mine.

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ya know HD …. Again I did not address you. But yet you feel the need to disagree with me personally? Let Panda off the hook? What are you reading anyway. That’s not what I said and besides what is it he needs to be let off the hook about? Anyway, my comments had nothing to do with you. So leave me out of yours. Thanks!

    • Daryl

      Never seen anyone get so upset just because another replied to them in disagreement. This is the censorship some are wanting this country to heads toward smh

      • That’s DOC Daryl no big deal, he can’t handle anyone else opinion – unless of course they are aligned with his. I guess if you don’t want anyone else’s opinion it is best not express yours. And you are absolutely correct concerning your remark regarding censorship. Pretty sad state of affairs IMO.

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