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Chance Creation Stats Show Why VGK’s Offense Stalled Against Dallas

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The Golden Knights aren’t playing anymore this season because their best offensive players didn’t produce enough at the most important moments in the First Round.

Mark Stone didn’t register an assist, William Karlsson went goalless, Tomas Hertl had one point in seven games, and the list goes on and on.

Nothing illustrates this more than these advanced stats from JFresh and

Contrast that to the deep Dallas Stars team that got contributions up and down the lineup.

One of the biggest challenges in the series for the Golden Knights was generating quick strike chances and follow-up chances. In seven games, Vegas mustered up just 10 rush attempts and 35 rebounds. Jason Robertson had five rush attempts on his own and Wyatt Johnston created eight rebounds.

Just nine Golden Knights averaged more than a shot per game. Those who didn’t include Chandler Stephenson, Michael Amadio, Mark Stone, Nic Roy, and William Karlsson.

Defensively and in the net, VGK were plenty good enough to beat the Stars. They simply didn’t create enough, and that’s no surprise when Brett Howden is the most consistent chance creator.


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  1. jeffrey m sutton

    so you’re saying if they had scored more then their chance of winning would’ve gone up… that’s wild

  2. knights fan in minny

    another slow news day

  3. Pistol Pete

    Chances are one thing scoring goals is another. In the end neither team outscored the other by much. That was the bottom line. In fact did the VGK actually get a non-empty net goal or two more?

    • Pistol Pete

      Unless my count is off it was 15-14 non-empty netters Dallas. Eichel’s empty netter in game 2 (only one of the series) makes it 15-15. So much for advanced stats “chances”. Per Cassidy “a well goaltended series”.

      • Pistol Pete

        Really both teams could have scored more but this was a quintessentially well defended series with good goaltending. Each team defended a one goal third period lead three times and the other game was decided in OT. Does not get any closer than that.

        Will be interesting to see if the playoffs points production of Draisaitl, McDavid and Bouchard carries them through the Dallas series. Last year Draisaitl exited the LA series with 12 pts in 6 games, McDavid 10 pts. Draisaitl scored six goals in the first two games of the Vegas series, that is right, count them six, bringing his eight game playoffs total to 18 pts. Then Eichel and Karlsson shut him down and he got one assist in the final four games of the series. McDavid was more productive across the series but it still was not enough. So much for star scoring winning Cups. I will say in their final regular season game against the VGK they did look like a better defending team. We’ll see how they defend against Dallas.

      • ThG

        except for LT noggin letting one in on short side

  4. JB

    I think Dallas is the better team. Must hold Oilers to minimal PPs. If Otto is on they win. If Igor is on Rangers beat Florida!

    • Pistol Pete

      For one thing I would rather a Pacific Division team other than Vegas not win the Cup. For another screw Edmonton. I can’t stand them.

  5. Emmanuel

    The “why the hell does Brett Howden play so much in the middle six when it looks like he’s a below replacement NHL’er” enigma explained…..

    • JB

      You must not watch him closely . His engine is always going, he’s gritty and can score on occasion !

      • ThG

        i agree JB, the reason the play him in to six is because they don’t have depth in top six. Most of VGK depth is on defense, when the team falters it is mainly due to lack of depth on forwards play.

      • Emmanuel

        39 Goals in 315 Games. Career -26. No thanks, i’ll take a legit NHL’er instead.

  6. Emmanuel

    Oh, I almost forgot, Wyatt Johnston is a monster.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Florida is 1-8 in Cup Finals games. Rangers have not won since ‘94.

    • Emmanuel

      The Rangers practically had a bye in the first round as they played the (by far) weakest team. They’re kinda like the Leafs, missing that intangible ingredient.

  8. JB

    Igor played well, but Bob was perfect last night. Rangers didn’t play with much passion?

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