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Las Vegas Peregrines Jersey Concept

While the team name troubles continue inside the offices of the NHL’s newest franchise, the jersey concept lab is running full steam ahead. Today’s offering is a name that’s a bit out there, but let me take a moment to sell it to you.

The name is the Las Vegas Peregrines. A Peregrine is a Falcon native to Southern Nevada. They are the fastest creature in the Animal Kingdom with the ability to fly at speeds of up to 240 MPH. And they eat Ducks… like Anaheim Ducks (click this if you have a strong stomach, it’s a Peregrine catching and eating a duck, it’s gruesome, but awesome).

I know the name is a bit out there, and I know it’s not a word commonly used in the English language, but neither was Bruin, Blackhawk, Seahawk, Timberwolf, or many other names that have entered our vernacular due to sports.

A Peregine has everything you can possibly want in a team name. Speed, power, connection to Las Vegas, and most importantly it’s unique. There’s no other team in the world named Peregrines.

So now that I’ve convinced you, here they are, the jerseys and logos for the Las Vegas Peregrines.

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Las Vegas Wranglers Jersey Concept

About a week ago we learned Las Vegas fans will not have the opportunity to vote on the final name of our brand new team. The Creator and his staff submitted nine team names to the league for approval and they will follow through and select one in the coming weeks.

Many have speculated what those nine names may be. We know Black Knights and any variation of the name is on the list, but the remaining names are a mystery. We’ve done concepts for names like Aces, Rat Pack, Venom, Headliners, and more, but there’s always been one name that we feel like we’ve ignored.

It’s a long standing tradition in professional sports history to take the name of a previous minor league franchise and use it as the new name for a major league team (see Vancouver Canucks, Miami Marlins, Detroit Tigers, etc.). So why not name the team after Las Vegas’ longest running minor league hockey team, the Wranglers?’ superstar graphic designer and the driving force behind all of our concepts, Isaac Palestino, took the old name and gave it a brand new look.

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Las Vegas Aces Jersey Concept

If you head over to the Team Name Poll (brought to you by our friends at Nova Home Loans), you’ll notice the name Aces is surging.

Despite it’s possible tie to gaming, something the league and The Creator have commented they will not allow in a team name, Aces fits Las Vegas very well for multiple reasons. First is the obvious one and the other being Las Vegas’ connection to Nellis Air Force Base.

As always, our guy Isaac Palestino, created some gems that took the two concepts and smashed them together. So here they are, the jersey concept for the team name Las Vegas Aces.

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Las Vegas Sidewinders Jersey Concept

At this point we pretty much know the team name will be Black Knights, Silver Knights, or just plain Knights. However, if you think that’s going to stop Isaac from producing more jersey concepts of other names, then you are sorely mistaken.

Because today, we are proud to unveil the jersey design for the Las Vegas Sidewinders.

The sidewinder, or the Crotalus cerastes (cause you’ll probably know it by that name) is native to southern Nevada and can move at speeds of up to 18 MPH using a very specific movement pattern unique to its kind.

That’s really all we know about it. But it’s a cool name, and Isaac’s jersey concept is pretty damn amazing. So, here they are…

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Las Vegas Venom Jersey Concept

This time, we put the power in your hands. Through a series of Twitter polls you all elected Las Vegas Venom as the next jersey concept on Once again, Isaac took the name, created a logo, and worked his magic making these wonderful looking unis. Without further ado, I present you, The Las Vegas Venom!

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Las Vegas Black Knights Jersey Concept

As much as we can beg and plea for the name of the eventual team to be the Las Vegas Rat Pack, we all know it’s almost certainly going to be the Black Knights. So, we figured it’s only fair if we let Isaac loose on that name. What he came up with is nothing short of stunning.

Las Vegas Black Knights HomeLas Vegas Black Knights away


But wait, there’s one more.

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Las Vegas Headliners Jersey Concept

Next up in our series of jersey concepts is one that’s a bit outside the box. During our podcast discussing team names we were thrown all sorts of different options. One in particular stuck out and we decided to make it a reality to see what every one thinks. The team name is the Las Vegas Headliners. Here’s what Isaac’s magical photoshop came up with.

Las Vegas headliners home Las Vegas headliners away


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