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Stanley Cup Visit Completes Dying Wish Of Golden Knights Fan

On June 10th, 2021, the Golden Knights dispatched the Colorado Avalanche in a thrilling 6-3 victory that sent Vegas on to the Western Conference Final for the third time in four years. One of the 18,149 people at T-Mobile Arena that night was Michael Bronowitz, a devoted Golden Knights fan who celebrated his 51st birthday at one of his favorite places on the planet.

Michael, who moved to Las Vegas in 2011, grew up a New York Rangers fan and promised he’d bleed blue forever. His first Golden Knights jersey was #24, Oscar Lindberg, the expansion draft pick from the Rangers, because he wanted to represent both teams.

But like many, the Golden Knights sucked him in and wouldn’t let him go. The magic of the inaugural season captivated Michael like it did most of Las Vegas and he became as ardent a supporter of the team as you could find. Michael was a mainstay in Section 18 of T-Mobile Arena, constantly chatting up anyone he could to talk about their shared love for the Golden Knights.

Three days after he watched his favorite team advance, Bronowitz tested positive for COVID-19. He passed away a few days later.

One of the final things Michael said to his wife Connie was “If anything should happen to me, and the Golden Knights win the Cup, you have to bring it to my grave.” Like any loving spouse, Connie took that to heart, and when the Golden Knights hoisted Lord Stanley almost two years to the date later, she knew it was her time to fulfill one of Michael’s final wishes.

That’s not exactly the easiest task to complete though. The 130-year-old trophy is one of the most in-demand items on the face of the planet. To make it happen, someone would have to take away a chunk of their precious little time with the Cup to bring it to Bunker Memorial Gardens Cemetary in the northern part of Las Vegas.

Enter Vegas Golden Knights president Kerry Bubolz. On September 8th, as part of his day with the Cup that included a trip to UMC Hospital and the Henderson Police Department, Bubolz personally delivered the Cup to Michael’s grave.

The Golden Knights’ iconic John Wick Mode entry music blared from a speaker as Bubolz carried the Cup through the cemetery. He set it down at the head of Michael’s grave and a photo of Michael in his favorite Golden Knights hat was placed inside the bowl of the Cup.

Because of the restrictions at the hospital, I was unable to see Michael in his final days. Those were some of the last words he ever spoke to me. I took them very seriously, and to be able to grant him this wish is one of the proudest moments of my life. -Connie Bronowitz

Michael’s was not the only grave the Cup visited on Bubolz’s day either. He also brought it to that of legendary Las Vegas figure and Golden Knights superfan Kenny Lee who passed in a car crash in November 2022.

This is what sports are all about. The bond that has been created between the Golden Knights and the city of Las Vegas is undeniable.

Michael Bronowitz and Kenny Lee are now champions.

Kerry Bubolz is a champion.

The Golden Knights are champions.

Guess That Golden Knight: Edition 2

It’s time for Edition 2 of Las Vegas’ favorite game! (If you missed Edition 1, click here.)

Every answer is a current or former Golden Knight. To see the answers, click the picture OR “click to reveal.”

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Jonathan Marchessault

Answer: Click To Reveal

Laurent Brossoit

Answer: Click To Reveal

Shea Theodore

Answer: Click To Reveal

Colin Miller

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5 Most Anticipated Road Games

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

As the reigning champions, every single road game this season will be a special occasion for the opposition. No matter how things are going, the Golden Knights will be a measuring stick game for every single team. Of the 41 road games this year, here are the five I’m looking forward to most.

5) November 14th, 2023 at Washington

The game itself is not all that exciting, or at least on paper it’s not. But, the Golden Knights have three days off before this game so it will almost certainly be their chance to visit the White House.

Politics aside, it’s always been a really neat tradition to see the champions of each league make the visit. It typically results in a funny comment or two from the sitting president and a chance to see the players a bit out of their element.

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5 Most Anticipated Home Games

We’re just 49 days away from the Golden Knights beginning their quest to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions. Today, single-game tickets went on sale to the general public and there are plenty of seats available right now to see the reigning champs.

Hopefully, you are able to go to all the games, or at least many of them, but if you have to pick just one, here are the five best home games on the schedule this season.

5) December 28th, 2023 vs Los Angeles Kings

First off, this is the final game for the Golden Knights before they head up to Seattle for the Winter Classic. It also falls in a spot in the schedule where there aren’t many games in Vegas. The previous home game is on December 17th and the following one is not until January 4th which means this matchup with the Kings is the only home game for 18 days.

The bigger part of this though is that this is the third and final matchup of the season against the Los Angeles Kings. LA spent a lot of assets this summer looking to upgrade their roster and they are one of the most likely candidates to challenge the Golden Knights for the Pacific crown. It’s a difficult spot against a difficult opponent with a signature game on the horizon. If VGK can win this game, it should be a statement.

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VGK’s William Hill Odds To Win Cup, Conference, Division, Make Playoffs, And More

William Hill, the official sportsbook of since the inception of the site, has just released massive upgrades to their app. What that means for Golden Knights fans is tons of new bets, both now, and once we get to the season with in-play and same-game parlay wagering.

Right now, the new app offers six different ways to bet on the Golden Knights from Stanley Cup future odds to moneylines on the very first game of the season.

We’ll start with the big one… will Vegas go back-to-back?

VGK come in as the 4th favorite behind a pair of Eastern Conference teams and an opponent they beat in the 2023 playoffs. Feels like the reigning champs who are returning a majority of the roster should be the favorites, but hey, maybe it’s a chance to strike while the iron is hot.

On to the next one, the season opener at T-Mobile Arena.

The Golden Knights are 7-1-0 all-time against the Kraken.

The first step for Vegas to get another parade down the Strip is to make the playoffs, and according to William Hill, that’s very likely.

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Guess That Golden Knight: Edition 1

We see your Immaculate Grid and we raise you the VGK-only “Guess That Golden Knight!”

Every answer is a current or former Golden Knight. To see the answers, click the picture OR “click to reveal.”

Answer: Click To Reveal

Jonathan Marchessault

Answer: Click To Reveal

Reilly Smith

Answer: Click To Reveal

Teddy Blueger

Answer: Click To Reveal

Paul Cotter

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First Look: Golden Knights Winter Classic New Logo And Font

In exactly five months to the day, the Golden Knights will take the ice outdoors at T-Mobile Park in Seattle for the 2024 Winter Classic.

The Stanley Cup Champions will don brand new creme-colored jerseys featuring a new logo. Their opponents, the Seattle Kraken, are expected to wear dark-colored sweaters with a logo riffing off the 1917 Stanley Cup-winning Metropolitans logo.

Thanks to some excellent sleuthing from a source who shall remain unnamed, we have our first look at some of the features from the upcoming Winter Classic jerseys and logos. 

Not only do we see a new “V” logo, but there also appears to be a new font as well. The picture isn’t perfect but it appears to be modeled after the famous Flamingo Hotel font.

It could be a while until we get the official unveil of the jerseys as last year they weren’t shown off until mid-November for the January 1st game. So, for now, just keep zooming further and further in on these blurry photos and let your imagination run wild.

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