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Golden Knights Trivia: VGK Superstars

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Question 1

Which of the following players was acquired FIRST by the Golden Knights?

A) Jack Eichel
B) Tomas Hertl
C) Max Pacioretty
D) Mark Stone

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C) Max Pacioretty (9/10/18)


Question 2

Who leads the Golden Knights for most goals in a single season?

A) Max Pacioretty
B) Jack Eichel
C) William Karlsson
D) Jonathan Marchessault

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C) William Karlsson (43)


Question 3

Who leads the Golden Knights in playoff points per game?

A) Jack Eichel
B) Mark Stone
C) Jonathan Marchessault
D) Ivan Barbashev

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A) Jack Eichel (1.14 per game)


Question 4

Which of these players has not scored at least 4 overtime goals for the Golden Knights?

A) Jack Eichel
B) Jonathan Marchessault
C) William Karlsson
D) Reilly Smith

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A) Jack Eichel (3)

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5 Most Intriguing Non-Former Player Return Games

Photo from @GoldandSteelVGK on X/Twitter

The 2024-25 schedule will be dominated by the returns of many former Golden Knights and Stanley Cup champions. From Jonathan Marchessault’s emotional return on the final home game of the year to Chandler Stephenson’s visit with the Kraken, Alec Martinez’s appearance as a Blackhawk, and original Misfit William Carrier’s arrival with Carolina there will be plenty of marquee games on the calendar.

However, those are just some of the most interesting games on the schedule for this season. Here are the five most intriguing non-return home games this year.

Utah Hockey Club
November 2nd, 2024

Technically, the Utah Yeti, I mean Hockey Club, are not a new franchise. But, new jerseys, new fans, new ownership, and the proximity of the team to Vegas will make it feel like another new team for VGK fans. Beyond the obvious hoopla of playing a team for the first time in franchise history, there’s also a revenge factor for the 7-4 loss in April in which the Golden Knights allowed six goals in the 3rd period for the first time in franchise history.

Edmonton Oilers
December 3rd, 2024

Despite not playing in the postseason last year, the rivalry between these two teams will still be as strong as ever. Last time the Oilers visited T-Mobile Arena the Golden Knights ended their historic winning streak. VGK still feel like they own Edmonton despite the Oilers entering this matchup as the reigning Western Conference champions. The Conn Smythe winner will be in the building (there should be two, but that’s a different story) and Edmonton will always be a good measuring stick game somewhat early in the season.

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Golden Knights Trivia: Free Agency

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Question 1

Which of these was NOT one of the first free agents signed by the Golden Knights?

A) Vadim Shipachyov
B) Tomas Hyka
C) Brendan Leipsic
D) Reid Duke

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C) Brendan Leipsic (Selected in Expansion Draft from Toronto) 


Question 2

Which of these goalies did NOT sign a contract with the Golden Knights last summer (between May 2023 and August 2023)?

A) Logan Thompson
B) Adin Hill
C) Jiri Patera
D) Carl Lindbom

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A) Logan Thompson (He signed an extension with VGK in January 2022)


Question 3

Who signed the largest contract by total dollar amount over the life of the deal in Golden Knights history?

A) Alex Pietrangelo
B) Mark Stone
C) Marc-Andre Fleury
D) Noah Hanifin

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A) Alex Pietrangelo ($61.6 million for 7 seasons)
B) Mark Stone ($76 million for 8 seasons)
C) Marc-Andre Fleury ($21 million for 3 seasons)
D) Noah Hanifin ($58.8 million for 8 seasons)


Question 4

Who is the most recent player to sign an entry-level contract with the Golden Knights?

A) Jiri Patera
B) David Edstrom
C) Pavel Dorofeyev
D) Mathieu Cataford

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D) Mathieu Cataford (Signed on December 31st, 2023) 

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Ken’s Proposed NHL Rule Changes

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For as long as I’ve been a fan of sports, I’ve been obsessed with the rules. To me, a sport without rules is just a bunch of grown men running around like idiots. Ok, fine, that’s probably what it is even with the rules, but at least the rules make it seem more official.

Seriously though, I love rules. I read the entire rulebook once a year before the season starts, it’s that obsessive. Today, I want to present a bunch of rule changes I believe the NHL should enact. Here we go.

The period/game will not end until the puck clears the zone without an icing

A ticking clock is fun and buzzer beaters are amazing, but the game of hockey is played over 60 minutes and there’s usually between three and seven goals scored in a game. The chances of there being a goal moments before the clock strikes zero are extremely low. (In VGK history I can only remember one, Max Pacioretty’s in Nashville).

So, instead, the rules should reward a team for holding the puck in the offensive zone and give them as much time as they need on that possession to score. For a period to end, either a goal is scored by the attacking team or the defending team would either need to successfully clear the zone or force a legal game stoppage (something other than a puck over glass delay penalty).

At the end of the 1st and 2nd period, assuming the puck is in one of the two offensive zones, the clock starts counting up from 0:00 after the 20 minutes expired. That time would simply be subtracted from the start of the next period. In the 3rd period, the game will either end or be extended by a goal.

The idea of this is to promote more late period/game scoring. It doesn’t make much sense to reward a team for being hemmed in at the end of a period just because the clock strikes zero. Make them earn it.

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Cooking With Karlsson, Marchessault, and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

Today, we step away from hockey for a moment and focus on something much more important, food.

During a trip to Seattle last season, William Karlsson and Jonathan Marchessault visited former VGK Pierre-Edouard Bellemare’s house and joined Hannah Bellemare’s YouTube cooking show. On the show, Karlsson “helps” Mrs. Bellemare cook his favorite dish from Sweden, panerad torsk.

It’s essentially the Swedish version of fish and chips. (But don’t Google Swedish fish and chips, all you get are pictures of the little red candy next to French fries, it’s infuriating.) They then make Marchessault’s favorite dish, Oreo ice cream.

Over the course of the video we learn a lot about William, Jonathan, and Pierre-Edouard.

  • William is not much of a chef. He shares that he hasn’t cooked in nearly two years.
  • Pierre-Edouard has picked up an affinity for baking sourdough bread.
  • Jonathan loves poutine and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.
  • According to Pierre-Edouard, parents from Europe get hit hard by germs their American kids bring home because they are not immune to them like those who grew up here are.
  • William calls Jonathan, Monsieur Marchessault.
  • Jonathan tells a story of Karlsson creating a burger in which he put all the condiments on the bun but he forgot the patty. Luckily, William Carrier ate it.
  • Pierre-Edouard was unaware that Oreos are chocolate.
  • Jonathan eats salad, salmon, and rice (all in one bowl) for pregame meal.
  • William once, or twice, put a boiled egg in his spaghetti because Jonathan told him he needs to eat more protein. This upset Jonathan.

It’s quite a fun watch. Check it out.


Report: Bruins Eyeing Goucher For Open Play-By-Play Position In Boston

From @DavidCGoucher on Twitter/X

UPDATE: Goucher confirmed on the Mercedes in the Morning show on Mix 94.1 FM that he is staying in Las Vegas with the Golden Knights.

This offseason was already expected to be tense but it might have gotten even more distressing for Golden Knights fans. With less than one month to sign franchise leading goal scorer Jonathan Marchessault, reports have surfaced indicating beloved television play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher could be on the move as well.

Over the weekend, The Boston Globe reported the Bruins and their broadcast partner were actively pursuing the New England native.

NESN and the Bruins have reached out to Dave Goucher, who is very familiar to Bruins fans. He called their games on the radio from 2000-17 before he was hired as the TV play-by-play voice for the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, where he calls games with former Bruins defenseman Shane Hnidy. His ecstatic “Bergeron! Bergeron! Bergeron!” call of Patrice Bergeron’s overtime goal to cap a comeback against the Maple Leafs in the first round of the 2013 playoffs is among the most iconic in modern Boston sports history. –Chad Finn on

Goucher became the voice of Vegas hockey in 2017 and was immediately embraced by the fans. Starting with that magical 2017-18 run to the Final. For seven seasons, Goucher’s been on in thousands of households across Las Vegas. Usually, starting at 7:08 PM.

While there’s no indication the play-by-play announcer will take the open Bruins job, the executives at NESN believe he’s the perfect fit. If so, you can’t blame Goucher for listening. The position is coveted and it’s his hometown team.

Goucher enjoys his job in Las Vegas, but he and his wife are New Englanders who still spend their summers in Rhode Island. He would be the ideal choice, and hopefully the Bruins and NESN will make him an offer worthy of his talents. –Finn on

Finn most likely has inside information from both parties, and his report over the weekend suggests there’s a possibility the Golden Knights will be searching for replacement for Goucher. I’m certain he’ll be torn if he’s offered the job.

The thought of losing Marchessault is already keeping VGK fans up at night but losing Goucher would make it even worse. The perfect scenario is for Goucher to be on the call next season for when Marchessault scores his 250th career goal. One holding a golden microphone and the other in his best-selling golden #81 sweater.

@SinBinVegas Twitter Q&A – Post Game 2 VGKvsDAL, April 25th, 2024

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

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