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FAQ: Golden Knights Announce New TV Partner

Today the Golden Knights announced their new TV home, unveiling a multi-year partnership with the newly formed Scripps Sports set to begin in the 2023-24 season. The partnership promises to offer all locally broadcast regular season games, every preseason game, and the first round of the playoffs for free to the entire Golden Knights broadcast territory.

We understand this change brings many questions, so we’re here to try and help to answer all of them.

**If you have an additional question not covered, email it to and we will wotk to get it answered and add it to this post.**

What is Scripps Sports?

Scripps Broadcasting is one of the oldest broadcast companies in the United States, founded in 1878. Scripps is the second largest operator of local ABC affiliates in the country and they currently operate Las Vegas’ ABS station, KTNV-13. Scripps Sports is a newly formed branch of Scripps Broadcasting which is expected to offer local affiliate network space to professional sports teams who have lost their regional sports network (RSN).

What channels does Scripps operate in Las Vegas?

Scripps currently operates the local ABC affiliate, KTNV-13, as well as ION Television, which is known as KMCC and can be found on channel 34 on DirecTV and over-the-air and channel 63 on Cox Cable.

Are those the channels the Golden Knights games will be on?

Yes! Every Golden Knights game next season and during the multi-year partnership will be aired on either KTNV-13 or KMCC Channel 34 (Cox #63), or both. Scripps is planning on moving ION to a new channel and rebranding KMCC as an independent station that will broadcast local and national news, local sports, and additional entertainment programming.

What are the options to receive these channels on my TV?

Both KTNV and KMCC are available on standard cable (Cox, CenturyLink, etc), via satellite TV (DirecTV, Dish, etc), and over-the-air.

What in the world is “over-the-air?”

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Bettman Ensures Games Will Continue To Be Broadcast On AT&T Sportsnet Through Rest Of Regular Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The TV channel that airs most Golden Knights games, AT&T Sportsnet, is in dire straights. In February the parent company of the channel, Warner Brothers Discovery, announced it is leaving the business of owning Regional Sports Networks, or RSNs. The deadline they set was March 31st.

Obviously, that date is before the end of the Golden Knights’ regular season which has many fans wondering what will happen if the channel does indeed go under. Will the seven games scheduled to air in April be televised?

Well, fear not… at least for now.

(AT&T SportsNet is) going to continue to carry the games (through the end of the Golden Knights’ season). As I said (regarding) any of the regionals, we believe based on everything we’ve been told, and we’re in constant dialogue, that our games certainly through this regular season will be taken care of. And then once we get to the playoffs, there’s national distribution. –Gary Bettman, via TheAthletic

As for what happens in the future, that is a bit foggier.

There’s a strong chance that as soon as next season Golden Knights games will no longer air on AT&T Sportsnet, as it’s possible the channel will cease to exist come October.

However, Golden Knights fans should not be concerned whatsoever about the availability of the games moving forward. The NHL has been steadfast in reassuring fans that all games will have a home, and with Vegas remaining one of the strongest TV markets in the league, there will always be a way to watch the team.

@SinBinVegas Twitter Q&A – February 7th, 2023

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

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Golden Knights Betting Trends So Far This Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If you bet on every Golden Knights game this season, 29 times out of the 49 games you would have cashed in as a winner. Unfortunately, the 20 losses have actually outweighed the 29 wins.

In the 29 wins the Golden Knights have been favored in 23. They were -110, or a pick ’em, in three, and were underdogs in three others. Betting on just those wins would have netted you $1,954.53, or an average win of $67.40 per game.

In the 20 losses, Vegas were favored in 14 while being underdogs in five and -110 in the opener against the Kings. Losing all 20 would mean losing exactly $100 each game, or $2,000 total. That means, after 49 games, betting $100 on every game would have you down $45.47.

However, there have been plenty of situations that have been profitable for the Golden Knights this season.

The first is road games, and more specifically, road games in which they are favored. VGK have boasted a strong 15-7 betting record on the road which would have netted an average of $22.15 profit per game on $100 bets. When favored, the Golden Knights have won 11 of the 14 for a profit of $376.35.

The next is against Eastern Conference teams. VGK are 14-7 against the East including a road record of 8-2. That’d be a $316.12 profit on all 21 and $386.70 on the road games.

High-scoring games have also suited the Golden Knights well. They are 15-5 in games with at least seven goals. $100 per game would have netted $653.81 in those 20 games.

Pick ’em games have been great too. The Golden Knights have played in three toss-up games with both sides at -110. They’ve won all three against the Penguins, Kings, and Maple Leafs.

The final scenario is the weakest, but a definite positive in how the team bounces back from setbacks. The Golden Knights are 12-7 following a loss as they will be tomorrow night in New York. That number has come down recently though as VGK started the season 8-2 following a loss and had not lost three straight until this last homestand. They gained $292.91 in those first 10, but have lost $238.05 in the final nine.

The toughest spot this season has been games against the Pacific Division. They have an overall record of 5-10 against the division including a miserable 1-5 at home. They’ve dropped $466.67 in the six home games while losing $571.56 overall.

Unsurprising to season ticket holders, the Golden Knights have struggled at home this year. They are 14-12 and have lost $532.73 in those 26 games.

Another oddity is games that finish exactly 3-2. Vegas have competed in 10 games with that final score, they’ve lost seven of the 10 and have hemorrhaged $46.60 per night in those games.

All in all, the Golden Knights still win more than they lose, so there are ways to make money betting on them. Aim for road games in which they are favored, -110’s, and games against the East, and definitely avoid Pacific Division home games.

**All odds are from William Hill Sportsbook, official partner of**

Golden Knights Sliding In Latest Power Rankings

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights haven’t been as crisp lately as they were in their first 30+ games. On December 15th, Vegas held a first-place advantage by eight standings points. By New Year’s Eve, that lead was cut in half. After last night’s 3-2 loss to Detroit, the Golden Knights are no longer leading the Pacific Division. Local fans are well aware of the adversity the Golden Knights have faced over the past month but fans and media outside of the market haven’t been as understanding.

This week, national outlets updated their NHL Power Rankings, and not all of them were friendly towards Vegas.

Overall, the consensus is that Vegas has lost love from several publications. The Golden Knights’ average position in five separate power rankings was 10th. Tenth would likely place VGK out of winning the Western Conference and perhaps the Pacific Division. The positive news, however, most outlets feel comfortable that the Golden Knights are still a postseason club. Over time, the severity of Mark Stone’s injury setback may change some of their minds.

So, let’s take a look at how the outside hockey world perceives the Golden Knights today.

Daily Faceoff: VGK (6th)

The Daily Faceoff was by far the least knee-jerk.

The Golden Knights only got into two games last week, beating the Panthers before dropping a Saturday night game against the Oilers. Playing at about the same level as the Stars drops them down a spot as a result, and the fact that the Golden Knights 5-on-5 play hasn’t been good lately has hurt them as well. -Scott Maxwell, Daily Faceoff

Sports Illustrated: VGK (8th)

SI isn’t panicking like some others. Sure, the Stone situation impacted their decision enough to drop VGK three spots but they still rank the Golden Knights higher than three other outlets. Not surprisingly, SI listed two Western Conference teams; DAL (6th) and WPG (7th), ahead of Vegas, which is difficult to argue against. Also, Seattle (9th) and LA (10th) were ranked right behind the Golden Knights by Sports Illustrated.

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VGK Drop New Glow-In-The-Dark Reverse Retro Jerseys

There’s now a fifth jersey in the Golden Knights collection. Adidas revealed the new edition of their Reverse Retro jerseys today.

This sweater “imagines what a Golden Knights third jersey might have looked like in 1995.” The font and numbering are inspired by vintage hotel signage on the Strip. Oh, and just to make sure you get the full Vegas ostentatiousness: There are hidden glow-in-the-dark stars incorporated in the crest that can be seen in the dark and under a black light. –Greg Wyshynski on

The lettering borrows its font from the Excalibur hotel while the glow-in-the-dark aspect mimics the famous Stardusk stars.

The Golden Knights are expected to wear these jerseys eight times this season.

Jerseys are not available for purchase until November. (We’ll tweet out a SportsTown link when they are).

Sportnet Overlooks The Golden Knights In Opening Power Rankings

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s time to turn down (or maybe turn up) the outside noise. The Golden Knights are certainly not the same team as in years past but there are still expectations. Sure, the club has holes and question marks in several positions, but overall Vegas should be considered a playoff contender.

The doubters are out there, but they are ignoring the Golden Knights’ skilled veterans that are accustomed to playing in the postseason. Vegas is blessed with high-end talent that has the ability to push them over the playoff cut line. However, in many pundits’ opinions, the bar has lowered. Just take a look at Sportsnet’s recent NHL power rankings. The Canadian outlet isn’t expecting much from Vegas this season.

Sportsnet NHL Power Rankings

1. Colorado
2. Tampa
3. Carolina
4. Calgary
5. Toronto
6. Florida
7. Edmonton
8. Minnesota
9. New York Rangers
10. St. Louis
*19. Vegas

Being ranked 19th out of 32 is far from flattering. In fact, it’s a not-so-subtle shot toward the 31st franchise, as many believe the Golden Knights window has closed. With Colorado’s locked-up talent, who can blame the detractors? However, there are silver linings to the low Sportsnet ranking, including the fact that the writer who put them at 19th doesn’t even seem to fully believe it himself.

That Robin Lehner is gone for the year cannot be overlooked, but it does obscure the fact there are reasons to like this team. Jack Eichel is getting his first full rip in the desert and captain Mark Stone is back after an injury-marred season. –Ryan Dixon,

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2022-23 Player Props And Two Computer Model Season Point Projections

It’s prediction season again, and while the SinBin crew will be holding ours until the next podcast, we’re starting to see some trickle in from a few of our favorite sources.

We’ll start with our absolute favorite source for prognostication, William Hill!

There’s been a bit of a shift in the overall numbers since we first highlighted them a month ago. VGK are still picked to make the playoffs and finish 3rd in the division but their point total has dipped a full point to 95.5 and the “Make the Playoffs” prop is all the way down to -220 (it was almost -300 at open).

The props on the Golden Knights to win the division have dropped too, to +380, while Vegas stands as 20:1 underdogs to win the Cup.

There are a bunch of new individual player props on the board too. Here are a few.

Jack Eichel Goals Scored
Over/Under 36.5

Jonathan Marchessault Goals Scored
Over/Under 25.5

Mark Stone Goals Scored
Over/Under 20.5

Phil Kessel Goals Scored
Over/Under 18.5

Logan Thompson Wins
Over/Under 27.5

Finally, William Hill has listed a special monthly prop on October points for the Golden Knights. Vegas play 10 games with five at home and five on the road. The only repeat opponent is Winnipeg. William Hill has the line set at 10.5 with the under as the slight favorite.

Like it or not, the oddsmakers are not expecting the Golden Knights to come flying out of the gate.

Also, a pair of excellent computerized projection models have released their first look at this season’s predicted standings.

We’ll start with the more optimistic of the two.

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VGK Players Undervalued In Fantasy Hockey Rankings

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It goes without saying fantasy sports are not an accurate measurement of how a player or a team will perform. Nonetheless, taking on the challenge of creating a winning lineup is an annual hobby for thousands of NHL fans. Right now, fantasy outlets are releasing their top player lists trying to accurately project the league’s point leaders for the 2022-23 season.

The same names lead the rankings as they have in previous years. Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Auston Matthews, Cale Makar, and Nathan MacKinnon round out the top five best overall players according to,,,, and anyone else with eyes.

Locally, center Jack Eichel is the first name to appear for Vegas (44th) on’s list of top 250 NHL players ranked. Mark Stone (45th), recovering from back surgery, is one behind his teammate. Defenseman Shea Theodore (99th) is the only other Golden Knight to be ranked in the top 100. While it may look like the fantasy experts are disrespecting some of VGK’s stars, others are being considered a sleeper pick for 2022-23.

With Robin Lehner on the shelf for the season, Vegas’ No. 1 job is ripe for the taking and at this point, it’s Logan Thompson’s to lose. In 19 appearances last year, 17 of which were starts, the 25-year-old posted a 10-5-3 record to go along with a 2.68 goals-against average, .914 save-percentage, and one shutout. –Nick Alberga,

Although Sportsnet noted the position is officially up for grabs, they feel comfortable suggesting Thompson as VGK’s first goaltender to go in fantasy drafts around Canada and the United States. Of course, there needs to be a ‘buyer beware’ prompt for those interested in any of VGK’s netminders. Experts would tell you to wait until the later rounds.

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Early Betting Odds Show VGK Making Playoffs, Finishing 3rd In Pacific

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Pacific Division has not exactly been a hotbed for NHL dominance the last few years. This year though, there’s been enough player movement in and out of the division that there’s a bit of a question as to how strong it will actually be.

Last year’s division champs, the Calgary Flames, lost two-thirds of their top line but were able to replace it with a couple of stellar players due to a blockbuster trade with the Florida Panthers. Edmonton, who advanced the furthest of any Pacific team, is basically bringing the band back together, and Los Angeles, Vancouver, Anaheim, and Seattle all added in the offseason.

The Golden Knights, despite an offseason of cap managing, should still be right in the mix to compete for the division title. They’ll continue to have the strongest D-corps in the division, an above-average top-six, and an excellent head coach.

With camp still a few weeks away and the regular season more than a month out, it can be tricky to find good prediction models for how the season may go. Luckily, here in Vegas, we call home to the best model in the world, betting odds.

Whether you gamble on sports or not, odds give a strong indication as to not just what sportsbooks believe is going to happen, but also what the public sees as the most likely outcome in a game or season. As bets come in on each team, sportsbooks adjust their lines to limit their likelihood of taking big wins or losses. So, what ends up happening is the odds become essentially a giant poll of public opinion with votes being cast by dollars.

William Hill posted season point totals and make or miss the playoffs lines on every team in the league a few weeks ago. As early bets came in, some of the numbers shifted giving us a better perspective on how the public views the league.

Point TotalMake PlayoffsEarned on $10 Bet
Los Angeles94.5-185$5.41
San Jose72.5+450$45

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