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Cassidy Undeterred By Golden Knights’ Quick Trigger Finger On Coaching Changes

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Today the Golden Knights introduced a head coach for the third time in franchise history as they set to enter their sixth season.

Gerard Gallant, the team’s first coach, led the Golden Knights through a storybook inaugural season that ended up just three wins from the Stanley Cup, the closest Vegas has ever been. 18 months later, he was out of a job, replaced mid-season by a rival who had been standing on the other bench in Gallant’s last postseason game as bench boss of the Golden Knights.

Pete DeBoer took over and got off to a winning start before the world shut down due to a pandemic. When hockey resumed, he led the Golden Knights to back-to-back conference finals before experiencing a season unlike any other in 2021-22, mired by long-term injury and resulting in Vegas missing the playoffs for the first time ever. Two weeks later, he was relieved of his duties as head coach ending a tenure the man who just fired him said, “cannot be considered anything but a success.”

Now, in walks Bruce Cassidy. A head coach who, like his predecessors, enters with a sterling record of success in the NHL but, also like his predecessors, having felt his time at the previous stop was cut short.

As for the other coaches, Turk and Pete, I’ve gotten to know them over the years, two excellent coaches doing good jobs in the league but I thought I did a good job in Boston too and here I am. So it’s a part of the business. -Cassidy

So, why choose Vegas knowing their penchant for making rapid changes at the position he’d be hired into?

I want my name on the Stanley Cup and I believe this team has the ability to do that. If we can take care of business everything will fall into place. -Cassidy

That confidence is exactly what the Golden Knights were looking for and what they needed.

Vegas’ front office, and owner, understand their own ravenous desire to win, and they know until they find the perfect recipe, they won’t be satisfied. So, they couldn’t hire a coach simply looking to stick around for a few years, they needed one who was undeterred by the past, and brought the same lust.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it didn’t come up at all in the eight days between Cassidy’s dismissal in Boston and inking a new deal in Vegas.

I was, like any coach, trying to get some security. I will tell you I’m exceptionally pleased with my contract, there’s no issue there. -Cassidy

He wouldn’t share the exact length of the contract, instead opting to “keep that in house,” but his response was genuine and it was clear the concerns many hold for him based on the Golden Knights’ history, he does not maintain himself.


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  1. Vegas Baby

    Why choose Vegas? He needs a job, right? Is anyone else asking him to consider the position on their team? Maybe he flipped a coin. We need a pool going to see how long this sub will last.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    VGK changes coaches as much as
    Joe “poopy pants” Biden, aka JoeFlation, has his depends changed.

  3. Dadonov trade to Mtl for Shea Weber…

    • Original 6 ✅

      Great. Dump a young goal scorer for a washed up injury prone D Idiots no minds Knights continue to get older

      • blwalk07

        First Dadanov isn’t young, second, Weber will go straight to ltir, he’s not playing again. They dumped 5 million in salary

      • Blitz

        Weber won’t play for VGK. He is retired. This is a trade cash money for cap space. This is an excellent deal considering the alternatives (like ANA deal).

        • Galdom

          We shit on management often and it is justified sometimes but lets give some credit when they deserve it. This is a good trade.

      • knights fan in minny

        are you always so negative towards this team

        • knights fan in minny

          this did not go where i wanted it go this was suppose to go under orig 6

    • Jim T

      When are they going to wake up and get rid of the good for nothing gm.You call this a trade yeah we gained 5 mil.but we still have to pay that 7.8 mil of Shaws. We should have traded for a draft pick not a has been with injuries.

  4. vgk21

    This makes room for the return of Reilly Smith.

    Vgk now will have $5.2 mill in cap space, when they put Weber on LTIR.

    That is $31.2 mill of additional cap space over the next 4 seasons.

    • vgk21

      weber’s cap hit is $7.857 mill per year for the next 4 years.

    • VGK21, I certainly hope so! Would really hate to see him traded strictly for the $$$…

  5. Obvious

    A good trade?? It’s a trade that became necessary due to the endless f*k ups fat bastard has made since becoming gm. And it isn’t without a cost. What a mess

  6. Obvious

    Cassidy must be beyond desperate for work jumping into this situation.

    Can hardly wait to see the look on his face after a week of dealing with crack head lehner

  7. The REAL hockey god

    He’ll be fired in about a year and a half.

  8. Your getting a great coach, so stop your bitching

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