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Cassidy Explains What He Wants To See Out Of Reunited Misfit Line

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Coming into the season one item of Bruce Cassidy’s agenda with the Golden Knights was to try out a lineup that separated William Karlsson, Reilly Smith, and Jonathan Marchessault.

He opened up the preseason with each of the three of them on three different lines before quickly putting Marchessault back with Karlsson to start the real games. Then, at the end of the sixth game of the year, needing a goal to tie the Avalanche, he went back to it, reuniting the Misfit Line.

The chemistry was instant and it carried over to each of the next two games against Toronto and San Jose.

They’re good hockey players and they’ve played together a lot. Last night they were good against Toronto and they just didn’t capitalize, maybe made one extra pass. They know where each other are all over the ice. I’ve told them that when you get spread out against a team that’s pressing up on you all over the ice it’s tougher to have success. So they started supporting each other better. -Cassidy

The Misfit Line was on the ice for a goal against in the 2nd period in San Jose which consisted of multiple defensive zone turnovers from the trio. It turned into a bad change and eventually a breakaway goal that gave the Sharks the lead.

But, in the 3rd, the Misfits got back to work, dominating in the offensive zone on the Shea Theodore goal and then grabbing the game-winner on some Karlsson on Karlsson crime.

They’ve been overpassing a little bit. I was hoping (Karlsson) wouldn’t look for a pass and would just let it rip cause he can score. -Cassidy

They’ll likely draw a heavy defensive zone start role and often be asked to play against the opposing team’s top line. But, if they can keep producing, Cassidy likes the makeup of the less balanced lineup.

We’ve got two lines if they’re going offensively that can be really really dangerous. And then you get Phil tonight and Amadio chipping in the other night on the 3rd line. For a coach, it’s shaping up well if we can sort of keep that production going. -Cassidy

The strengths of the lineup have definitely shown through in the first two games together. It’s going to be about covering up the weaknesses though if it’s going to last.


Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 4 – October 26, 2022




  1. Tim

    I love the way the lines are shaping up and Amadio and Howden as cheap pickups seems to be working out fine. We always criticize management but they’ve been on a good roll lately getting Cassidy was big being more open to us with his message is refreshing. Bottom line he’s just a good fit

  2. I think Cassidy was one of the better moves. Time will tell if he is the difference maker which l am sure we all hope that’s the case. It’s refreshing to hear his perspective of things and not just a bunch of excuses and double talk. He obviously has no problem shaking things up when it’s not going well. That is a huge improvement from PDB. Would like to see Cotter a little more as his enthusiasm appears to be contagious for the boys.

    • Pistol Pete

      We agree buddy, Management does look decent with the Cassidy move, and in retrospect some of your negativism towards PDB which I may have disagreed with at time had some basis to it. Still think PDB is a competent NHL coach, just like Cassidy’s style and methods better. Better fit for the VGK. Cross our fingers they stay reasonably healthy!

    • THE hockey GOD

      HD wouldn’t know ‘double talk’ unless he was Curly Howard swearing the oath in court of law before ‘judgey wudgey’ !

      Today’s lines at City Center spells no.15 , can’t spell his name, centering Carrier and Amadio, with no. 55 out sick. So it looks like no. 15 may draw in for the Ducks game unless no. 55 , Cold Sore, I mean Kolesar (sorry Ms. Hextall) gets well quick.

      The players are ones driving it this season, the coach is just sitting there messing up the line combos. The PP needs to be a lot sharper, players are “thinking” too much and good PP are instinctive; bing bang boom, into the net ! Wham Bam, and thank you ma’am. Time for cold one !


  3. Pistol Pete

    Now, if only the Eichel move will prove out.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you can say the same thing about stone, no. 23, hill, croissant, cotter, no. 7; going through life with ‘woulda , coulda, shoulda’ written all over your sweater is no way to live.

  4. JB

    The boys are fine. Like the current lines. Our key is goalie play, which has been great! Need to take care of business against a crap team today! Go get them boys!

  5. Tim

    When you use the players number instead of his name I’m lost. I watch the game not the number on there back. I will admit I do know Stone is #61 and that’s as far as it goes.Stats and numbers never impressed me I like the eye test when I watch a game. I watched Buffalo yesterday and especially watched Krebs and Tuch and although I wish they were still Knights I still think we made a good deal for Eichel. The line of Eichel, Stephenson, and Stone I think will pay dividends.

    • Blitz

      Its always tough to evaluate players against each other, too many variables. Tuch has 6 goals in 7 games. He is getting better every year and with more opportunity. The kicker is he only makes 4.75million. Is Eichel worth 10 million a year? Is he more than twice as valuable as Tuch or say Tuch AND some one like Danault (5.5mil) or other on your team? I guess we won’t know until it all plays out, but I have long thought more middle $ guys is better.

      I have been watching alot of Dallas and they just picked up Mason Marchment (4.5mil) this year and the dude is an absolute beast. So many good players at around $5 mill. Surely if you build a team around them and stay away from the high dollar top heavy guys you can build a winner. Just my take.

  6. Cassidy is good coach just can’t win in the play-offs. Time will surely tell.

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