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Cassidy Details Game Plan He’d Like To See On VGK Power Play

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Hello darkness, my old friend.

After an 0 for 7 night on the power play the Golden Knights have converted just one goal on 28 opportunities since Mark Stone got injured.

The units have been mixed up but the results simply haven’t come with. Vegas has slipped to 18th overall in power play percentage and they are in dead last at 8.8% since January 1st.

There’s a lot right now (on the power play that we need to work on). I don’t think the pace of our power play is where it needs to be, quite frankly. In the zone, we hold pucks too long. We’re at our best when we have quick movement, a play to the net, and then quick recovery. That’s just a mindset we have to have. We had it earlier this year and we’ve had it on the occasional power play and then it’ll disappear on the next one. -Cassidy

The Golden Knights spent this morning in the film room with a focus on what they’ve done right in the past.

We showed video this morning and showed pretty much all of our O-zone goals to try and define what we are in the O-zone. We’re trying to make seam passes against teams that are set in their coverage. We scored one in Montreal (all season), so we’re not that team, so let’s not keep being stubborn. In practice (we’re doing it) and it translates to the game, that’s not who we are. Let’s get back to who we are by getting it low to the goal line and attacking from there. -Cassidy

Cassidy spoke to the game plan he’d like to see the Golden Knights take on the power play moving forward. He said it starts with essentially a shot clock in the mind of the players that lasts around six to eight seconds. At that point, he wants a shot thrown at the net.

You are shooting to set up the next play. Hopefully you are getting a good look where the goalie can’t control his rebound and it’s an on-net situation and our guys are ready for it because we practice it. We know it’s going there so it doesn’t have to be a perfect shot, a wide-open net, or a precision shot, just one that generates a chance to recover a puck. -Cassidy

When the shot is taken, he wants to see the players near the goal converge to recover the inevitable rebound. At that point, when the defensemen are collapsed and facing toward their own goal, the Golden Knights should then have opportunities to make cross-ice passes before the penalty kill settles back into their shape.

When it doesn’t work that way, he gets frustrated.

Our stubbornness to try and slow it down and try to throw it through three sticks on a seam pass. The players are too good. That’s my disappointment with the team that we keep trying to do that when it’s not available. It’s not available in practice and it’s not available in the games. The guys that hang onto the puck just have to move it quicker and accept that and the guys that don’t have the puck have to move quicker to their spots to support it so we can move it quicker. It’s a group of five mentality. -Cassidy

Tonight, the Golden Knights take on the Tampa Bay Lightning and the 11th ranked penalty kill in the NHL. If Vegas stick to the new script, they should be able to break down even a good penalty kill, but if they don’t, the frustration will continue to grow.


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  1. Sorvino

    I have a plan that I know will work. Trade Bruce Cassidy, Nic Hague and a 2nd round pick for Pete DeBoer. I know this sounds unprecedented, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a coaches contract was traded to another team.

    Just before the 1987 draft, Quebec Nordiques coach Michel Bergeron was traded to the New York Rangers for a first-round draft pick and $75,000.

    Pete DeBoer has a nice power play in Dallas and I’m sure he will fix it in Vegas.

    • Hockey pupil

      Can’t fix when the players don’t want to fix. There is to much flashy type make highlight reel type players. Stone, Stevenson, and cotter and tough nose type of guys that will crash a net. Guys like eichel, smith, karlson, and most of the others are soft want to be shooters from out side. They look for cute passes and watching the game live against sharks there were 2 of first 3 power plays they had a total of 20 seconds in attacking zone because they couldn’t control the puck. If you watch the defense Alex p stand around alone most of the time because he’s out of position though he did clear a puck but the goalies have had to bail him out many times past year. The team has relied on stone for leadership but all these other former captains aren’t stepping forward and up. There is many issues and coach can only do so much

    • knights fan in minny

      are you drunk

      • Sorvino

        Knights fan in minny

        Not drunk, just angry at the inexcusable horrible teams that management has put out since 2017. I’m sick and tired of long playoff runs.

    • He never fixed it here when he was coach. Come out from under the ether it’s the players and there unwillingness to be involved charging the net.

      • TS

        Hdbiker, so right. Our guys resist that greasy zone, with a few exceptions, whether during the PP, or 5 on 5. Are they afraid of mixing it up, risking injury? Or just afraid of mixing it up, period? Carrier needs to train these guys..even Marchy is feisty at net, so size isn’t it. It’s attitude. 7 PP wasted is maddening!

  2. John Brown

    WHEN did DeBoer “discover” the power play with same loser special teams coach he had with VGK.

    Our present problem is EICHEL and KESSEL.

    They both skate around like they are practicing how to skate eating up time.

    The other team sets up in a box with the 5th skater in side the box.

    Those TWO are the problem and other players see it and “think” they should do it to.

    If those two can’t do it the Cassidy way, sit their asses on the bench.

    • Sorvino

      Thank you for your post John Brown. Please disregard everything I said in my post. I agree with you that it’s all Eichel and Kessel’s fault, especially Eichel.

      I also agree that Eichel should be on the bench.

      I hope they can trade Eichel and Kessel sooner rather than later.

      Do you think they could get Marc-André Fleury back from Minnesota? Eichel for MAF and Ryan Hartman could work.

      • knights fan in minny

        are you absurd the squad is in first and that’s all you do is bitch about it go outside and get some air

        • Sorvino

          That is correct. I want to bitch and whine. The front office, ownership, and the players have all been complete failures since 2017. I think this might be the worst franchise in the history of professional sports.

          • knights fan in minny

            so your saying they are supposed to be in the cup every year the rubber room is open

  3. Sorvino

    Pete DeBoer and Marc Andre Fluery are the only exceptions. They are gods.

  4. Sorvino

    You’re welcome Ken

  5. THE hockey GOD

    sorvino is being sarcastic again

    he’s funny

    mocking the whiner posters here (you listening Tim ? among others)

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