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Carp: Focus On The Big Picture

**Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Famer, Steve Carp’s returns to for the 2021 season. His weekly column publishes every Sunday during the Golden Knights season and is brought to you by the Jimmerson Law Firm.**

Give the NHL this — it is willing to think outside the box when it comes to staging these outdoor hockey events.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature, like the coronavirus, doesn’t give a damn about aesthetic beauty, the NHL, or NBC. The sun was determined to shine and thus destroyed what was going to be an uplifting occasion for hockey fans everywhere.

So the Golden Knights and Avalanche started, stopped, then started again well into Saturday night in an attempt to complete a game and hand out the two points that came with it to the winner, which was Colorado, 3-2. Let’s not forget that amid the fabulous scenery of Lake Tahoe, these are two teams that are battling for the top spot in the West Division and are among the favorites to win the Stanley Cup come July. The outcome mattered. Just like Monday’s outcome at Ball Arena in Denver will matter.

When the Knights show up in Colorado Monday night, they do so with their first taste of adversity this year as they are dealing with their first losing streak of the season. It’s only two games, but they don’t want it to manifest itself beyond that.

Points have been garnering my attention since this four-game series between the Knights and the Nordiques, er, Avalanche was announced. Everyone has had their eyes on this matchup and the fact that the Knights had won Tuesday and should’ve come away with a point Thursday tells you how closely matched these teams are and how likely they are on a collision course to meet in the playoffs.

These are games that are easy for players to get up for. It’s best vs. best in the division and when the sheet is fast, as was the case at the Fortress earlier in the week and will likely be quick in Denver on Monday, the quality of play goes up a few notches.

Right now, Colorado is the better team.

The Avalanche are faster, more balanced, and have their best player starting to play at his best. The Knights better figure out how to contain Nathan MacKinnon and quickly. No. 29 is dominating. He was involved in all of the Avs’ scoring Saturday with a goal and a pair of assists and he scored in the 3-2 win Tuesday in Vegas.

Fortunately, no one was hurt Saturday as the switch from day to night outdoor hockey turned out to be the right call. The ice was far superior and I thought it looked cool playing at night. And how about that sweet Spin-o-Rama goal scored by Alex Tuch in the 3rd period?

But health remains a concern going forward. The Avalanche pretty much have everyone back. The Knights are still without a key piece in goaltender Robin Lehner and a good penalty killer in Tomas Nosek. We’ll likely have to wait until late March when the Knights and Colorado meet again where they can contribute to Vegas’ cause. By then, maybe Vegas figures out a way to either play faster or slow the Avs down a little. Right now, they’re a step behind and that’s being kind to the Knights.

If you want to assign blame to the NHL for the way Saturday turned out, feel free. In the end, it worked out. But it’s also important to move on because the schedule is going to come fast and furious.

As I discussed a week ago, there aren’t going to be many opportunities for the Knights to have full-blown practices to work on things. But the points aren’t any less important following Monday. The games later this week at San Jose Thursday and Saturday at Anaheim matter. Again, this isn’t about worrying about securing a playoff spot more than it is putting yourself in the best possible position to make a run at the Cup.

The Knights are going to get to know the Minnesota Wild really well in the next few weeks too. They’re scheduled to face each other four times between March 1 and March 10. The Wild is the only team Vegas has yet to play in the division and while Minnesota has had its early struggles, the Wild are playing better of late and are only one point out of a playoff spot this morning. If you go by points percentage, Minnesota, at .571, is in ahead of Los Angeles (.531) and Arizona (.500).

And if you know your Knights history, you know beating the Wild has not been easy. Minnesota is 6-2 all-time vs. Vegas, with both of the Knights’ wins coming by one goal, one of which was in a shootout as Erik Haula (remember him?) delivered the game-winner against his former team.

But first things first. A win Monday in Denver gives the Knights a split of the first four games with the Avalanche. Given all that has gone on, I’m sure Peter DeBoer will gladly take that. He knows his team can compete with the Avalanche, especially when the ice isn’t mushy and slushy. Each of the three meetings so far have been decided by one goal.

He likely gets Nosek back in the coming days and congrats to Nosek on the birth of his son Saturday. Hopefully, Lehner is back playing soon. Fleury can use a couple days off this week. He has played well during this stretch and MacKinnon can make any goalie look bad.

All in all, these first 15 games have been what we expected. In building their 10-4-1 record, the second-place Knights are beating the bad teams, they’re hanging with the good teams and the losses have not been embarrassing — save for perhaps the 5-2 defeat to the Coyotes on Jan. 22 in Glendale.

Given all the weirdness going on, you shouldn’t be too disappointed.

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Where Has All The Offense Gone?


  1. THE hockey GOD

    Nice article, Bettman and NHL fail to delivery the goods once again.

    I don’t see return of the WALRUS as uplifting to team, they need something more. Then again a less fast and skilled DALLAS team beat the VGK last year. So anything can happen. Perhaps a change in strategy is in order.

    The VGK have not matched up well against the WILD, 2 and 6 in 8 games according to website I just checked. So something has to give there.

    In the 60s and 70s several strategies were employed that you don’t see now that often:
    1- shadowing the teams best player with one of your faster skilled defensive players. It was almost comical to watch. Everywhere that player went, the other player would be within two feet. This is somehow become “frowned upon” as unsportsmanlike play in modern day NHL. But NFL has a form of it, called double teaming. Even MLB has it’s own way of muting other team’s best player by intentionally walking the. I don’t know what NBA does, don’t watch it, not a real sport just a bunch of 7 foot gangsta’s jumping around, jiving, trash talking.
    2- dump the puck in, the game was mostly unwatchable. The first period comical at times. Holding your breath hoping no one would be hurt. NHL really needs to trash this outdoor crap. The old CAEASAR’s outdoor rink would have made for better entertainment. At least they could have shown thrown some women in mix. Showgirls on parade in background cheerleading would have been a nice change of pace. Yesterday was a sausage fest. But I digress. I SAY DUMP IT IN MORE. The center ice is clogged, and yet they keep trying to skate through the muck. And when they do get it in zone, they don’t crash the net.

    Just sayin’…..

  2. Julie

    Hey, HG! What do you think about also getting a stronger 1C (I think Daryl, sb and Sullivan also proposed this)? Seems like a good idea.

    I like the idea of pairing. We do that in programming – have a primary developer and a secondary who checks their work. I think you were suggesting for example put Petro on MacKinnon to follow around?

    Not sure MacKinnon made Fleury “look bad”, but I agree Fleury needs to rest. But no problem working him like a dog until “stellar Lehner” comes back. Now they would be idiots to let Fleury go. But if Lehner comes back, they will probably give him the credit and say Fleury is cheaper to trade as soon as Fleury shows signs of tiring.

    • THE hockey GOD

      HI Julie, normally they would put a defensive fast forward on the opposing team’s best player. Someone like no.. 20 , I would say 71 but it seems he has lost a step or two.

      A center that can win face offs in defensive zone would be a welcome addition. I don’t know who would fit the bill that is available.

    • Emilio

      Petro paired against any decent forward is a mistake. Petro has proven that now multiple times. Maybe someone can chime in and break down potential reasons why that has happened. Right now petro is looking a bit tepid.

      • Julie

        I don’t disagree. It’s funny because I think Petro – gas – and he doesn’t seem to have much yet.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Go get em tomorrow “boys”. Seems some feel you are just boys against men, not in the same league as the mighty Avs. Well, while you win that game Monday, try and not let them big bad men hurt you! ha ha

  4. sb

    Every game proves more and more that VGK need a high caliber, playmaking, face off winning No. 1 center to set up Stone and Pac. The PP continues to fail because it doesn’t have a playmaking quarterback center to handle the puck and make high percentage passes to the open winger. Stone and Pac should not be forced to handle the puck. They are shooters, scorers, not puckhandlers. Ovie doesn’t handle the puck. Brett Hull didn’t handle the puck. They are always set up to shoot. D-Men are NOT quarterbacks. They are to deliver bombs to the net. Without that No. 1 center, the Team will remain anemic. Nothing against Stephenson. But he belongs on the 3rd line with Tuch and Glass. He isn’t a center. He’s a winger. Move out the three on the Zero Production Line, save $4.4 mil and rebuild that line w/Roy, Brown and Kolesar (Reaves Jr.). VGK are only ONE player away.

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