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Carp: An Appreciation Of Greatness

**Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Famer, Steve Carp’s returns to for the 2021 season. His weekly column publishes every Sunday during the Golden Knights season and is brought to you by the Jimmerson Law Firm.**

It has been an interesting week to say the least for the Golden Knights — both on and off the ice.

There was the celebration of a rival’s personal accomplishment. There was the clinching of a fourth consecutive playoff spot. There was an underwhelming response by the NHL and none from the team in the wake of the conviction of the police officer who murdered an unarmed African-American. And at the top of the list, a lengthy impromptu vent by a player to the league’s protocols as it pertains to COVID-19 that wound up going national.

Oh, and the team won a franchise-record ninth straight game Saturday.

But lost in all of that is the franchise’s most popular player inched closer to another milestone. And unless something crazy happens, we will see the spotlight once again shine upon Marc-Andre Fleury as he looks to continue his climb up the NHL’s all-time goaltender wins ladder.

Fleury currently has 487 wins and sits in fourth place on the career victories list. Roberto Luongo, who has 489 Ws and is No. 3, is in his sights. Fleury is scheduled to play Wednesday against Colorado, in what is a huge game for obvious reasons, and again Saturday at Arizona. He can tie Luongo with a pair of wins. That would leave only Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur ahead of Fleury — the two goalies he idolized as a kid growing up in Sorel, Quebec. Brodeur has 691 wins. It’s unlikely Fleury, or anyone else for that matter, catches him.

Roy? He has 551 victories. That number is within reach for Fleury if he can continue to play for a couple more years and have success.

The Knights have nine games left in this truncated 56-game season. Fleury will likely start in four of them, perhaps more if Peter DeBoer decides to use him in additional games. If he wins three of the four, he’ll have 490 going into next season, the final year of his VGK contract. He’ll be 37 on Nov. 28. But with Fleury, age is truly just a number. He is having one of the best seasons of his career this year and barring an unforeseen drop-off in performance, he can work his way to closing the gap between himself and Roy in half.

What would make the chase problematic for Fleury would be if the Knights chose not to resign him after 2022 and he went to a team which didn’t perform as well. He’d be 38 by then and who knows where his skill set will be at that point.

Right now, he’s in a good place physically, mentally, and spiritually. The joy has returned and when Fleury is having fun, he is tough to beat.

So we’re going to have to see what develops in the coming months. But this much we know: He’s had a remarkable career to date. He’s a sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Fame selection. He owns three Stanley Cup rings and maybe he gets a fourth this year. He has been the face of the Golden Knights franchise from the day the team took him in the NHL expansion draft in June 2017. I will always remember the roar inside the Fortress when it was announced the team selected him and that love for Fleury has never abated.

I also believe that when and if they start putting up statues in Toshiba Plaza, Fleury’s will be the first. Without him, there’s no way the Knights accomplish what they have so far.

It’s easy to point to the numbers —112 wins; 2.44 goals-against average; .917 save percentage; 22 shutouts — in his four years in Vegas. But he’s so much more than stats. He is the soul of the franchise. The entire locker room loves him and he is adored by the fans. When he lost his father 15 months ago, we grieved with him. He handled his playoff benching last summer with grace, even if his agent didn’t. And best of all, we saluted his competitiveness in his quest to return to greatness this year, where he helped keep the team in or near first place in the West Division while Robin Lehner was convalescing following a concussion. Fleury was determined to show his coach and management that he was far from being through, and at $7 million, his salary was not a liability to the franchise.

He is to be applauded for all of that.

So what will happen next month when the playoffs begin and the pressure gets ratcheted up considerably? Will Fleury be the man? Will DeBoer opt for Lehner as his starter? Will the $12 million experiment continue into the postseason? Only PDB knows and I’m not sure his mind is entirely made up at this point. But there’s no doubt Fleury has made the decision tough on his coach and that’s a good thing for the Golden Knights.

Lehner’s brave rant

Some of you asked me my thoughts about Lehner’s appearance on the team’s Zoom media call Wednesday and his 11-minute rant about the NHL’s refusal to adjust the COVID-19 protocols.

I totally respect Lehner for what he did. I wish he didn’t walk back the “prison” comment, but I believe in his mind, being trapped in this cycle of home-to-rink-to-home must have felt like jail along with the rigid rules as it pertains to the road.

Let’s not forget that Lehner deals with a lot of mental health issues and he’s been totally candid about his situation. To him, not being able to be around his teammates is a big deal. He sees how other leagues, the NBA in particular, have relaxed their protocols once teams have been fully vaccinated, and wonders what’s taking the NHL so long to follow suit?

Yes, the Canadian teams are lagging behind in getting jabbed with vaccines, but Lehner believes he and his teammates were sold a false bill of goods, either by the NHL, the NHL Players Association, or Golden Knights management that if he and his teammates accepted taking the shot, restrictions would be relaxed.

Yet the NHL quickly refuted that notion. But why would he lie about it? Why would he volunteer to come on a media call if he didn’t believe it and bare his soul for 11 minutes?

I don’t believe Lehner lied. I think he truly thought the restrictions were going to be eased once the majority of the team was vaccinated. And I respect the fact he had the guts to stand up and say something, even when not one of his teammates backed him up and said, “Yeah, Robin’s right. We were told the restrictions would be eased once we got vaccinated.” The best we got was from Mark Stone as the Captain said, “We all have Robin’s back.”

Think about this: A year ago at this time, we were all in lockdown ourselves. No hockey games. No casinos. Nothing. Businesses were closed. We worked from home and were only allowed to venture outside for essentials like food and medicine. Remember how you felt?

Now, as the state prepares to relax restrictions even more beginning this coming Saturday, think how Lehner and his teammates feel — continuing to get tested daily, even though they are vaccinated. They can’t go outside and do the things we can do. Maybe we can understand how they feel. They’re human beings too. Maybe well-paid, but human beings nonetheless. Let’s not forget that.

Glass’ development

I went to watch the Silver Knights Thursday and see what’s up with Cody Glass.

The 22-year-old is trying to find his game and get his confidence back. He scored the lone HSK goal in a 4-1 loss to Bakersfield and used his good hockey sense in doing so, going to the net and being in the right place at the right time.

Overall, Glass looks like he’s fitting in. In seven games, he has five points (2G, 3A). However, he is not a dominating presence when he’s on the ice. It’s not like he’s striking fear into his opponents when he gets the puck on his stick. He looks like a very good AHL player at this point.

Whether that’s enough to get him back with the Golden Knights, I’m not entirely sure. They may have no choice but to recall him in the wake of injuries to Tomas Nosek and Nicolas Roy Saturday vs. the Ducks. If either or both can’t go Wednesday vs. Colorado, perhaps Glass is back. Remember, Patrick Brown is not an option right now and Peyton Krebs’ season ends Tuesday. To get him back across the Canadian border and in the lineup Wednesday if the Knights really wanted to go that way isn’t feasible.

I believe once the Silver Knights are done in the Calder Cup Playoffs, we’ll see Glass back in Vegas as a Black Ace, on-call in the event the Golden Knights need to replace an injured or slumping player.

Perhaps by then, Glass’ overall game will have perked up to where PDB would be comfortable putting him in the lineup. But for now, he’s right where he needs to be — in Henderson.

**Steve Carp is the author of “Vegas Born — The remarkable story of the Golden Knights.” Follow him on Twitter @stevecarp56. All of Steve Carp’s work here on is presented to you by the Jimmerson Law Firm. For over twenty-five years, the Jimmerson Law Firm has been widely recognized as one of Las Vegas’s preeminent full-service law firms. Specializing in high stakes business, civil and family litigation, the Jimmerson Law Firm has an unparalleled track record of winning when it matters most. To reach the Jimmerson Law Firm, call (702) 388-7171 and tell them sent you.**



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  1. Tim

    Steve nice tribute to Fleury he’s definitely the face of the franchise. We’ve been so lucky or should I say spoiled to have such a great player and class act as part of this great adventure.

  2. Steve – awesome article!! I hope everyone sincerely appreciates what we have in Fleury. The hockey God’s gave us a gift when we got him. I grew up in the Detroit area watching, Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, Sergie Federov and a host of other talented hockey players and MAF ranks up there with the best. He combines skill with a personality that in my opinion is unmatched. Whether he is smiling through his mask or on camera after a game, he warms your heart. I will cherish every game I watch him play, win or lose, because I know some day I will terribly miss him.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “The hockey God’s gave us a gift when we got him. I grew up in the Detroit area watching, Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, Sergie Federov and a host of other talented hockey players and MAF ranks up there with the best.”

      you are very much welcome !

      The Russian Five were great !
      The production line (two of them) were great !

      • Daryl

        Bow I hated those Red Wings!!!

      • Pete Lamont

        Actually, there were considered to be three versions of the Production Line in Detroit.

        1) Ted Lindsay, Sid Abel & Gordie Howe

        1952 – Abel traded to Chicago

        2) Lindsay, Alex Delvecchio & Howe

        1965 – Ted Lindsay retires

        3) Frank Mahoclich, Delvecchio & Howe


      Agree 1000000 % we the fans should enjoy every minute we have him

  3. Julie

    Fleury already said it’s coming to an end for him, worrying about being resigned in 2022 doesn’t seem likely. PDB will try to find a way to put screws to Fleury. Fleury took care of this team for many games while the team struggled and Lehner was out due to an upper body injury – wait scratch that – a concussion that only became known 6 weeks after his absence with a lecture about mental illness stigma and assumptions. Which, by the way, would have been totally avoided if true by simply telling people what he was out for in the beginning.

    As for the nonsense about the NHL’s “underwhelming response” to Derek Chauvin. Good. If the NHL wants to go broke speaking out for criminals, it will fall like the NBA, NFL and MLB. The video showed Chauvin on Floyd’s shoulder, and it was clear Floyd was on fentanyl and experiencing heart problem as a result. With politicians interfering, there will most likely be an appeal. This stuff should stay out of hockey.
    Period. As for Lehner, the NHL has a right to defend itself and unless someone corroborates Lehner’s claim, it is an issue between Lehner and the NHL. No one has validated Lehner’s claim yet.

    • THE hockey GOD

      wow J !

      I agree with everything you said, ignore the crazies that say otherwise.

    • Neal

      What gives you the idea that somehow Deboer is out to get Fleury or as you put it “put the screws to him”. I didn’t literally count but Deboer only said Fleury was the best player on the team during that run at least 5 times publicly. Lehner may not have been allowed to disclose his injury per team policy so pointing fingers at him for that is just uninformed baseless accusations. People really have to get over this idea that this organization is somehow doing Fleury wrong. It’s pro sports. They went out and got a goaltender for the future. Then they kept Fleury at the deadline when in reality the best move the team could’ve made would have been to trade him to free up cap space and bring in a scoring threat. That in itself is a huge example of this team’s loyalty to Fleury. You’re just way off base in your misplaced anger towards the organization, Deboer, and Lehner as you’re just blinded by you’re love for a very lovable player. Get used to this because your favorite players on this team could be gone at the blink of an eye.

      • Daryl

        VGK did everything possible to get rid of MAF… It was only stupid luck they held on to him. I’m not saying PDB is out to get him but to say their loyalty shows when they kept him is inaccurate

        • Neal

          BS, you are telling me at this deadline they couldn’t have moved him? That’s a big stretch there.

          • Daryl

            No they could not have…. As I stated above, VGK received one offer, not a very good one, from the Lens who withdrew their offer

      • Julie

        Wow, such hostility. Wrong about trading Fleury. Check what Foley said. It’s well-noted management tried to get rid of Fleury when they thought he had nothing left. Foley foiled that plan. Not as easily triggered as you seem to be, but to each her own. I am just observant and I pay attention to human behavior and facts. Lehner is a fine goalie. He wasn’t advised well in both situations. Concussions are disclosed all the time. Carey Price is the latest to be reported on concussion protocol, as an example. We all love Fleury, or haven’t you been paying attention?
        Have a great day!

        • Neal

          I’m not hostile in the slightest. I’m not the one saying our coach who as been nothing but fantastic is somehow mistreating Fleury. What behavior and facts were you paying attention to when you say Deboer is “putting the screws” to Fleury? I’m really curious about that with you’re all high and mighty response and comment about hostility. Please cite ONE example of Deboer mistreating Fleury in any way at all.

          I am Not wrong about trading. I was commenting about the deadline when it was very well known that the Penguins offered up quite a bit for Fleury and the VGK organization would not trade him. The organization includes Foley btw. That is very loyal in a situation where the team really needed to benefit from that cap space.

          You’re wrong, concussions are not disclosed at the time of injury as it’s very well known and discussed that this team’s policy is to never disclose the exact nature of injuries. I’m betting this only reason this came out was because of all the speculation that the absence of Lehner may have been mental health related, including unfounded speculation/insinuation from this website. Every team has different injury reporting policies. So if you’re picking on someone pick on the team, not Lehner. If you’re picking on the team, then fine it’s true they could’ve stopped all the speculation. But, I personally agree with the decision not to disclose injuries as in life the general rule is “less is more” when dealing with competition.

          “Lehner is a fine goalie” he is 12-1-2 with a .922 save percentage. What more do you want from a goaltender? Would you say Carey Price is a “fine” goaltender? Look at his stats. Would you say Vasilevskiy is a “fine” goaltender? Look at his stats.

          I get it I love Fleury too. I have two signed jerseys from him from Pittsburgh and VGK. The guy is at the end of his career. The team has done nothing wrong in the handling of him. Nothing at all. They’ve handled him as a pro athlete at the end of his career. He will not sign another contract, the team is stacked with long term contracts for high dollars they needed to make this move. They did the best thing for the future of the team. Players are put in situations constantly that everyday morality would say is wrong. This is that kind of situation. When you sign to play pro sports this is one of the downfalls of that profession.

          • Daryl

            What exactly do you think the Pens offered? It wasn’t that great of an offer and not only that, they pulled their offer shortly after offering it. Jarry had an injury and was t playing well which put the Pens on the table for a goalie but when Jarry got healthy he had a great stretch and pulled their offer. The Pens are the ONLY team to give an offer. If it was a better off, MAF would be gone.

            As for Lehner, yes he is a very good goalie but he has faced ONE team this season with a winning record, a game in who he picked up a loss.

            MAF will be a starting goalie for a couple more years to come if he chooses. As far as PDB and how he handled the situation, he did a piss poor job of it last year in the playoffs. He chose Lehner as his starter with no basis behind it. It’s his team and he can do as he likes but don’t say he is going to rotate goalies knowing full well he was choosing Lehner. And then when Lehner didn’t play his best he left him in there. PDB also said he was going to play the goalie that gives him the best chance to win then started Lehner against a team that MAF had a huge win advantage over

          • Neal

            It really doesn’t matter who offered what for Fleury, the point is if the Knights wanted to move him they could’ve moved him VERY EASILY at the deadline. Do you know for a fact the Pens are the only team that made an offer? You really don’t think if VGK shopped Fleury at the deadline they could’ve moved him?

            So now you’re picking apart the teams Lehner has faced this season as a measuring stick for his performance? That’s how you’re judging his ability? Really? If you really want to go fown that road…. The only games he’s lost this season are against Arizona, St Louis (shootout) , and Minnesota (shootout). Fleury meanwhile has lost 3 times to Colorado and 3 times to Minnesota. Your point is really pointless, it’s just an ignorant statement from top to bottom. And really it was just a waste of time to even acknowledge it.

            MAF may very well be the starter for someone but I guarantee you this after next season it won’t be here. He’s at the end of his career and he even admits it. The team needed a goaltender for the future. The team has done nothing wrong here.

            Please explain how choosing Lehner in the playoffs last season was a bad decision? Goaltending was the very last reason we got beat out. BTW choosing a goaltender based on past performances against that team is ignorance in it’s highest form. I presume you’re talking about the Vancouver series, a series we won and Lehner’s Save percentage was .934, he had 3 shutouts, what else could you ask for?

            This idea that somehow Deboer has it in for Fleury is so misplaced it’s really just laughable. There’s no evidence to back that up AT ALL. He played who he thought gave the team the best chance to win last playoffs and guess what he was right. We lost because we couldn’t score and that’s reality. He has played them every other game this entire season when they have both been active. Both goaltenders have been fantastic this season. It’s just such a crazy notion. Why would Deboer even have something against Fleury? You got to give this a rest it’s just baseless.

          • Daryl

            Yes, I know for a fact that the Pens are the ONLY team to give an offer on MAF. And you are dead wrong if you think it was that easy to get rid of him at the trade deadline. They had the same problem then that they did when they brought in Lehner. NOBODY wants to take on his salary, at least nobody that would need him. Do you pay attention to the salary cap? Did you even pay attention to any of the trade talks from NHL Network or any other network? Most teams just cannot go out and pay that much for certain players.

            Sorry if you don’t think the quality of competition matters when trying to compare two players. We see that Lehner won’t be facing COL again this coming Wednesday… must be nice to only face bottom dwellers every game.

            As for the upcoming season, MAF still has another year under contract and as of right now, Lehner hasn’t out played him so who knows what will happen next year. If VGK is smart, they will try to trade MAF before next season but they will still have the same problem with getting rid of his contract. They might have a better chance of trading him at the deadline since it would only be for one year. As for Lehner, I have no issue with VGK going out and getting him. I get they are trying to secure their future, but I don’t know of Lehner will be better than MAF for the next couple years. But even still, I don’t blame VGK for what they were trying to do. They just royally screwed up by not having a buyer for MAF before they picked up Lehner.

            As for last season, I didn’t say it was a bad decision. I simply said that PDB stated he would rotate and then went with straight Lehner even though Lehner didn’t beat out MAF. As for my statement regarding previous meetings, I once again question your hockey knowledge, or even sports knowledge, as coaches often will pick players who have a better past record against a team. Several teams in the past have chosen one goalie over another based on past performances, the Pens being one of them. Same with pitchers in baseball. ALSO, I didn’t say it didn’t work out choosing Lehner over MAF, just the fact that the coaches comments contradicted what he actually did.

            Again, I never said PDB was out to get MAF. Yes last year’s playoffs, VGK had trouble scoring but at the same time, Lehner let in several soft goals. You could even see the team sort get let down after a couple of those easy goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming Lehner for the losses, but yes he was partly responsible. As I said, several “experts” predicted PDB would put in MAF after a couple of those games which he did not do.

            As for this season, Lehner was healthy against COL and PDB chose to start MAF. Several of us asked Ken and other reporters why, if there was a reason, and none could come up with one. That happened one other time as well. So yes, PDB has been rotating goalies for the most part, he did decide to put MAF against the tougher teams twice for some reason. If PDB does decide to rotate goalies the rest of the season, it looks like Lehner will get to skip the next two games against COL. It would be nice to see him play against a good team though.

      • Neal – how in hell can you post with any sense what so ever that the organization wasn’t doing him wrong when they did all they could shopping him all over the place to trade him after giving him the three year extension. They have no idea what the definition of loyalty is but Fleury certain does – to his team. The way things went when PDB came on board made it every clear to anyone watching that he was not in Fleury’s corner and did his best to embarrass the guy. Fleury experienced a tuff time with the death of his father (which if you haven’t experience such a loss your lucky) and haven’t walked in those shoes. He has shown more class regarding this situation than mgt can even imagine. He gets his money regardless and could have told mgt to go pound salt in one way or another. Fortunately for them he cares more about the team so they benefited. Yes we all know that sports is a big business and people come and go that’s not what this entire situation was all about. They pissed away 8.8 mill a year cap $$$$s on the “wonder ” and are stuck with that for 6 more years His prime is far back in the rear view mirror and the ROI certainly isn’t forth coming.

        • Neal

          Do you realize that players get traded the same season they sign extensions all the time? Get used to it this is pro sports it comes with the job. They did nothing out of the norm. He’s a player at the end of his career get used to the notion that this very well be the last season you see him here.

          Explain to me one thing Deboer did to show he was “in Fleury’s corner”. He played who he felt was the better goaltender. What credentials do you have to say he wasn’t? We’re you at every practice? We’re you in the bubble? Did Lehner fail the team in the playoffs? This isn’t t-ball. This is the NHL.

          So Pietrangelo’s prime is in the rear view mirror at 31 years old? That’s laughable? Have you watched him play lately. You’ll be eating those words very soon.

          • Probably not – eating those words. Reread your response PDB wasn’t in Fleury’s corner you indicated he was and that’s inaccurate like alot of your post. I could care less you have two signed Fleury jerseys that certainly doesn’t suggest or make you an expert in anything regarding hockey. You talk about cap $$$$$ then elude to the idea 8.8 mill won’t come home to bit the knights when he is 37+ your suggesting Fleury is washed up at 36. That’s funny

          • Neal

            How can you continue to say DeBoer was not in Fleury’s corner? First off I challenge you to back up your claim that he somehow has something against Fleury. Besides starting Lehner in lieu of Fleury in the playoffs, name ONE situation/comment/action in which Deboer showed some type of disdain or lack of respect for Fleury….ONE. It’s just something fans have made up in their heads because he started Lehner in the playoffs last season and maybe because the team acquired Lehner (something Deboer had no control over). Lehner was fantastic in the playoffs last season so saying that was not the right move is just sadly misplaced.

            What else did I say that was inaccurate? Since so much was inaccurate?

            Let’s get to your comment that says somehow I am saying I’m an “expert” in hockey. Just how does saying I have Fleury jerseys indicate my hockey knowledge or lack thereof? In fact, the only one in this conversation who has a misplaced idea of their hockey knowledge is YOU. You’re the one questioning an expert staff of a professional hockey organization filled with professionals who have spent their entire lives dedicated to the sport. Now who’s the one with misplaced ideas about their hockey knowledge?

            As far as the $8.8 million salary, first off it’s really not all the much for a Norris caliber defenseman. Take a look at the salaries of Doughty, Suter, Ekblad, Burns, Subban, Trouba, or Karlsson. As a matter of fact Nate Schmidt made $8.8 million in 19-20. Secondly, if they didn’t pay that he wouldn’t be here and even worse he could be on a rival team like say Colorado or Minnesota. The you can listen to the fans bitch because Vegas management doesn’t go and get the high end free agents. Here’s an idea, enjoy the fact you cheer for a team that aggressively goes after the top free agents because I can tell you from experience, it sucks bad watching other teams get the great free agents while your team loses year after year after year.

            There’s so much idiocy in your comment I could go on for 10 more paragraphs picking it apart. I’ll just leave it at this, keep on thinking you know more about the team than the actual management of the team, that will always end any idea of your actual hockey IQ.

          • Daryl

            I’ll give you a couple examples…. PDB said he played Lehner instead of MAF because he felt Lehner gave the team a better chance to win even though MAF record against that team (an no I cannot think of the team off hand) was a lot better than Lehners. In fact, MAF may not of even had a loss against that team. Secondly, PDB stated he was going to rotate goalies then went straight Lehner. Lehner didn’t beat out MAF to start over him in the playoffs. And while Lehner had a decent run in the playoffs, he had a couple games where he did not look very good and most “experts” thought PDB was going to start MAF a couple times and it didn’t happen. Lehner let several soft goals past him.

            And if you think the HC doesn’t have a say in who the team goes after in free agency (or draft) you really are clueless. Obviously he doesn’t have final say but if you don’t think his opinion matters then I really question your knowledge.

            As for the expert opinions of the staff, you act as if they were never wrong about a player. How many players were drafted high (in any sport) and turned out to not be very good? It happens all the time so don’t act like these professionals can’t be wrong. And you don’t have to be an “expert” to look at someone and see how good they are.

            Now, the Petra deal. Giving Petra a 1 year $8.8m deal would not be horrible, even though he hasn’t played up to that potential. BUT, to give him $8.8 until he is almost 40 with a NTC was absolutely stupid!!! Petra had a lot of help defensively with his last pairing and he isn’t look as good now that he doesn’t have a player who sits back and cleans up his messes like he did before. Yes he is still a very good player and again I could see the pay for a 1 year deal to help “buy” the Cup, but his contract was stupid!!! Oh, and yes, I have watched him play recently. What exactly has he done that’s made him look so good? He had 2 assists in the last game against the worst team in the division. He has 6pts in his last 13 games, all against teams that are below .500. He has more GA than TA.

            And after all that nonsense you typed, I noticed you didn’t even comment on the fact that several of us have said that VGK did all they could to get rid of MAF, a fact that you have disputed a couple times on here.

          • Neal


            Wait, you realize historic wins against a certain teams is not a good way to set you’re roster. It’s Vancouver you’re speaking of and and the past wins against Vancouver that Fluery was so good against are nowhere near the same team we played last time. You can never pick a starting goaltender based on past season wins, ot historic records. It’s just a stupid notion from top to bottom. That’s like saying next season we’ll beat Anaheim every time we play them because we did this season. It’s as stupid as superstitions. And like I said in my previous post Lehner was fantastic against Vancouver he had 3 shutouts. We won the series. How can you say the Fleury gave them a better chance to win. It’s ridiculous.

            Granted, teams make mistakes, so you think your eyeball is a better judge of Pietrangelo than the scouts, experts, coaches, etc. that all say he is a Norris caliber defenseman. You’re right and ALL the EXPERTS are wrong? Time will tell on his contract. I’ll tell you this if we win the cup this season NONE of it matters at all, right? This team went for it, they spent every last dime and got every one of the best free agents available. That is not something to bitch about it’s something to be excited about. BTW, If you can’t see how good Pietrangelo has been the last 5 games you don’t know how to watch the game. He is driving the offense every time he’s on the ice. He really hasn’t been all that bad this season, you’re brainwashed by SinBin. Has he been Norris quality…no.

            You know, picking apart who we have faced this season and players performance against those teams is just a ignorant road to go down. I am not even going to try and explain to you why, it just is and if you don’t know why I’m sorry.

            I never said the team didn’t try to trade Fleury in the offseason. THEY TRIED TO TRADE FLUEY IN THE OFFSEASON. There you go….happy? What is so wrong with that? The sooner you figure out there’s no loyalty in pro sports the better off you’ll be. They did not do anything wrong with Fleury they did what they thought was right for the TEAM.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        100% agree Neal!

  4. sb

    It’s his column and he can write anything he likes. For me, I’ve read this guy for the last time. The NHL is about hockey, not politics. The NHL has nothing to do with what goes on in the legal system of the United State and has no obligation to comment one way or another. The legal system worked and convicted a murderer. I am fed up with having the enjoyment of sports ruined by people like this writer who believes a League MUST agree with his personal decision. Most sports fans want politics and writers and athletes personal opinion to be out of sports. Two different arenas. Carp can carp all he wants. No more clicks from me. Adios.

    • Howard

      I agree with you and Julie. It must be character flaws in people why they feel the need to VIRTUE SIGNAL everything.

      This is sports, not politics. People have the right to their opinions, but sports should stick to sports. If I want politics. I’ll put on FoxNews or CNN and listen to their partisan hackery – don’t want to see it in a sports column!

    • Daryl

      Agree with you, Julie and Howard completely. I want hockey not politics. We don’t care what side writers political thoughts go. Talk about hockey!!!!

      • Kathy

        You are so right. Why should sports be the moral arbiter for the fans. Keep politics out of sports. Just talk hockey.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “The legal system worked and convicted a murderer.” a “system” in which juror admitted that they convicted because they were afraid of more riots and one in which a political figure threatened more riots AFTER a judge warned them to sTfu.

      That is not justice, that is mob rule. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is mistrial.

      KEEP POLITICS out of NHL, we go to games to watch them play, not for their stupid political opinions.

    • Stephanie

      You all are kind of freaking if you ask me .he wrote 2 lines about the nhl not saying anything .the rest of the article was strictly sports .and I dont recall him giving his opinion on the latter.maybe try to focus on the SPORTS part ? ITS VERY EASY JUST TRY IT .because obviously everyone has their own opinions on life in general

      • Daryl

        The article says about MAF so what exactly was the purpose of even mentioning the other? It was nothing more than thrusting his political opinion into a sport article. They’re was absolutely no need for it, NONE!!!

  5. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Viva Flurey! One of the best ever!

    Along with Panda we have the best goalie tandem in the league!

    And of course, Lehner told about his concussion the day he came back to start playing again.

  6. Vic

    Steve, I’m done with your articles after you believe the VGK should have responded to a recent jury verdict. Perhaps the team should comment about the number of white criminals versus black criminals killed by police and provide the surprising data? The team can also give us some data on black on black crime? Maybe they should announce the names of every person killed by an illegal alien in the past 20 years? How about we hear what percentage of police officers perform their job in an exemplary manner? Perhaps the team can postpone the homosexual celebration game, and instead we can all stand up and cheer a jury verdict? Maybe the team can announce T Mobile can be looted if the next verdict doesn’t go the way the mobs want it (Mad Max Waters the guest PA announcer)? It’s tiring to try to enjoy hockey. The other sports are dead to me.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^^^ what he said ^^^ x 100,000

    • vegas fan in minny

      right on vic

    • Julie

      I applaud you! Fantastic!

    • Howard

      3rd me on this one Vic. I’m sick of politics, especially leftist ‘touchy-feelie’ virtue signaling being pushed on everyone in everything. When I was a kid, I knew nothing of politics (70’s and 80’s). Now, young children are involved with some kids apparently in 2016 being afraid of Trump, being told “He’s the Boogeyman.” Let kids be kids and let sports be sports.

      So sick of beta-type virtue signaling in everything these days.

    • Blitz

      Excellent post Vic!

    • Stephanie

      Wtheck settle down man

    • SummerlinAndyB

      What does Fleury greatness have to do with “racial equity”, as the “Journ-O-list” was virtue signaling?
      Very heinous of him.
      Straight from the playbook, “Lessons From LeBron”.
      Shut up and stick to hockey, Mr. Carp, else go join the MSM in their psycho-babble bubble.

  7. Tim

    Besides the Knights the most important games going are New Jersey and Buffalo. We want that #1 pick in the second round so New Jersey needs to lose and Buffalo needs to win. Unfortunately Buffalo is once again getting there ass kicked.

  8. Stephanie

    Excellent Article Steve !! I feel exactly the same about every single thing you wrote ! Perfection ! And I thought next yr Fleurys salary goes down to 6 mil? Anyways .I am hoping that hes a knight still when he breaks Roy’s record .Vgk would be proud I would think ?

  9. Neal: AGREE. Julie: DISAGREE. Done!

    • Daryl

      You agreed with someone who posted a completely inaccurate statement? Lol

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Applaud you Stephanie & Rhonda !

    Back to hockey:

    Can the Blues pull another one out of the hat tonight?

    Doubtful ….. BUT:

    You never know. Go Blues,

  11. Pamela Perry

    Please keep your political views to a forum that it is meant for, not Hockey. As for MAF, he is the best and always will be. No coach or other goaltender can take that away from him. MAF is the face of the VGN’s and I do believe they are aware of this. Face it, look at where he has gotten them to so far. I hope he ends this just as gracefully as he started it. I truly hope this is not the end. Even if he chooses to leave VGKS, I hope whereever he goes or what he decides his next step will be just as successful as he is now.

    But, if you want to address mental illness. Please do not use that as a crutch, and it does seem like RL is doing just that. There are a lot of people that deal with mental illness. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or a family member. I know because it is in my own family. And as for the Corona Virus, it hurt everyone, not singling out the people with mental illnesses. We were all under the same restrictions. The same guidelines applied to us all and it didn’t matter if you had money or not. If you want to sympathize with anyone, sympathize with those who suffered most. The people that lost their jobs or businesses. Or those who lost their life or someone you lost that you loved. loved. Those are the ones who deserve our sympathy. All of us suffered for this.

  12. Neal – Is it your objective to impress everyone who bothers to read your bull shit with long posts when a couple of sentences would work. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it just indicates how little you actually know.

  13. The decision by PDB last year to go with RL over MAF was his way of differentiating himself from the pro player coach mgmt had just fired in Gerard Gallant… And suck up to those who just hired him.

    The result was a team that struggled to find any energy on the ice throughout last years playoffs because of their NEW coaches treatment of their leader MAF… MAF was kicked in the nuts by PDB, and the whole team felt it!

    This is an organization based on big ego’s at the top. PDB will get on his knees to them, whereas Gallant would not.

    Unfortunately it took the players last seasons playoffs to absorb the reality of what “family” really means in VGK terms.

    Loyalty runs one way in this organization… Season ticket holders and players have now found that out… Probably even the peasant employees too… It’s all about stroking King Foley’s ego and pocketbook.

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