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Cap Relief Possibly Coming Sooner Than Expected

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One of the unfortunate realities of the NHL landscape we currently live in is that the salary cap plays an important role in every hockey decision made by every team. That ramps up significantly when a team is try to contend, as the Golden Knights have been for the past five seasons and into their sixth.

Due to the pandemic, the salary cap has stayed stagnant for a few years now and is expected to do so for the next few to come. So, when a team pushes up close to the cap, it turns into a Newton’s Law type situation for them. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The Golden Knights want to add Alex Pietrangelo, they need to subtract Nate Schmidt and Paul Stastny.  They want to add Jack Eichel, Max Pacioretty and Evgenii Dadonov must go. Truthfully, it’s not that simple, but until the cap rises dramatically from one year to the next, it’s an easy way to view things that isn’t all that far off from reality.

Luckily, the dramatic rise in the salary cap may be coming a bit sooner than previously expected when the league came back from the pandemic in late 2020.

I’ve seen some preliminary estimates recently which would make me more optimistic on the cap going up sooner whether that’s in two seasons or three seasons, I think it’s more likely than not two seasons rather than three. –Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner on 32 Thoughts Podcast

This is huge news for the Golden Knights because when the cap does inevitably go up, it’s expected to push into the ninth digit. Yeah, Bill Daly, the NHL’s 2nd in command, is optimistic the $82.5 million salary cap will rise to close to or even exceed $100 million by mid-2024.

The Golden Knights have 13 players under contract for the 2024-25 season. They make a total of $68 million. These players are the big three, Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, and Alex Pietrangelo, as well as William Karlsson, Reilly Smith, Nic Roy, Keegan Kolesar, Shea Theodore, Brayden McNabb, Zach Whitecloud, Robin Lehner, Logan Thompson, and Shea Weber.

Of course, Weber’s salary will be buried in LTIR, meaning the Golden Knights will have a 12-man roster worth about $60 million, leaving them with nearly 40% of the salary cap to fill out the remaining eight to 11 spots. To contrast, the combination of just the six of Eichel, Stone, Pietrangelo, Karlsson, Theodore, and Alec Martinez currently takes up about 52% of the cap this season.

Vegas will have decisions to make on players like Jonathan Marchessault, Chandler Stephenson, William Carrier, Brett Howden, and Martinez between now and then, but the added cap space should alleviate a lot of the struggle they’ve been dealing with these past few seasons.

The sooner the cap goes up, the easier life will become on the Golden Knights. As long as the league’s revenues continue trending in the same direction, it appears that may come for the 24-25 season as opposed to the expected 25-26 year.


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  1. Neal

    Great the cap will go up just as the Knights are entering a rebuild and having trouble to get to the floor cap.

    • Vegas will never be close to the floor, even during a rebuild. KMGM spend money like drunken sailors then wake up hungover and trade away the players they overpaid for.

  2. John W

    Given that Foley has both the means and the will to spend up to the cap, a greatly increased Salary Cap should be a huge strategic advantage for the VGK. There are still quite a few “thrifty” owners, who lack at least one of those 2 attributes.

    If we can overcome the impression that management doesn’t always honor their word, we should be able to leverage the No tax environment of Nevada, along with the lifestyle appeal to attract quality free agents.

    I can’t wait!

  3. Bobby

    What’s the deal with Sonny Milano? Still unsigned, might be a good addition on the cheap.

  4. Tim

    Cap space my ass. The only professional league that nickels and dimes you to death. Oh in maybe two not three years we’ll have an increase boy that excites the shit out of me. Hockey is and always has been the weak sister when it comes to sports leagues and the tradition will carry on. The only good things the Knights have done since the end of the season is trade Patch, sign Kessel and the rest of those donkey’s they signed shouldn’t even be in the NHL. Please don’t give me this 4th line we need cheap talent yes and that’s what you get is cheap talent. Find more Kessel’s at under two million and dump these want a be’s. Why play untested players who just take up space and let Stansty go? He may not of wanted to come back but if he did Kessel and Stansty beats the hell out of these other donkey’s they’ve resigned. Is this Sonny Milano any good or could he have a comeback year but anyone would be better then who we extended believe me.

    • The Central Scrutinizer

      And to think people around the league laugh and mock the Vegas fanbase as a bunch hockey illiterate dunces! Go figure!

    • Emmanuel

      Milano is 26, usually plays LW.
      66 14 20 34 10 last year with ducks.
      Bargain pickup with 2 years of prime left.

      • Tim

        Milano is making how much and why haven’t the Ducks signed him if he’s decent? One thought on Lehner having two hip operations or replacements you might as well put him in the done category. Years ago a great athlete Hershal Walker football player turned baseball player had hip replacement never was the same and retired shortly after. The goalie position is taxing and to come back and play is very doubtful so I think it’s safe to say we won’t have to spend time bitching about him anymore.

        • Eddie

          Tim that was Bo Jackson not Hershel Walker who played football and baseball. He blew his hip out playing football and needed hip replacement sorts career over

          • Tim

            Eddie, Your right a senior moment it was Bo Jackson thanks for correcting me.

    • How is $20M 40% of a Cap space of $82M. Better get your calculator fixed 20/80 seems like 25% to me, basic math!

  5. Obvious

    The only thing more cap space will do is enable McPhukup and fat bastard to do even more idiotic and stupid things

    Vegas needs to show the door to these 2 ass clowns and it hope the door hits them on the way out

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