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Canadiens Players Fawn Over “Sick” Atmosphere At T-Mobile Arena

Not sure there’s a bigger difference between two NHL cities, arenas, and fan bases than Montreal and Vegas. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Imagine that place in the playoffs. It would be crazy. -Max Pacioretty, Montreal Captain

The Montreal Canadiens made their first ever visit to T-Mobile Arena, and received the full Las Vegas experience, including the butt-kicking. The in-arena entertainment was alive, Vegas fans created a wild atmosphere, and Montreal was clobbered by the Golden Knights. Sounds like a normal trip for most visiting teams.

It almost sounds like Pacioretty would consider trading in his red sweater for a suit of gold armor.

Everyone around the league that I’ve talked to that has already played here said the same thing and I just said, ‘oh yeah that’s great,’ but when you experience it for yourself, that was a treat to play and I wish we played them more than once a year. They do such a good job with the entertainment in this building. It was really a lot of fun except for the result. -Pacioretty

Yeah that’s one of the better atmospheres I’ve ever been involved in. It’s obviously a pretty sick place to play. -Jordie Benn, Montreal Defenseman

Benn felt the buzz in the building created by fans of both teams. The heavy presence of Montreal supporters made a regular season game feel like the postseason.

There was a ‘Go Habs Go’ chant going for awhile, and then the Knights fans tried to trump it with one of their chants. Yeah, it’s definitely a good atmosphere. Definitely for the guys that play here it’s a fun place to play. -Benn

After their fifth straight loss, it appeared some of Canadiens were envious of the Golden Knights, and not in a bad way. The Habs are in the middle of a miserable season, it’s below freezing in Montreal, and the roster could be broken up and traded by week’s end. When looking across the ice they watched a first-place team, playing in a first-class city, with no pressure. Plus, it was around 65 degrees (outside) at game time. We’d be jealous too.


Golden Knights vs. Montreal Canadiens Photo Gallery – February 17th, 2018


Guest Post: Buyers Or Sellers


  1. R.J. Smith

    Vegas, baby! Please enjoy the Arena entertainment provided to you by Mr. Foley & his staff, because that’s the only smile you’ll have on your face all evening, here at TMA.

    Onward, Knights!

  2. Jon Parr

    “…received the full Las Vegas experience, including the butt-kicking.” – money quote right there Ken !

  3. Brian


    Pacioretty would look great in a VGK sweater !

  4. RJ

    Spitballing for fun. If we assume Pac is being shipped and the price is player+prospect+pick, what is he worth to us?

    Lindberg/Legace+Hague/Coghlam+2019 2nd for Pacioretty?

    I’d do it. I’m also strongly of the belief that we don’t need to add anything to finish the regular season strong, but we need to add a scoring piece to our third line to make a deep run in the playoffs. If we are serious about #CupIn1 then I think this team buys.

    • Brian

      I, too, am of the belief that no change is “needed” to finish strong. But man oh man—–and don’t get me wrong as I love the game and speed that Leipsic brings every time he’s not scratched—-but the playoffs are about scoring goals and winning. Max Pac would be a LOT of fun to have in the mix. But I’m in the camp that GMGM is not going to raise or fold, but rather “check”. He’s on top of the league with what he has so why do anything ??

      • RJ

        You asked “He’s on top of the league with what he has so why do anything??”

        The answer is because the teams we are facing in the playoffs are buying. I would be shocked to see the Kings, Wild, Jets, Preds, and Blues all not try to add a piece of Pac’s significance, and the Flames, Stars, maybe Ducks, maybe Avs could be looking to play spoiler as well.

        We are in a position that we could coast to being the Pacific division champs. If we end the season as Pacific Division champs, I’ll buy the shirt, hang the pennant in my garage, and be estatic with this team destroying all expectations.

        But dang, all the teams behind us in the West are going to improve. I think if we really are shooting the moon here and going for a cup we sell some expendable, but valuable pieces to bring in a difference maker.

        • Brian Lawrence

          I agree with you on these comments. Teams in the playoff hunt will definitely be looking for more firepower. For not to trade a few of our “lower” players would be insane on GMGM’s part. I could see Eakin, Hunt, and Leipsic gone by playoff time. For who, I don’t know, I’m not the GM.

          • RJ

            The problem with Hunt, Eakin and Leipsic is they don’t really have much value beyond depth. Trading one of them away would likely only result in getting someone else’s underachieving player. That is unless we include picks/prospects.

  5. Every team that comes to Vegas to play the Knights seems to feel this way. I haven’t been to a game there yet as I live in New York City , but from following the team on line, it’s easy to see why other teams love to play there. Vegas Flu? Don’t think so. Just the way hockey should be, fun and everyone has a good time and it shows.

  6. Shunock

    I even gave them some French!

  7. Slr1982

    The VGK success is largely due to the Coach, GM and Scouting dept putting together a game plan for player personnel, picking the right pieces. Oct 1 helped Jell the players as they went out into the hospitals to visit victims. I can’t even imagine the conversations after. New team, new Arena, new city, this is special and we get to be witnesses to History, right here, right now. IF, the VGK did win the Cup, it would be right there with the Miracle on Ice.

  8. Michael

    Truthfully I have mixed feelings on trading any of our players before the deadline. 1 * The players we have should have the opportunity to finish what they started….2 * We could use a quality player or two to finish this season as NHL champs. I would HATE to be any of the players traded knowing they gave there all for something they have played for all season!

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