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Can VGK Repeat Blue Line Success From The 2020-21 Season?

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If you look back to the 2020-21 NHL season you’ll recollect just how dangerous the Golden Knights were. They outscored their opponents by 1.21 goals per game and ended the season with a remarkable +63 in scoring differential. Vegas was a legitimate Cup favorite and was destined to face the Colorado Avalanche for Western conference supremacy. One reason why the Golden Knights had so much success throughout the shortened 56-game season was the support they received from the blue line.

With the addition of Alex Pietrangelo, VGK’s defense in 2021 was among the top scoring clubs in the NHL for points from the men who man the points. Between the group, Vegas’ d-men posted 142 points. Lead by Shea Theodore (8 Goals, 34 Assists), several Golden Knights defenders had career highs in points per game.

So, is it possible to duplicate their blue line scoring in the upcoming 2022-23 season?

We’ve broken down how new coach Bruce Cassidy has a slightly different mindset than previous coach Pete DeBoer when it comes to defensive involvement. Of course in Cassidy’s system blue liners will have the opportunity to score but not as much as they did in the past.

2020-21 VGK Defensemen Points
Shea Theodore: 8 Goals, 34 Assists
Alec Martinez: 9 Goals, 23 Assists
Alex Pietrangelo: 7 Goals, 16 Assists
Nic Hague: 5 Goals, 12 Assists
Zach Whitecloud: 2 Goals, 10 Assists
Brayden McNabb: 2 Goals, 6 Assists

14-year veteran Alec Martinez not only registered his highest points per game average (0.60) but was also a dangerous power play weapon. The two-time Stanley Cup winner scored 3 PP goals in 2021, the most he scored in seven previous seasons. Martinez even lead the Golden Knights struggling man-advantage with two PP goals in the 2021 postseason.

Most fans expect Pietrangelo and Shea Theodore to actively help out offensively but can the rest of the defensive unit step up like they did in 2021? With the lack of natural scoring forwards, even under Cassidy, Golden Knights’ defensemen should have ample opportunities to pitch in. To qualify for the postseason VGK may be forced to rely on crucial points from the point.

What’s the saying? Oh right, it takes a village to win a Cup.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    i say YES

    • THE hockey GOD

      and i call bullshit on “it takes a village” concept, VGK is a TEAM, not a hillary clinton loser wet dream

  2. Jailbird

    I think we will have a better than average offensive D group, but below average physical D group.

  3. knights fan in minny

    let’s hope

  4. Tim

    I look at our D-Men and feel pretty good. Goaltending I think worries all of us and how the forwards mesh is still up for discussion.

  5. Blueline LAST thing to worry about.

  6. Da Mo

    That great and all but just like every other Deboer team the D scores but can’t defend effectively in front of their own net.
    Same personnel bit hopefully a better defensive result this year.

  7. Obvious

    With a crackhead for a goalie the D is in for a long year. That is, if the psycho ever returns

    • Emmanuel

      I’m shocked how different these forums are from Vox websites. About 5 years ago I was pilloried for stating Clarke MacArthur should NOT come back for the playoffs cause he had concussions, I was accused of ‘wishing/hoping’ (!!!) he got hurt. Here you can attack a player who’s suffering mentally and physically. If he never plays another game I wish RL all the best, especially as he is a Bettman dissenter.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “pecially as he is a Bettman dissenter”

        who isn’t , everyone knows he wears pink panty hose under his “man” pants. At least he isn’t at slojoe poopy pants stage, yet.

  8. Emmanuel, YOU. Sir, are the voice of REASON and RESPECT for others!! It has been pretty harsh here, esp concerning Lehner. Most here show respect and empathy for Lehner, but always someone who has NONE. Pretty Pathetic. I had posted my feelings about how the BS and bashing must affect the players, and not just mgmt. It bothers ME to read some of it. And these posters are supposed to be Vegas’ FANS????

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