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Can Vegas Put Postseason Scoring Drought Behind Them In 2021?

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Over their history, the Golden Knights have scored a total of 877 franchise goals, 738 in the regular season, 139 in the playoffs. In 238 regular season games, Vegas’ average comes out to 3.14 goals scored per game. In all three seasons, Vegas tallied more than the league average, and are ranked 8th in the NHL in goals since their inception.

The big offseason question was can the Golden Knights score enough in year four, and most importantly, in the playoffs?

2017-18: 268 Goals, 3.26 Goals Per Game (Regular Season) 57 Goals, 2.85 Goals Per Game (Playoffs)
2018-19: 246 Goals, 3.00 Goals Per Game (Regular Season) 25 Goals, 3.57 Goals Per Game (Playoffs)
2019-20: 224 goals, 3.15 Goals Per Game (Regular Season) 57 Goals, 2.85 Goals Per Game (Playoffs)

Coming into the Vancouver series, the Golden Knights were on a torrid offensive pace. Three round-robin games and a five-game whooping of the Blackhawks had Vegas scoring at a 3.75 goals per game clip. Then, it hit the skids. In 12 postseason games against Vancouver and Dallas, the #1 seed in the Western Conference averaged only 2.25 goals per game. In the last eight games, they scored just 12 goals or 1.5 per game.

After the season, it was mostly written off publicly by players, coaches, and the office as just a rough patch and a pair of hot goalies The offseason was centered around one major move, though one that should help the team offensively.

Taking a wide view of the upcoming 56-game season, Vegas should be able to match their 3.14 goals per game average, especially if Pietrangelo fits as well as expected. It takes 176 goals to reach that mark this year. The top-six should be able to eat up a large mass of that number and contributions from Theodore, Pietrangelo, Tuch, and others can chip in the rest.

In the offseason, the Golden Knights lost a total of 32 goals scored, or 7% of the team’s total offense from last season. Not much.

Lost Offense From 2019-20

Paul Stastny: 17 Goals
Nate Schmidt: 7 Goals
Cody Eakin: 4 Goals
Jon Merrill: 2 Goals
Deryk Engelland: 1 Goal
Nick Cousins: 1 Goal

The Golden Knights are expected to make up or surpass any lost offense from last season by adding Pietrangelo and organizational depth players. And it’s not just Glass the team is expecting growth from. Shea Theodore and Alex Tuch have established themselves as dangerous offensive weapons but nobody would be shocked if they continued to add more. Just those three players alone could double the offense lost in the offseason. Especially, if Glass and Tuch can build some early chemistry.

Taking a broad view of the upcoming 56-game season, there’s no reason to believe Vegas can’t match their 3.14 goals per game average. Sure, the Golden Knights have had droughts in the past, including an early stretch last season where they averaged only 2.2 goals per game. With the construction of this year’s roster and the shortened schedule, offensive dry spells cannot last too long.

Expectations are high for Vegas, especially after winning in free agency like they did. Both Pietrangelo and Robin Lehner were brought in to fill different roles but for one cause, win. If the franchise can secure their first Stanley Cup in July, no one will remember droughts, roster turnover, or hurt feelings.

Say it with me, winning cures all.


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  1. Lyn S.

    Hey Ken,
    Does the difference on goal average between regular and post season also take into consideration the caliber of team they faced?
    What are the stats, comparing only the playoff teams, during the regular and post seasons?

    Somehow, I just don’t think the Ducks should be part of the overall discussion.

    • They are just raw numbers. If you break it down by playoff team to non-playoff team in the regular season I’d guess they are skewed a bit in favor of scoring more vs the bad teams.

  2. sb

    To win the Cup, Stone and Pac need a prolific playmaking center. Wild Bill
    fits best with Smith and March. Chandler with Tuch. Vegas is one hi-end center
    short. Get that center and Vegas could be looking at a three-peat.

  3. Jason – all the stats in the world won’t fix the problem they had in the playoffs – high shots on goal – zero results – no one willing or able to screen the goalies when it counted most. This falls squarely on PDB who was incapable or just plain stubborn and stupid to address the issue and adjust accordingly. He is just as guilty if not more so than the guys on the ice as surely they had to realize it wasn’t working and didn’t change either. Maybe that accounts for Ken’s remark they appeared confused.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Since NONE of us actually knows WHAT was said in the room, meetings, practice etc…. How can blame be put on any person or group? When I say something I say it’s MY opinion. I don’t try and pass it off as fact, like some might. I approach the new season with optimism, because, why not!!! It does no good or serve any purpose to be in a criticism loop about the past, over and over and over and over ….. AGAIN! It’s old news and quite boring!

  5. knights fan in minny

    a new year vegas fans get fired up

  6. the president Elect- Hockey God

    i could be at game tonight, if it wasn’t for this damn chicom wuhan virus….yearning for life before the damn bats.

  7. DoC it really doesn’t matter what was or was not said in the room, meeting ,practice etc. The results speak louder than words. That’s not opinion that is fact. Keep in mind history has a tendency to repeat itself and if you notice remarks by The Coach PDB in post yesterday he padded the situation in case of a repeat performance.

  8. Tim

    I’m not going to dump on DeBoer but in what sporty Pro or College do you not try to get the highest seat. Look at the upcoming season if your objective. I think we can all agree Colorado is better then us and St.Louis picked up some nice pieces Hoffman, Krug etc. We picked up Pietrangelo but lost Schmidt a gain but not astronomical. Now anything could happen in the playoffs but as of now were number 3. You can put on the rose colored glasses but we don’t have near the speed Colorado has. Pete said it we were soft because of the competition well playing St.Louis and Colorado back to back in the playoffs should be right up Pete’s ally.

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