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Can Jersey Ads Save The 2020-21 Season?

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It’s clear the NHL is in a financial crunch. Unlike the other major pro sports leagues in North America, hockey is trying to scrounge up coins buried deep in couch cushions. The league and its players need to find ways to grow revenue and it needs to happen soon. Some have suggested the Seattle Kraken organization pay half of their entry fee now to help the league get through tough times. Others have suggested extending the postseason, but there’s one that stuck out as an easy, smart way to make a buck.

If I was a player, I’d be talking about expanded playoffs and ads on jerseys. Bettman has said in the past the number has got to be worth it. Something small in a corner but enough that you know it’s there. No more of this it’s tradition… It’s time. –Elliotte Friedman on 31 Thoughts Podcast

I tend to lean more towards the traditional side of sports. I don’t want robot officials, I can’t stand visiting teams wearing their white sweaters and I hate advertisements on team jerseys. That’s up until now. The 2020-21 season is on the line and whatever the league can do to make it work, needs to happen.

It’s true jersey advertisements break tradition. They can potentially tarnish an already perfect team sweater by making it look cheap and commercialized. Overall it’s bad idea, but in this economy making money is all that counts. Especially if revenue from jersey sponsorships can get this NHL season off the ground. Using the NBA as an example, corporate ads can bring in bags full of cash.

So far, 19 of the 30 NBA teams have teamed up with an advertiser… The Warriors are getting $20 million a year for three years for the Rakuten ad on the upper left chest of their jerseys… –Steven Kutz, MarketWatch

The issue with business sponsorships on jerseys is finding the right fit, for the right cost. Most importantly, how to make sure they don’t become an on-ice eyesore.

The NBA hired a sponsorship research group five years ago to look into selling jersey ads. Players won’t look like walking Nascar vehicles: there will be just one 2.5” x 2.5” ad on the left chest of every jersey.

Such ads are common on sports team jerseys outside the U.S., such as in the English Premier League. –Kutz, MarketWatch

Could the Golden Knights find a local sponsor that is interested in a serious financial commitment, or will it go to the highest bidder like Blue Diamond Almonds, or Vistaprint? Maybe, it doesn’t matter who sponsors the Golden Knights as long as it pays the bills.

The bigger question is can the league scope out enough corporate ads to make up some financial loss? If the NBA can find the money, the NHL should be able to as well. Although, at a much cheaper rate. It won’t matter as long as the generated revenue can help save the season.

I’ve asked how many owners don’t want to play. I’ve had someone say to me ten to twelve. I had someone say to me that’s too high and it’s more like six to eight. But I’ve heard there are surprises. However, I’ve also heard there are a lot of owners who think that if they don’t play what it’ll it do to their franchise valuations. Which is what these people care about probably the most, would be devastating. They recognize that. –Friedman on 31 Thoughts Podcast

Let’s face it, sponsorships on jerseys suck, but it would suck way more without an NHL season. So, what do you say, let’s crowd fund for a SinBin jersey patch. I’m sure the Golden Knights won’t mind. Just imagine a stitched SinBin logo on the upper right corner of Shea Theodore’s official Adidas jersey. It would be great for both businesses.

Okay, maybe just ours.


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  1. Daryl

    I hate the idea of ads on jerseys but it may be the only way the NHL can survive next season. What I’m really worried about is this becoming the norm. One or two seasons I could live with, any more than that and I won’t waste my time with the sport… Similar to players taking a knee. I love almost all sports but I now can live without them, just like I have done with the NFL and the NBA.

  2. Contact Tracer

    We left VGK after 2 foreigners that play for VGK decided to take a knee in a foreign country during the national anthem of the United States of America where they enjoy making their living. Ingrate dirt-bags.

    Then shitting all over the police ??? …. what a disgrace.

    Now ads on Jerseys? HaaaaHaa Haa LMFAO!

    Wow, NHL implosion …hehe.

    I am now a proud member of the “Defund the NHL” movement. I’ve absolutely loved the game for nearly 40 years but will not spend a red penny concerning anything NHL going forward.

    The magic is gone from VGK. The 2 headed monster made sure to completely dismantle the gift that was the Stanley Cup Finals Misfits. It was a fun ride while it lasted but I won’t and don’t miss ye. (at all just like NFL, NBA, and MLB)

    • Kevin

      If you’re gonna let 2 foreigners and a 2×5 patch on a sweater make you hate the game and become a member of the “defunded the nhl” member then sorry to say it but you my freind were never a fan of the nhl to begin with. If because there talking about and thinking of ways to possibly save the nhl season and one of thoes suggestions is possibly having team’s have a 2×5 sponsor patch on there sweaters is making you hate the sport then again you were never a fan of the game sorry!! GO KNIGHTS GO!!!!!

      • Daryl

        Sorry, but you are completely wrong. And who are you to say whether someone is a real fan or not. I am 47 years old and have loved sports my entire life. I played football ip to the semi-pro level and hockey into college. This taking a knee shit completely turned me off to football and the attitudes and BLM patches in the NBA has caused me to stop watching. Just because I’ve stopped watching certain sports doesn’t mean I was never a real fan to begin with!!! If that same crap starts in the NHL that will be one more sport I add to the do not watch list. I’ll be OK with a small ads patch even though it will completely ruin the sweater but just understand that once they out that patch on, it will never come off

        • DC

          Ditto here. I was turned off by the BLM marxist messaging all over the NBA, on the court and on jerseys. Never watched a single game. I don’t want to see it. Don’t those people know what the Global BLM network stands for? Also tired of seeing entire basketball and soccer teams taking a knee during national anthems.

  3. Harsh but understandable to me making Fluery. Backup and losing Smitty and Ecklund. Take more out of fans then teams realize hopefully it translates to a cup but i doubt it. Especially with Doobey behind bench

    • Kevin

      They are definitely still cup contenders yea it sucks loosen some fan favorites but it’s part of the game and if anything they just made them the forerunner to win the cup they have alot of young talent that they will have for years to come they have made some of the biggest moves/ pickups during the offseason the last 3 years and that’s because players want to play here and will continue to want to play here.

      • Daryl

        How have they made overall improvements? They have made individual improvements at the cost of a team improvement. Pietra is a great defenseman (not at that contract though) but is he better than the two, possibly three, players it cost to get him? I don’t believe so. VGK is hurting at Center which should have been the main focus point. If they got a top tier Center and they the defense as it was, then I would say they were actual Cup contenders

        • Daryl may man you have a much better understanding of the game than 90% of the people who post on this site. You will never convenience me giving up three good players is good business long run to secure one. This has nothing to do with Pietr not being a great player but how good will he be at 38 making almost 9 million a year? Of course you and I nor anyone else for that matter knows the answer – but common senses tells anyone what you can do great at 30 doesn’t necessarily equate to 38. Knight’s management is trying to buy the Cup and are blinded by the light. Attitude is what wins and when you have a disproportional amount of money going to a few players that doesn’t help the team attitude situation.

        • DC

          Agree. From what I saw in the playoffs last summer, VGK had problems putting the puck in the net. They were good enough defensively to go all the way, but not offensively good enough.

  4. jason mason

    Not much of a fan of marketing advertisement on jerseys, but if we’re going to go that route it ought to mean something.

    How about a F N Sharp ad for Fleury to wear. I’m good with that.

    • Daryl

      How about an ad from the current/former players who opened up they own business?

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