I’m going to be exposed as we move forward in the NHL expansion process. People are going to have access to the real me. A ‘me’ that I try to cover up because it’s too much to bare. I have a problem and it’s called loyalty.

I once had a guy ask me who I thought loved me more, my wife or my dog. I quickly answered my wife to save face with the old lady. He said, “Really, why don’t you locked both up in a trunk for an hour, open it and tell me who is more happy to see you”. Point taken. Problem is when it comes to Las Vegas and the NHL I’m the dog. Actually when it comes to most things. Most of us come to Las Vegas for a new start. To be accepted, to create our own identity, me included, I suppose. I’m not a guy who will ever tell you his accomplishments, but really wants you to recognize them. Not because I want to be talked about and revered by my peers, but because I want to show you how loyal I can be at all cost. Review Journal Gaming writer, Matt Youmans, is tired of me telling him how much I appreciate the leap of faith he gave me that has led to a career.

So when Gary Bettman consistently refrains from giving the city I’m loyal to a mention it disturbs me. Probably because I trusted them first without waiting for them to recognize me. I want them to love Las Vegas the way I do. So when I hear Gary say that we’re not good enough to date yet, it bothers me on another level as evident by my on the spot Twitter response.

So now we wait again, but when you take a step back and think that no one is saying anything the truth is that they have said a lot. What I hear is a special meeting will be called between now and June, before the Awards show in Vegas, to vote on the expansion process. If it doesn’t happen before June I fear I will no longer be the happy dog in the trunk.