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Call Me Crazy, But…

Everyone loves a good hot take, so I’m here to provide a few of them using a format I’m borrowing from NFL Network’s Fantasy Live show. First, I’ll give my four predictions, and then I’ll share some of the best ones we got from our Discord server. Then, I want to see some from you all in the comments.

Call me crazy, but Keegan Kolesar will score more goals than Phil Kessel this season

Despite converting at a dismal 7.4% shooting rate, Kolesar still found a way to notch seven goals in his 77 appearances with the Golden Knights last year. He was constantly around the net and showed on multiple occasions he has the talent to score difficult goals. At some point, the floodgates are going to open for him and he’ll start scoring at a much more “normal” rate for NHLers. That would mean somewhere closer to 10%. I’d honestly be a bit surprised if Kolesar doesn’t hit double-digits this year and 15 or so is not out of the question.

Which brings us to the other side of the coin, Kessel. It’s mostly about the situation I expect him to find himself in as the season progresses. I just can’t see a 35-year-old suddenly committing to defense, which will lead to a decrease in minutes for a team trying to win games. He’ll probably end up struggling to get to 10 minutes and night and it wouldn’t shock me at all if he draws out of the lineup from time to time after he breaks the ironman record. His passing will still be there, so I’d suspect he can reach 30 to 40 points, which Kolesar may not, but the goal scoring is not going to jump as much as many believe.

Call me crazy, but William Karlsson will lead all Golden Knights forwards in time on ice

Chandler Stephenson took the crown a year ago mainly due to health, but it’s expected that Jack Eichel and Mark Stone’s return to form will have them logging the most minutes. I suspect Karlsson will win Cassidy’s trust incredibly quickly with his elite backchecking and penalty killing. He’s probably also going to be on the #1 power play unit which will see him share the ice with Stone and Eichel as well.

Karlsson led the forwards the first two seasons but has never outpaced the group on a per-game basis. The prediction is in total time on ice because his durability helps, but I could see him putting up a career-high in average TOI as well.

Call me crazy, but VGK defensemen will score fewer than 30 combined goals

Yep, that’s right, a unit including Alex Pietrangelo, Shea Theodore, Nic Hague (hopefully), Alec Martinez, Zach Whitecloud, and Brayden McNabb will barely score a goal every three games. Cassidy’s system really stresses the importance of allowing forwards to dictate the action in the offensive zone and the style of play in the defensive zone will limit offensive transition opportunities as well.

This one isn’t health-related either, because I’m expected a fit group of blue liners to make it through the entire season. Pete DeBoer’s entire goal was to highlight that group and take advantage of their offensive talents and they did it to the tune of 51 goals a season ago. There will be a dip, I’m projecting it to be steep.

Call me crazy, but Kaedan Korczak will carve out a spot as a permanent starter by the end of the season

As I mentioned in the previous prediction, I don’t think the Golden Knights defensive corps will be as banged up as they were a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they are all playing 82 games. Currently, the first guy in if any of the regular starters are missing (or holding out) is Ben Hutton. I expect that to change, and possibly as soon as by Opening Night.

Korczak is made for Bruce Cassidy’s style of play and he’s eventually going to want to start the process of seeing him grow as an NHLer. By season’s end, he’ll take one of the current six’s spot which will allow the Golden Knights to make a move this offseason to free up a bit more cap.

We asked members of our Discord community to share some of their bold predictions. Here are some of the spiciest ones.

Call me crazy, but Jack Eichel will have 20 goals by the end of November.

Shamwow 2
Call me crazy, but Logan Thompson won’t be the starter or 1B by the end of October.

Call me crazy, but Phil Kessel will win the Conn Smythe.

Call me crazy, but Bruce Cassidy won’t be the fix Vegas was hoping for on the power play.

Call me crazy, but VGK get to 100 points and still miss the playoffs.

Call me crazy, but five Pacific teams make the playoffs this season.

Call me crazy, but a former Misfit will be traded for at the deadline and he will be the key player leading them to the Cup in 6.

Call me crazy, but Shea Weber becomes healthy enough to play this year.

Call me crazy but the vgk will have 10 players that each play 80 games.

Jack Manning
Call me crazy, but 2 players under 24 on the Golden Knights are going to have 50 point seasons.

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  1. 1. Call me crazy, but this is McCrimmon’s final year.
    2. Call me crazy, but Kessel will turn out to be a huge mistake and waste of $1.5m that could have been better spent.
    3. Call me crazy, but Stone’s career is, or will soon be over.
    4. Call me crazy, but the VGK isn’t going to make the playoffs again this season.
    5. Call me crazy, but the next GM is going to want to dump Cassidy and start fresh with his own guy.
    6. Call me crazy, but Logan Thompson will turn out to be a serviceable 1A goaltender.
    7. Call me crazy, but Lehner’s career is on ice and he’s like done given his physical condition and injuries.
    8. Call me crazy, but I expect Carrier to up his game and challenge for a lot more ice time.
    9. Call me crazy, but the VGK will be sellers at the trade deadline.
    10. Call me crazy for being consistently against how this roster has been managed by McIdiot.

    • VGK Cringe

      How could $1.5m have been better spent? Kessel was one of the best players still available and people expected him to sign for $3.5-$4m. Instead we signed him on a steal of a contract. He scored 60 points last season and we got for almost nothing.

    • the Hockey God

      u r crazy

      a lot of hate in your posts.

      crazy , misguided hate, seek help.

      have a cookie

    • Full Send

      Call me the truth, you’re a negative, sad little man. Deal sorry for whoever lives with you.

    • Emmanuel

      Too black-pilled.

    • Keith

      Wow!!! I think I would have to agree with you on just about all of that.
      I hate to think of the Knights without Stone but it is very possible. Back surgery and getting old.

    • Obvious

      Pretty much sums it up!

    • VgkFanGirl

      Call me crazy but agree with #10!

  2. John W

    Ken – sloppy work here. Kessel is 34, turns 35 right before the start of the season – not 36 as you referenced in this piece.

    If age is part of your negative assessment of a players prospects, you really should try to get it correct.

  3. Tim

    Call me crazy but I think Phil Kessel will work out and be a steal at 1.5 million. Best cheap signing since Chandler Stephenson. Wild Bill has a 30 goal year along with Reilly Smith’s 20 goals and Marchy’s 25 goals. I have no comment or prediction on any other players but hope for the best.

  4. Emmanuel

    If WK is on the 1st PP unit who slots where? JE on point?

  5. Herby

    Hope you are wrong.

  6. Carl

    1. Call me crazy but Phil will score 20. But Keegan will get 12-15.

    2. Call me crazy but you are right about Wild Bill.

    3. Call me crazy but the D will score at least 50 if Cassidy lets “Shea be Shea” and “Alex to be Alex.” The rest will make up the difference.

    4. Call me crazy but your prediction about Korczak is so f*cking insane that it will probably happen.

    5. Call me crazy but Mark Stone is not well and will free up a bunch of cap on LTIR.

    6. Call me crazy but effigies of George & Kelly will hang from Lady Liberty’s arm by the trade deadline.

    7. Call me crazy but Bill will trade the entire VGK roster for a young, exciting new team, the Las Vegas Senators. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Golden Knights will start another brilliant rebuild under Pierre Dorion.

    • Keith

      I don’t like number 5, but will agree with you.
      I really hope you are correct about number 6.

  7. Mike StG

    Ken, okay then – you are crazy.

    Kessel will score more goals before Christmas than Kolesar will have the entire year. And that assumes KK will score double digit goals. Kessel will also have twice the points as KK by season end.

    And at nearly the same cap hit, BTW.

  8. the Hockey God

    ROLL !!

    Cassidy has his work cut out for him.

  9. the Hockey God

    San Jose, California – The San Jose Sharks today announced the dates for the upcoming 2022 Rookie Faceoff. The tournament will be played at the Sharks practice facility in San Jose with many of the games taking place at the new home arena for the San Jose Barracuda: Tech CU Arena. The brand-new state of the art arena is expected to open early August, and this will be the first major event it sees.

    The 2022 Rookie Faceoff is slated to take place Sept. 16-19 and features nine games scheduled between four teams from the Pacific Division (Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose and Vegas) and two from the Central Division (Arizona and Colorado). The tournament will feature top prospects from all six clubs and was last hosted by Arizona in 2021.

    Each of the three days includes two games at Tech CU Arena, the new home of the San Jose Barracuda, and one game on the Sharks Ice Orange Rink.

    On Friday, Sept. 16, the Los Angeles Kings, and Colorado Avalanche will kick things off at 2 PM with the first game from Tech CU Arena, followed by a 4:30 PM game between the Vegas Golden Knights and Arizona Coyotes over at Orange Rink. The first night will conclude with the Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks back at Tech CU Arena for a 7 PM tilt.

    Saturday, Sept. 17, will see Los Angeles and Vegas with the first game of the day at 2 PM at Tech CU Arena, with Anaheim and Arizona at Orange Rink with the 4:30 PM game. Colorado and San Jose will close out day two at 7 PM from Tech CU Arena.

    Monday, Sept. 19, starts with a 10 AM game between Colorado and Arizona at Tech CU Arena. The second game of the day will feature Anaheim and Vegas at 12:30 PM on Orange Rink. The final game of the 2022 Rookie Faceoff will see Los Angeles take on San Jose with a 3 PM puck drop at Tech CU Arena.

    IN or OUT?
    i need to know

    NOW ! ! !

  10. JV

    Call me crazy but:

    Hague spends the season in Europe
    Smith and Karlsson scored 15 goals or less each.
    Theodore and Pietrangelo get benched by Cassidy for abandoning the front of the net on defense at least 3 times each.
    Kessel scores 20-25 goals, as long as he’s with either Stephenson or Eichel.
    3 playoff teams come out of the Pacific, but Vegas isn’t one of them.
    P.K.Subban or Calvin deHaan come in on a PTO and make it as the 7th D-man

    Well, you did say crazy,right?

  11. Full Send

    Call me crazy, I think there’s a new voice coming that’s not so damn negative all of the time. Shits getting old.

  12. Call me crazy but most VGK fans are toxic and all they do is complain.
    Call me crazy but the leader of this VGK hating cult is Sinbin
    Call me crazy but i’m here complaining about the complainers so that makes me crazy

  13. I look forward to Vegas failing miserably this year.

    • knights fan in minny

      your a dick head

      • No, I am a Ducks fan. You are very odd-a Vegas fan in where?
        This is a bad organization.
        Folks have not caught on.

        • the Hockey God

          ducks fans are odd, if I had my pick I would take LA KIngs
          anyday over joke of organization that calls itself The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. HAve you been to duck pond ? IT is not a good arena. The Staples Center is one of the best venues in the NHL, next to Belle Center in Montreal. And some say MSG. There is a reason they call it anaslime. I should know, I used to live there
          say it

          • I live on the beach in San Clemente. Los Angeles, where I was born many moons ago, is a pit.
            Las Vegas is worse.
            I am a fan because I live here.
            The Ducks will dominate Vegas for many years to come-mark my words.

    • Shawn Ryan

      I am right there with you!

      Defense & discipline that Cassidy loves? Locker room fungus Eichel will fight him every step of the way!

    • You are correct sir….Eichel leads them to the bottom of the NHL.

  14. I live on the beach in San Clemente. Los Angeles, where I was born many moons ago, is a pit.
    Las Vegas is worse.
    I am a fan because I live here.
    The Ducks will dominate Vegas for many years to come-mark my words.

    • Tim

      My friend to say Las Vegas is a worse place then L.A. is a stretch. Haven’t been to San Clemente probably for 50 years it was a sleepy little town made famous by one of your residents Tricky Dick that was before they built the freeway to San Diego. Of course Dana Point used to be a sleepy little town too but look at it now. Personally we go to Santa Barbara where it’s still nice and stay away from L.A. altogether and all points south.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Goit, LA has it’s nice areas like Westwood, Brentwood, Manhatten Beach, Redondo, Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes, North Pasadena, Santa Anita Arcadia, Monrovia, Claremont. Griffith park (spelling?), Malibu (would you consider it part of LA?); and it has a lot of shitty places like Long Beach- although they are trying to clean it up. Almost too many crummy places to mention. Really can’t compare LA to Vegas. LA’s crime ridden hoods have housing prices that are in the 800k. It’s out of control. PEople still paying top dollar. VEgas housing prices are high, but not that high. LA is so much bigger and has far left politics. At least Vegas has the Goodman crime syndicate mayors to protect Vegas from left wing nut jobs. LA mayor on other hand is worthless left winger making things a lot worse than they have to be. The Sixth street bridge to Skid Row (which is the ACTUAL designated NAME of this area), is a good example of failed policies. Venice Beach used to be nice. Then all homeless people took OVER EVERYTHING. Finally they are starting to move them out. Vegas homeless problem isn’t nearly as bad, except for the mole people. I don’t see how those people live in the storm drains. I ran into one by stop light, the weather really turns their skin to leather. I woudn’t call them mole people, very sad people is what I would call them.

    • knights fan in minny

      good for you skippy goit

  15. Alex

    Call me crazy but the post by these fans are far more interesting and hopefully more accurate than this article.
    Agree with the recent poor management choices but have to believe we have players that want to win, which is ironically where we started in 2017 when they had something to prove. Grew up in Toronto and never saw a cup, the knights have been exciting to watch since day one and we should never give up! Aside from the blatantly obvious poor management “changes”, let’s stay positive, support them and hopefully it’ll come.

  16. Obvious

    Fat bastard and McPhukup didn’t Bering in kessel to score goals

    They brought him in to be in charge of player conditioning!

    Fat bastard wants a team in shape… fat and round is a shape

    • knights fan in minny

      phil leg squats 300 pounds he is not weak i have seen him do it on a video

      • Obvious

        It’s hockey not a squating contest.

        Doesn’t help his attitude or effort.

        Zero accountability … Vegas the perfect place for him.

        • knights fan in minny

          you know nothing mr bitter called leg strength better skating you never have anything positive to say i bet you kick your dog everyday you jack ass

  17. Shane

    Phil Kessel will score more power play goals than Kolesar will score in all situations combined.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    Stone, Golden Knights Focused on Proving Naysayers Wrong
    VGK captain shares personal and team updates with Insider Gary Lawless
    by Gary Lawless

    Feels disrespected ! What is this , the five families in Mob ?? “Hey Pauly, the Carbonzo’s disrespected me. We need to send them a message”

    Inconceivable !! IN CON CEIVABLE !!

    “Mark Stone is seemingly relaxed in a ball cap, T-shirt and shorts following a brisk skate with his teammates Wednesday of this week. But mention the negative chatter which has surrounded his team since last season ended and the answer belies the notion he’s living in any state of satisfaction.

    “We feel disrespected. Which is fine. If people want to say we suck, I don’t give a s—. It is, what it is,” said the Golden Knights captain. “But we have to prove ourselves. We have to prove it to ourselves, to our fans and to management that we’re right there with the contenders. We made some changes but I still feel like we can compete at the highest level.”

    The Golden Knights, sitting at first place in the Pacific Division at the start of last February, famously slid over the final months of the regular season and missed the postseason for the first time in franchise history.

    A bulk of the club’s observers skip past the 512 man games lost and go straight to the doom and gloom pills.

    Stone, who played in less than half of his team’s games last season and was largely incapacitated due to his back injury in those which he participated, says missing the postseason has tweaked the attitude of himself and his teammates.

    “That’s fine. People can think what they want. After spending the summer in Canada, you wouldn’t believe how often I was told how bad we were. It’s great. I like that. All of a sudden we’re David instead of Goliath. It’s alright. I believe in this team. I believe in the guys, I believe in the leadership,” said the 30-year-old, who scored just nine goals and 30 points in 37 games last season. “It’ll be exciting to have a full training camp with the coaching staff. I still love the grit on the team, the passion on the team. People can think what they want. The only telling part of the tale is the performance on the ice. We know it’s not going to be easy but we’re still confident.”

    It’s become a post-series ritual for vanquished players to release a laundry list of their injuries. Stone doesn’t buy into the process. He keeps his hurts to himself. So when he played portions of the last two seasons plagued by a back injury, it was up to fans and media to guess. Was he injured or was his performance poor for another reason?

    Finally, he couldn’t hide the obvious any longer and last spring he announced he was leaning towards surgery on his back. After talking to other players around the league and a long list of doctors, he made the decision to go forward with an operation.

    “It was a slow process. My mindset was, I couldn’t do what I did last year again. I wasn’t in a spot where I could just try to fight through it and rehab through the injury,” explained Stone. “So, I got some second opinions. It had gotten worse through the season; ultimately, I decided to have the surgery. I had it done May 17th and it was grinding after that. The first month you don’t do anything. You feel like you’re getting better so you want to do stuff but being patient is key. A month in, you start moving and you start to feel better.”

    Stone started skating in Canada during the month of August and recently arrived in Vegas where he’s been skating with teammates for the last two weeks.

    “I feel good. Feels good to be skating again with the guys,” he said. “It’s a long grind and you never know if it’s going to work. I feel like I’m starting to make strides. It’s kind of like climbing a mountain. You get to a spot where it caps out and you have to work through some more. But I made some good strides this summer.”

    Being defiant is one thing. Actually proving the naysayers wrong is a different thing altogether.

    “Staying healthy. That’s one. I don’t know if that’s just fluke or guys taking more pride in their bodies. I’m one of those guys,” said Stone. “Power play needs to be better, keep more pucks out of our net and just score clutch goals. We had chances to make the playoffs and we couldn’t get that big goal. In the past we got those goals and we have to get back to it.”

    GM Kelly McCrimmon has tweaked the roster a bit this offseason with the biggest change seeing Phil Kessel come in and Max Pacioretty move out.

    “It’s exciting when you can add veterans. Especially ones who have won and had the success (Kessel’s) had. We’ve all got a bone to pick with the league. We’ve got stuff to prove. So does he. He’s going to fit right in with the group and add an element we haven’t had,” said Stone.

    McCrimmon also traded for goalie Adin Hill. Part of a captain’s role is to welcome in new players. Maybe it’s rookie Brendan Brisson who earns a roster spot. Or a veteran like Kessel making a big impact after moving to a new team.

    “Everyone is a different person; everyone has a different personality. I’m sure my conversation with Phil will be different from a goalie, but I’m excited to add guys and obviously, there are changes every year, there are going to be changes every year. I hate losing guys, but then I get excited to get different guys,” he said. “That’s the way the salary cap has been on all teams. There are teams who’ve won that lost guys, it’s just the nature of the business. We are excited about the guys that are added, and now it’s about getting on the ice.”

    • It’s a bitch when our team’s OWN fans ( including those on SinBin) have bashed them relentlessly for the past year, when damn near half our A players were out injured! These players are HUMAN. They KNOW when things are bad. They sure don’t need faux ” fans” trying to BURY our team. ALL teams struggle. ALL teams have rebuilding years. Trades happen. And SHIT HAPPENS. The Knights were exceptional, in being SOOOO good right out of the box, that fans EXPECTED excellence. Last season was the exception, when injuries changed EVERYTHING. These players can’t fix HURT. Only time and mitigation ( like surgery) can. Hopefully, Stone will be a healthy contributor this season– we NEED his leadership and brilliant playmaking!!
      I’m a optimist. I BELIEVE the team will do well this year… hey, they can’t do worse than last season, right?? The injury curse doesn’t strike twice, does it??

      • Jailbird

        That’s simply the bullshit that this place is about, TS. I appreciate real fans like you!

        • Blitz

          But I thought you had your own site to go to Doc?

        • JB, thanks for being a positive influence here!! There are ENOUGH armchair critics to complain. I mean, Jeez, we are SUPPOSED to be supporting the team, NOT bashing it!

      • Tim

        TS being a good fan and part of what you said was right you can’t predict injuries. I think the part people are most pissed off about is team management, bad trades, giving away draft choice after draft choice. A good example first years draft Cody Glass gone, Nick Suzuki gone, Erik Branstrom gone, Nick Hague soon to be gone. That was our first 4 draft picks ever and now Suzuki is captain of the Canadiens, Glass a bust, Branstrom a bust, Hague fair. Now who can justify that nonsense. Then they double down on Tartar, don’t resign Perron all that happened the first year and it’s bit us in the ass now starting season 6. We can continue the nonsense by bringing in an unstable goalie and all the hate it caused with Fleury who like it or not was the face of the franchise. After all this we have probably the worse farm system of all 32 teams thank you George and Kelly can’t wait for your next more.

    • Obvious

      Stone and Eichel 1 hit away from career ending injuries.

      Psycho Lehner an utter basket case. Likliehood of him ending up in the gutter from a crack OD higher than him playing another game in Vegas.

      I guess denial is one of the stages of the grieving process

      Fans aren’t bashing the the players… they are bashing the shit management foley has cobbled together …. Complete fleecing of the fan base

      • Obvious, I do realize fans are most upset w mgmt. But it crosses lines into the players. Then it gets directly PERSONAL. ( sorry, but your hate for Lehner is undeserving. ) Players eventually end up being the targets. Maybe most players can block out the BS, but they are Human. Like us.
        All teams have talent,, but I think attitude and confidence are the ticket to a WINNING team. And that includes the FANS, too.

      • Neal

        It’s obvious you didn’t have a clue what you were talking about now isn’t it.

    • Thg, just so you know,, my posts were not aimed at you. I was responding to Stone ‘s comments. No issues with you, k? Peace!

  19. knights fan in minny

    evan rodriguez inks with the lanche

    • JV

      1 year 2 million. Good signing for the Avs at that price. Have to wonder if VGK even tried. Would have been a good get.

  20. Obvious

    Suzuki new captain of Montreal. Another give away by fat bastard and McPhukup and nothing in return. ZERO long term foresight. What a bunch of screw ups

  21. Hey Tim. Yup, I do realize mgmt has been the main target of fans’ frustrations. I failed to include that major factor. But I have to think all the negativity from the fanbase is being felt by the players, too. They are affected by the bullshit, just as fans have been. I sure haven’t liked some mgmt decisions, either. There are reasons to be frustrated. Guess I just see the positive/ gratitude in the gift that Vegas was given when the Knights arrived. I can bitch with the best of ’em( ask THG..sorry, thg..)
    , but at the end of the day, Hockey is a GAME to be enjoyed and appreciated!

  22. Bobby

    Can’t wait to have Golden Knights hockey back. Love the rallys, fan interaction, cooler weather, got new coach & system…. Hang out by tmobile with drink(s) in hand…. What’s not to love?

  23. Chuckles

    Call IT crazy. Fans being fanatics! Despite all going on with the Golden Knights Team. This was an expansion team for crying out loud. SPOILED by success. Many NEVER, TRUE hockey fans.. Yes it’s quasi crazy!!

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