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Call Me Crazy, But … (Jason’s 2023-24 Picks)

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Here we go, it’s Day 2 of making crazy predictions (here are Ken’s from yesterday). I truly believe a couple of my predictions will come true this season. Especially, the one about Jack Eichel squaring off against Connor McDavid.

Call me crazy, but Shea Theodore will pass his career high in goals in 2023-24.

There have been theories floating over the past several seasons that Alex Pietrangelo’s presence impacted Theodore’s growth. It’s an easy assumption, considering Theodore was the Golden Knights’ biggest threat in the 2020 postseason. The Original Misfit registered seven goals in the bubble and 12 assists to go along with his breakout performance. Months later Pietrangelo was acquired and appeared to slow Theodore down.

The 28-year-old flashed some skill in the Stanley Cup Final and there’s reason to believe it will carry over to October. After playing in Bruce Cassidy’s system for 76 games, Theodore is in a position to flourish offensively. Look for Theodore to top 15 or more goals this season. Maybe enough to earn a few Norris Trophy votes.

Call me crazy, but there will be a goalie controversy at some point during the season.

Last season the “Thommy Lobby” was loud and loyal. For the most part, they got their wishes and by all accounts, Logan Thompson was VGK’s #1 goaltender. He was certainly on a path to start Game 1 of the playoffs in net until injuries got in the way. Bruce Cassidy was forced to use his reserves and the Legend of Adin Hill was born. Now that Hill was rewarded financially, the assumption is the Cup-winning goalie will remain as Vegas’ starter. Knowing how competitive Thompson is, that won’t register with him. The All-Star will likely play sharp on the nights he starts, keeping the pressure on Hill. Cassidy has proven he can win with several goaltenders so he could eventually go with the hotter hand. Oh, and what if Robin Lehner gets thrown back into the mix… We’ll let the team handle that.

Call me crazy, but Vegas will snowplow Seattle in the Winter Classic

Most members of the Golden Knights have played in every situation. Regular season openers, All-Star weekends, Stanley Cup Final games, and even outdoor games. Vegas tends to shine in big-league moments and usually comes out on top. Highly hyped and nationally televised event-type games have worked out for the Golden Knights. Except for their first outdoor game off of Lake Tahoe. The conditions were lousy, the first intermission lasted seven hours and Colorado would go on to win 3-2. Something tells me that Vegas’ veterans are still somewhat annoyed by the Lake Tahoe loss. Western Conference and Pacific Division banners, Stanley Cup rings, and a Winter Classic victory in one calendar year would be quite historic. And to make me crazier, VGK will win by at least four.

Call me crazy, but Jack Eichel will earn at least one game misconduct and possibly a fighting major against Edmonton this season.

My summer obsession with the Edmonton Oilers continues… Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are fed up. McDavid is angered that Eichel won a Stanley Cup before he and the Oilers did. He’s ticked that a Pacific Division team eliminated Edmonton and went on to be the last one standing. I’m sure Draisaitl still has nightmares of seeing his wrist being bludgeoned over and over again in his sleep.

Expect EDM v. VGK games to be angry, highly competitive, and possibly ugly. Eichel being the Golden Knights bonafide star, could be the target for Edmonton’s muscle. The championship center will get drawn in and away the fists will go. It won’t be just the Oilers but I’m expecting some pushback from Eichel and the boys against both franchises in Alberta.

We asked members of our Discord community to share some of their bold predictions. Here are some more of our favorites.


Call me crazy, but there will be massive buyer’s remorse for Ivan Barbashev.


Call me crazy, but Edmonton misses the playoffs.


Call me crazy, but Nic Hague gets a spot on the PP to blast Haguerbombs and scores 5 PPG.


Call me crazy, but Elias Lindholm will be a Golden Knight playing with Stoney and Stevy.


Call me crazy, but VGK will only need to use 3 goalies in net this season (yes, only).


Call me crazy, but we will see Miracle Man (Miromanov) play 12 games for Vegas this season.


Call me crazy, but Vegas will not score a shorthanded goal.


Call me crazy, but Marchy is traded by the draft next summer.


Call me crazy, but Eichel puts up 104 points. 42 goals and 62 assists.


Call me crazy, but Wild Bill will play every game this year shirtless and will incorporate hip thrusts into his goal celebrations.


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  1. Richie-Rich

    There will be no goalie controversy. We have two very good goaltenders. The old model has been broken. Great defense up front and two very good goalies will win championships.

  2. Jason – following instruction “Just call you crazy ” forget the but.

  3. NickAtNightTime post could be right- getting rid of Smith to accomplish that will prove to be an error. Just a prediction.

  4. Jailbird

    Barby will shine. Get used to it. Don’t take it out on him because Smity was traded away.

  5. Jake

    Call me crazy but Ken seems to be drifting towards sanguinity about the future prospects of the VGK.

  6. Tim

    Nothing crazy about my thought I see a dominating year ahead for the Golden Knights. Basically everyone back after a year of Cassidy’s shut down defense should be a big advantage. We have always been the hunted so no different this year after winning the Cup. They can talk up any team they want but the fact is the cup goes through Vegas so strap your skates on tight it’s going to be a wild ride.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    KP is BACK, and hopefully BETTER !

    Who is going ? I need to know NOW,

    you IN or OUT?


    FORWARDS: Jakub Brabenec, Brendan Brisson, Mathieu Cataford, Ty Cheveldayoff, Daniel D’Amato, Jakub Demek, Robbie Fromm-Delorme, Patrick Guay, Jordan Gustafson, Ben Hemmerling, Bear Hughes, Jett Jones, Simon Pinard, Mason Primeau, Matyas Sapovaliv, Alex Swetlikoff, Tuomas Uronen

    DEFENSEMEN:Layton Ahac, Daniil Chayka, Artur Cholach, Lukas Cormier, Matteo Fabrizi, Joe Fleming, Arttu Karki, Christoffer Sedoff

    GOALTENDERS:Jordan Papirny, Isaiah Saville, Jesper Vikman


    No. Name Position
    5 Daniil Chayka Defenseman
    8 Mathieu Cataford Forward
    12 Jakub Brabenec Forward
    13 Jakub Demek Forward
    15 Christoffer Sedoff Defenseman
    24 Brendan Brisson Forward
    25 Matyas Sapovaliv Forward
    26 Arttu Karki Defenseman
    31 Isaiah Saville Goaltender
    32 Jesper Vikman Goaltender
    37 Tuomas Uronen Forward
    38 Jordan Gustafson Forward
    40 Lukas Cormier Defenseman
    42 Alex Swetlikoff Forward
    44 Layton Ahac Defenseman
    47 Patrick Guay Forward
    52 Artur Cholach Defenseman
    53 Simon Pinard Forward
    54 Matteo Fabrizi Defenseman
    57 Mason Primeau Forward
    60 Bear Hughes Forward
    63 Ben Hemmerling Forward
    68 Jordan Papirny Goaltender
    77 Ty Cheveldayoff Forward
    83 Daniel D’Amato Forward
    89 Robbie Fromm-Delorme Forward
    91 Jett Jones Forward
    95 Joe Fleming Defenseman


    Thursday, September 14
    -Rookie practice, 10:00 a.m. PT (City National Arena)

    Friday, September 15
    -Vegas Golden Knights vs. Anaheim Ducks, 7 p.m. PT (The Dollar Loan Center)

    Saturday, September 16
    -Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks, 7 p.m. PT (The Dollar Loan Center)

    Sunday, September 17
    -Rookie practice, 9:30 a.m. PT (City National Arena)

    Monday, September 18
    -Vegas Golden Knights vs. Colorado Avalanche, 3 p.m. PT (City National Arena)

  8. Jailbird

    Last post, eh! Thought so! But thanks for the HOCKEY info, that’s always welcome!

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