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Buy, Sell, Or Hold? What To Do With VGK Assets

Well, you can probably tell where my mind is today. The stock and crypto markets are tumbling and like everyone with money invested I’m forced to decide if it’s best to buy more, sell what I have, or simply hold. I run a hockey website for a living and many people don’t even respect my opinions on sports, so I’m not even going to begin to give you any advice on what to do in this bear market. Instead, I’m going to try and spin this concept into the world of the Golden Knights.

So, here’s how it works. I’m taking four Golden Knights whose stock has risen or dropped over the course of the last 12 months and making a call on what a wise investor would do with the asset. Buy, sell, or hold!

Note: This is meant to be viewed completely independent of the Golden Knights’ salary cap situation.

Mark Stone

A Selke Finalist and thriving as a captain of a good team, Stone was making his $9.5 million contract look like a steal. After dominating in the Colorado series including netting an overtime game-winner in Game 5, Stone’s value was at an all-time high heading into the Conference Final against Montreal. Then, it started to descend.

Stone was shutout (or skunked as he called it) in the series with the Canadiens. He followed that up by missing a portion of the preseason due to a freak injury. Then, he suffered a non-contact back injury in the 2nd game of the season which plagued him all year. Through it, he managed to post 30 points in 37 games but when the moment was biggest, he just didn’t look himself. This offseason, he underwent a successful back surgery which has the skeptics out in force wondering if he’ll ever return to his dominant old self.

For me, based on the history of Mark Stone and the knowledge I’ve gained through Dr. Pinegar on the injury, this is an easy decision for me. Buy, buy, buy!!!

There’s obviously a risk that the injury could reoccur and he’ll have to undergo a series of back procedures, but most athletes that deal with these issues do return to form in between the surgeries. As long as he’s on the ice, and we expect him there on Opening Night 2022-23, he’s going to be awesome. Stone will regain his form at some point, probably soon, and the public perception will skyrocket on him when he does. There will be a time to sell, and it may not be that far away, but that time is definitely not now. Decision: BUY

Logan Thompson

The 25-year-old underdog story won the hearts of pretty much the entire Golden Knights fan base. From an undrafted goalie playing games in college in Canada to the AHL Goalie of the Year to stepping in as Vegas’ starter down the stretch of a playoff chase, Thompson’s rise has been meteoric.

As an asset though, the sample is still incredibly small, both in the NHL and even the AHL. His award-winning AHL season was played in a shortened year against just a handful of opponents and his stint in the NHL consisted of just 19 games and ended with the Golden Knights out of the playoffs. Of course, he was excellent across pretty much all of it, but there are a huge number of examples of players in situations just like his that looked good at first but quickly flamed out.

The right play is to hold on Thompson. There’s no way I’d even consider selling as the upside is far too great, but the volatility of goalies, especially ones who shine in a fill-in role, makes him too risky to go all-in on… yet. Decision: HOLD

William Karlsson

When asked what he thought about his season in 2021-22, Karlsson said it was “not great,” and he’s right, it wasn’t. He posted the fewest points in a year he has as a Golden Knight, he missed a significant portion of time with an injury, and his goal-scoring continued confirming that the 43-goal season in 2017-18 was a fluke.

However, it was clear to see how badly the Golden Knights missed Karlsson when he wasn’t in the lineup. That speaks volumes about what he does in every area aside from offensive production. He’s still the best defensive center on the team, his seemingly endless gas tank comes in handy late in games and even more so in the playoffs, and his ability to clean up mistakes made by others often goes unnoticed.

I’m on board with everyone else saying he’s never going to score like he did in the expansion season, but I also don’t think he’ll ever struggle to do so as much as he did this year. So, give me more of the valuable asset at his lowest point in the past five years. Decision: BUY

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Ben Hutton

The season Hutton just turned in, considering the circumstances, was nothing short of extraordinary. He went from out of work during Training Camp to a clear top-pair option on a team fighting for a playoff spot. No, it wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination while he was out there, but he was far from a liability when playing with Alex Pietrangelo.

What the Golden Knights got out of Hutton is something they never want to have to get again. On a good team, Hutton should be a sixth or even seventh defenseman. On last year’s VGK, there were many games where he was installed as #2 or #3.

This is probably the highest Hutton’s stock will ever be for the rest of his career. It’s unlikely to fall massively over the next few years, but this is the peak, get out now. Decision: SELL

**Do me a favor and tell me if you like this concept. If yes, I’ll do another set of four later in the week. If not, no worries, we’ve all got bigger things to worry about as our retirement accounts continue to drain before our eyes.**


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  1. Given the Cap Hell VGK is suffering, I would put Alec Martinez up for sale and keep Hutton.

    • SB

      I would love to see a team like Detroit make a run at Karlsson or Martinez. I think theirs a high probability a trade goes down between the two clubs this offseason. Wings need help on the left side as well so it seems like a no-brainer.

  2. John W

    Agree on Stone. Still lots of tread on those tires, IMHO.

    Getting more OFFENSE out of Karlsson should be a top priority for the new coach. I agree with buy, due to his defense, and the ability to build a shut down line around him.

    Hutton is a BUY, if you decide to not re-sign Hague. I feel that keeping Martinez, Whitecloud, McNabb, Petro and Shea, means that 6th spot needs to be cheaper, to give more $$ for forward depth. Tough call, though…….and Coughlin isn’t an answer.

    Big question in my mind – Would you rather have Robin Lehner and Dadanov, or Reilly Smith and Nic Roy on renewed deals?…. Could Thompson and Brossoit get us through? (Or Thompson and any under $2 million veteran goalie)

    Last thought, we need to create a middle six spot for either Brisson or one of the Russian Forwards not named Dadanov…….

  3. Ken,
    Definitely like the concept. It’s interesting and can spur some good dialogue while we’re in the “dead period”.

  4. Tim

    Ken I think before you do anything and you can write an article on this before we decide to buy, sell, or hold. How strong is this years draft I feel that has a lot to do with what we do. I’ve heard rumors Chicago, Ottawa , and other teams with high draft picks and ready to trade them for an established player. I think mowing the draft it would make it much easier to make decisions on Dadonov, Karlsson, Patch, and Martinez would be our 4 big trade pieces. We dump a lot of salary plus Reilly Smiths 5 million would total 23 million we could use plus pick up a bunch of prospects to me would be a win win.
    Now on the coaching front I believe management is scared shitless picking a dud would just about finish them. All I see available are a bunch of recycled duds who aren’t taking anyone to the promised land.

    • It’s a decent draft. Not great, not terrible. I hear you on teams potentially selling a 1st round pick, but I’d be surprised if VGK were in the market to buy one. Unless that changes, my draft focus will stay on just reacting to who VGK pick. Maybe I’ll go through some guys that make sense, but even that is a stretch with them not picking til the mid-2nd.

    • Jim

      Chicago doesn’t have a high draft pick. They don’t want established players either, they are looking for draft picks or prospects.

  5. Erik

    do one based on the cap conundrum

  6. Bobby

    Trade Lehner back to the Islanders

  7. VegasMisfits

    Lehner – Sell
    Karlsson – Sell
    Pacioretty – Sell
    Eichel – Sell

    Marner – Buy

  8. THE hockey GOD

    sell all but LT, Stone and Karlsson are damaged goods, Hutton just isn’t plain good enough.

    on as you think you’ve got the key to the stock market, they change the lock.
    Joseph Granville

    Owning stocks now is like sitting in front of train coming down the track, you get out NOW. Sell Everything- Joe Granville.

    Holding stocks now is like holding a can of tuna that has been passed around one million times, by the time you open it up it stinks like rotten fish- Joe Granville.

    It took Joe Flation two years to mess up the economy really bad, just think what this clown will do in the next two years! Not good. – THG

    • knights fan in minny

      i here the news channel is hiring


      • THE hockey GOD

        sorry TS nobody believes that

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        • Thg, I am incredulous that the ones screaming and throwing political fireballs at Biden are forgetting that their OWN man, the Trumpet, was, and still is, the most CORRUPT POTUS in U.S. HISTORY.

          • THE hockey GOD

            trump is not corrupt
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        • No more words for you, except I feel sorry for your wife. Now, take your meds, add some melatonin and take a nap!!
          Oh, and GO AVS GO!… remember HOCKEY?? I’d like to enjoy HOCKEY. PEACE TIL THE CUP IS WON, OKAY THG????

        • knights fan in minny

          go talk to your best friend the mirror this is a hockey site did your mom drop you on your head

        • thg,

          Putin did not invade UK he in invaded the Ukraine.

  9. the Hockey God

    once as you think you’ve got the key to the stock market, they change the lock.
    Joseph Granville

    • knights fan in minny

      what team does joe granville coach is this hockey or did you fall and hit your head

  10. Ken, if you approached the situation on a ROI level you could very easily determine who to sell (get rid off). It would also quickly point out who stays.

    • I guess that would depend how you define ROI from a hockey standpoint. There’s a lot more to the game than goals and assists.

      • ROI – value for the dollars invested – take all the pluses and negatives place a value to each one, any and all stats you can imagine even the subjective ones like value to locker room etc. determine the number and divided into how much it cost (investment). As long as you approach every player the same way the numbers won’t lie. No question there is more to the game than just goals and assists. Your good at subjective aspects as your opinion is as good as anyone’s else. When you do the math it takes all the guesswork out of the results and is justifiable. It would make for a heck of a spreadsheet. Give you something to do over the summerLOL

        • I think assigning values would be A LOT harder than you are thinking. It’s an interesting concept though. Let me think about it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          HD Biker what happens when your TESLA Stock price breaks a leg ?? I guess an injury is like when the exchange suspends the trading of stock. Like they have done for Russian ETF , RSX, which hasn’t traded since end of February due to Ukraine invasion?

  11. Ken,
    I live for your hockey insights and that being said… I’ll take your stock advice also. I enjoy your opinions and overall views on our Golden Knights. Can’t wait for the next 4 players you look at.

  12. Jerry

    I guess it’s time to decide who is really worth the money that they make like patrangelo 60 million , I don’t think so, he just doesn’t perform to a 60 million dollar player level, next is pacheretty, I thinks it’s time to trade him and mark stone for not really performing well after injuries.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    “I run a hockey website for a living and many people don’t even respect my opinions on sports, so I’m not even going to begin to give you any advice on what to do in this bear market. Instead, I’m going to try and spin this concept into the world of the Golden Knights.”

    what do you mean no one respects your opinions ???? You run a blog like website, no one will ever get 100% consensus ! You have to earn respect, it isn’t just dumped onto someone’s lap. Take for instance signs of respect
    1- longevity , still going from day 1
    2- viewership, going up ?
    3- income, steady and rising ?
    4- new ads and sponsors ? Pizza pizza ?
    5- How coaches and FO respond to questions, good so far. Or with disdain?
    I think only GG gave you one snarky response, and he’s an old cruddy duddy.
    6- reaction on forum, providing thought provoking articles
    7- free content, unlike that putz that charges to view his misinformed opinions, at the ARTICLE, or whatever it’s called. People who charge to view their work have no respect in my book.
    8 – bear market advise, continue to sell all rallies until otherwise shown to be
    not good advise.

    Oh yeah, one more thing on BIDEN pos aboet, AMERICANS are not happy with losing half their 401k due to his poor polices. That hits them in bottom line. They are losing money , paying an extra “tax” for inflation and now in their 401 K plans. I had a boss once who used to say after every market crash “Well that is one more year I have to work to make up for that loss in my 401K” !

  14. Pistol Pete

    Hope the coach will be hired with the understanding he will participate in scouting and roster decisions. Some know more about this process than I do. Trotz has more experience than about anyone else out there.

  15. To the “Hockey God” stay out of politics

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