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Buy, Sell, Or Hold, Pacioretty Trusts VGK To Make The Right Call

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The NHL trade deadline is a week away and it could be another active one for the Golden Knights. Since their first trade deadline in 2018, Vegas hasn’t been shy adding players to their already competitive roster. The first season Ryan Reaves and Tomas Tatar were acquired to give the coaching staff extra skill and muscle. On last year’s deadline day, the Golden Knights traded and signed Mark Stone who quickly became the face of the franchise. Needless to say, the players and fans are anticipating the front office to be calling and texting other general managers.

 I’ve been on every end of that situation, buying and selling, or standing put. In terms of rumors you don’t hear too many playing in Vegas as opposed to playing in a Canadian city. On trade deadline having the TV on in here, you heard about the possibility of getting a guy like Mark Stone. I’m sure once we get closer to the day maybe we’ll hear a little more. In terms of what we hear with outside noise, we don’t as a player in Vegas and that’s a nice thing. -Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty has seen his share of deadlines come and go in his 12-year career. The 31-year-old has been on both sides of the scale, teams that were buyers and teams that were sellers. Even for a veteran the trade deadline period can be a bit stressful, knowing a teammate or potentially himself could be dealt to another club.

It’s a pretty crappy feeling when you get the day off and you’re all hanging out, which has happened to me, and everyone has got their phones on. Seeing guys drop like flies getting traded to other teams because your team is selling. That’s the worst feeling in the world and you never want to be in that position.- Pacioretty

That isn’t the case for Vegas, nor has it been in team history. Pacioretty and his teammates expect the Golden Knights to be heavily involved, even if a trade doesn’t materialize.

We like what we have in this room. If there’s a piece to add I’m sure they’ll make it. They’ve always done a good job of knowing where to add or how far to stretch as to what we need or not. Management has always done a great job in that regard and we trust them this year as well.-Pacioretty

Last season the Golden Knights were given an immediate upgrade when Stone was brought over from Ottawa. Not only did the front office acquire a highly-skilled player but they signed him to an eight-year deal. Addressing the 2019 playoff run, and the future. The move was a big boost for a contending team preparing for a playoff run.

Often times when you do get a piece that can contribute, it’s a message from up top saying ‘we believe in you guys and we want to contend this year.’ Rentals are one thing and obviously they do serve a purpose but it seems like if we can get a guy for longer term it’s more bang for your buck. Going about it the way they do with trade and signs, similar to myself. It’s not just ‘oh we’re going to go for it this year.’ It’s more of ‘we see an opportunity to make this team better this year and in the long run.’ It’s a really smart way of going about it.-Pacioretty

On the other end side of the equation is the mentality of the roster if the Golden Knights front office decide to stand pat. The same way a move could jolt a locker room, it can have the same effect by not buying at the deadline. It’s another signal the organization truly believes in the current roster and their chances in the postseason.

Yeah definitely. We like what we have. If you try and speculate as to what you need or what you can afford, more often than not you’re always wrong. I don’t know how all of that cap space works, saving days or whatnot, that’s not my department. Any team will say that in a salary cap world there’s always an area that you can improve because no team is perfect top to bottom. It’s impossible with a salary cap. I’m sure if they feel like there’s any area they can improve, and if not that’s fine, we like what we have in here and still like our chances.-Pacioretty

Pacioretty and his teammates are confident in the current roster’s capabilities, but no doubt they’ll be keeping an eye on the NHL Network next Monday. Not so much for a teammate being shipped out, but for the new face that may be coming in. It’s hard to imagine the front office making another franchise-altering acquisition like last February, but whatever happens, trade or standing pat, it’ll be fully endorsed by the locker room.


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  1. Tim

    Trade possibilities Dillon from San Jose, Martinez from LA seem the most likely targets. Knowing the Knights don’t count out Krieter but I’m sure they’d extend him before a trade could be made and not at 7 million more like 5.9 million if he’d except that. Otherwise with a good locker room and Whiteclould playing well they may not make a move. Our likely trade candidates would be Eakins, and Holden and I hope not Reeves. It should be a fun week.

    • knights fan in minny

      best day of the year feb 24 I will be arriving in vegas going to the sabers game

  2. knights fan in minny

    roy needs to be more involved

  3. knights fan in minny

    roy needs to be more involved

  4. DOC Williams

    I have changed my mind numerous times in past two weeks or so. Right now (subject to change 🙂 ) I think we should find a better 2nd goalie! Find a team with a solid vet, who would be willing to take on Subban ? Then, find that D-man that can help us out. I don’t know?????? We can’t read the minds of the “Mac” GM’s. So really, who the hell knows. Being a disabled old man, I don’t give a hoot about preserving future “assets”. USE THEM … so we can win NOWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Patches and Stone were incredible additions, both are embraced here. Terrific plates, team guys. I loved getting them.

  6. DOC Williams

    Nice win tonight over the caps. But, we sure got the crap kicked out of us Physically I thought! Didn’t see the final hit total, but it had to be way lopsided on the Caps side. The win IS the most important stat!!!!! (Also, I know the hype before the game was we would tie Edmonton for 1st with win, but they have TWO games in hand on us, sooooooo.

  7. knights fan in minny

    fun game tonight looks like fluery is having fun again need tuch back asap

  8. knights fan in minny

    what do vegas fans feel about alec martinez

  9. DOC Williams

    I thought Dillon would have fit in nice with the Knights, especially with his ex coach here, BUT, Caps just grabbed him! And us???? We’re doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DOC Williams

    I guess we are going after Martinez from LA. All I know about him, is he’s a veteran with many years in the W Conf. With the uncertainty of Tuch injury & questionable play this year, shouldn’t we also grab a 3rd line player who “might” be able to score? (Also, I’m not giving up on my thought that we NEED a better 2nd goalie. (someone who can play substantial minutes in the final 20 games, so we don’t run flower into the ground) There obviously is very little confidence in Subban, no matter the standard sentiment voiced by the team. Lets GO McGM’s, Get us that help!

    • David Phipps

      Subban has proven he has the ability to be a good goalie. The problem is, he rarely gets tested. You can’t be at the top of your game if you almost never see ice time outside of a practice. They should have played him more at the beginning of the year and put him in more during the season. The time to test him is not during the play offs.

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