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According to multiple reports, first reported by Kevin Weekes of ESPN, the Golden Knights are set to make Bruce Cassidy the team’s newest head coach. The team has confirmed.

Cassidy, who was fired from the same position with the Boston Bruins eight days ago, will become the Golden Knights’ third head coach as they head into their sixth season in the NHL.

Cassidy boasted a .672 winning percentage in his six years with the Bruins with a record of 245-108-46. He led his team to the playoffs in all six of his seasons in Boston and reached the Stanley Cup Final in 2018-19, ultimately falling in seven games to the St. Louis Blues. His overall record in the playoffs is 36-37 and his series record is 6-5.

In 2002, Cassidy was given his first chance as a head coach by George McPhee and the Washington Capitals. He lasted just 110 games and was let go after an 8-18-1-1 start in his second year.

The Golden Knights are very pleased to have Bruce come in to coach our team. His success in Boston over six years is extremely impressive. His teams have had a clear identity, having been among the very best in the NHL in terms of goals for, goals against, goal differential and special teams. This is the right coach for our team at this time. -Kelly McCrimmon in press release

I am excited to join an organization that shares my commitment to winning and can’t wait to get to work with the talent that has been assembled in Vegas. It’s been impressive to watch the city embrace the Golden Knights from afar, and my family and I look forward to becoming a part of that. -Bruce Cassidy in press release


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  1. knights fan in minny

    congrats to the new bench boss

  2. Julie

    Is he the one from the Partridge Family? 🙂

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Julie

      (I liked the Adams Family, hated the PF and BB )

  3. Blitz

    I think this is a good hire. The general sediment on Cassidy from the Boston fans is that he did alot of good with what he had to work with and the GM is generally the problem with that team (sounds familiar). He took them to a cup game 7 and made the playoffs every year. I have seen more good than bad from the fans and media comments. So let it ride.

    Now we just need to figure out how to reshape this roster to get grit, passers, and shooters. LOL

    • DL

      Hope he first washes that off.

      • Blitz

        No kidding. That is gross. 🙂 Perhaps sentiment next time auto correct, but at least sediment is spelled correctly.

  4. vgk21

    Great news!

    Hopalong Cassidy rides again.

    He will try to get the line of Pacioretty, Eichel, and Stone to be like the Bergeron line in Boston.

    Playoffs will return to Vegas.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    should have been Quenneville

  6. Always go for the biggest free agent even if it doesn’t fit, that’s the Vegas way! Cassidy was it

  7. Ken

    You put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig

  8. Bobby

    Solid hire.

  9. Daryl

    Overall he has around a 300-200 W/L record. I just wonder if he will be able to fix VGK’s scoring issues.

    He wasn’t my top pick so I guess we’ll see how this works out

    • THE hockey GOD

      @D wasn’t close to my top pick either, sort of like consolation prize pick.

      • Blitz

        You kind of took a shit on every coach that was brought up since PETER’s firing. I am not sure you had a top pick.

        • THE hockey GOD

          wrong Blitz, I put a few posts out there on my contenders. You must have missed them.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Tortella was one of them. Q was not, I liked Trotz but felt he wouldn’t come here, Tocchet was not one I favored.

  10. Original 6✅

    The Woke FO spoke. Passed on the 2 nd wining coach in NHL history with the 3 cups & knowledge to beat everyone they will have to face next season! Florida fans said they wish he was behind the bench vs tampa because Q replacement was clueless! They really had to move on someone that literally was just fired last weak & go all in other wise they be hiring assistant coaches so it’s the best pick . Now they have to fix cap issues ! I do like him over De Boring . Cassidy has veterans and he should do fine. Nobody mention what was the contract. can someone post it.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      Q has unfinished business in Florida, there is no way he comes to VGK, no WAY.

      I agree that fans were right as Cooper completely out coached his replacement.

      PDB has pick of a lot of good remaining teams.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Welcome to the jUNGLe JC !

    Emily Kaplan of ESPN was WRONG YET AGAIN (she tabbed Barry Trotz).

    Well there is hope for MAF fans, as GM GM doesn’t hold a grudge !

    (I am eating my hat now, someone please pass the tabasco sauce, and no I didn’t want Q, the alter ego mimic me said that, not me)

    • Thg, I am confused. There are TWO of you? Which one is the hyper- political one– the REAL thg, or your stalker? This must be why your posts fluctuate between CIVIL and POLITICALLY INFLAMMATORY. Which is the REAL THG?

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS look at the ICONS real THG is purple, says politically FACTUAL things that libtards can’t stand because they can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH !. The one who emulates me, has orange one. I wouldn’t say stalker, more like someone who tries to represents something. I don’t know what yet.

        THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE HOCKEY GOD thus sayest the prophets of yore !

        • Ok. Thnx. Now I know the crazy guy throwing political bombs IS really YOU. I was kinda hoping the opposite. Alas, one can hope and dream for CIVILITY AND ACTUAL HOCKEY DISCUSSION ON THIS SITE. I don’t know a lot about HOCKEY, but I do know POLITICS AIN’T PART OF IT.

          • THE hockey GOD

            you seem to be the only person triggered, so that says a lot about your misguided hockey and especially political brain washed state of existence!
            🙂 !

          • TS,

            Best thing to do is just ignore his comments. He knows little about hockey and even less about politics especially global inflation.

  12. I think Torterella would have been very entertaining. Cassidy should do just fine. I thought he did very well with Boston the past few years.

    The problem with the Knights isn’t and hasn’t been coaching.

    It will become more clearer over the course of the next season that McCrimmon needs to go.

    • THE hockey GOD

      R R
      if it wasn’t coaching why did you shit all over PDB , repeatedly ?

      You can’t have it both ways. I agree coaching isn’t the issue. PDB is scape goat. He was dealt a deck of cards full of jokers, deuces, threes, and one eyed jacks. All the aces and tens were sitting on the floor.

    • THE hockey GOD

      The Philadelphia Flyers and John Tortorella are reportedly in the late stages of negotiations for the head coaching job.

      ESPN’s Kevin Weekes first reported the deal and noted that it’s not yet done. Tortorella would certainly bring a wealth of experience to the Philadelphia Flyers and would bring a lot of passion and a disciplined, defensive style to the team. He has a 673-541-37-132 record as a head coach and won the Jack Adams Award in 2004 and 2017.


        • THE hockey GOD

          really ? Americans that want to kill fellow Americans are our enemy. You don’t even deny that our DEM reps incited the BLM violence (examples AOC , Pelosi, MAXINE WATERS) , taking over blocks in Seattle and Minnesota. Now Schumer inciting attacks on SC justices!

          Your ilk is the enemy within, people that deny this are brain dead morons.

          • You sound like PUTIN , himself!! The ” enemy within” is in your MIND, DUDE! Take your Meds, already!! You sound like a crazy old RUSSKIE!! The lunatic is in your head!

          • the hockey God

            putin ? boy are you delusional, seek therapy you need it.

  13. Tim

    Paul Newman will do just fine. I would think with what’s available he’d be close to the top. Draft starts July 15th so between now and then management and Butch can figure out some moves to help the team.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    it’s 90 F , heat wave throughout AMERICA

    and they are PLAYING HOCKEY ?!!

    come on BETTMAN FIX THE SCHEDULE. Hockey should be over in MAY at the very latest !

    With COVID disrupting the schedule you had a chance to CHANGE IT, but you didn’t DUMBEST COMMISH IN SPORTS !!

  15. Arnold Rothstein

    Bruce Cassidy HC, Vegas Golden Knights
    The Vegas Golden Knights have hired Bruce Cassidy as their new head coach.

    Boston surprised a lot of people when they announced on June 6 that they’ve decided to part ways with Cassidy. Ultimately he only went about a week without a job. It’s not hard to see why Vegas wanted him. Cassidy has a 292-155-9-53 career record as a bench boss and won the Jack Adams Award in 2020. This season he guided Boston to a 51-26-5 record. He’s searching for his first championship, but he did reach the finals with Boston in 2019.
    Source: on Twitter
    Jun 14, 2022, 6:05 PM ET

  16. THE hockey GOD

    is this the VGK way
    of “building back better”?????

  17. Tim

    For me I never had a good feeling about DeBoer especially because he came from our hated rival. I don’t have that same feeling with Cassidy I think he might mesh well in Las Vegas.

    • Tim, I had the SAME feeling about PDB. How could mgmt hire our Nemesis???

      • Daryl

        I didn’t like the PDB hire either, but it had nothing to do with coming from SJS

  18. THG, I’m one of the only posters willing to speak up. I could write VOLUMES on my views on Trump,, but I use common sense and do NOT POLITICIZE on this site.. And PLEASE do not criticize my Hockey acuity– I openly admit to my lack of expertise! That is precisely why I joined SINBIN, to be enlightened about HOCKEY! NOT POLITICAL BASHING! So, TRY to enjoy the cup Finals, despite your hatred for all things different from you!!
    Fyi: I was Repub most of my life. I’ m a nice person, honest. I just happen to be Demo now…but i am NOT the enemy! I May be Independent by ’24, who knows?? Point is: we are all Americans. No matter the COLOR. PEACE, THG

    • THE hockey GOD

      hatred ?

      only hate I see is from DEMS and their TDS (trump derangement syndrome). Before you throw the word HATE around, take a look at your own ilk. Senators and congressmen inciting riots in name of cop killing. J6 committee is pure trump hate.
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      Your ilk owns the hate. There is NO DOUBT about that.

      • knights fan in minny

        do you ever stop being nauseating

        • I think he is off his meds.

          • knights fan in minny

            and out of his strait jacket

          • I will try. He set me off today, after enduring weeks of his OFFENSIVE POLITICAL BASHING. He dishes out the dirt, but can’t take any criticism because he thinks he is ALWAYS RIGHT. What a MENSCH, he is!!

      • DL

        Well I see you keep on drinking the Kool-Aid…maybe you should try the suggested disinfectant.

  19. Ken

    Fucking ridiculous!

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    • THE hockey GOD

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        • THE hockey God

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    • THE hockey GOD

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      • Ken

        Who is this sick individual? Is he here all the time? Thought this was a hockey site. Not a place for these crazies from their rabbit holes!

        • the hockey God

          Ken only crazy here is you, get a clue.

        • the hockey God

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  21. Mike StG

    Terrific hire! My first choice even before he became available. The perfect coach for a mostly veteran Vegas team with a lot of high skilled players.

    I like that he will put offense back on the forwards instead of ‘defense driving offense’. And also that he prefers controlled zone entries to dumping it in. Well suited to Eichel’s skills and speed. This should also benefit the defense, reducing the odd man rushes and high danger chances against. That plays better to Lehner’s style. It also should help Theodore, since his skating and puck handling skills lend themselves to controlled zone entries.

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