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Bruce Cassidy Not The Only Coach Frustrated With Preseason Defeats

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This weekend the Golden Knights had their worst outing of the preseason. Vegas lost 7-3 to the San Jose Sharks and their head coach was not happy with their effort.

It’s an attention-getter. You’ve played your games you’ve been at Training Camp, we’re not nearly where we need to be so we’ve got to get the hell back to work the next time we reconvene. That to me is the message that will be sent when we get back together. -Bruce Cassidy

In most cases, exhibition games are considered tune-ups and extended tryouts for prospects. However, with the brief time Bruce Cassidy has had with his new club, every shift counts. With only eight days before Vegas opens the 2022-23 season, it’s vital the Golden Knights continue to learn and execute their leader’s instructions.

After three preseason contests Vegas looked as if they had absorbed their coach’s new defensive look. On Friday night it fell apart. So of course Cassidy was frustrated with the results. This weekend, the Golden Knights coach wasn’t the only one to voice his concerns after lopsided defeats.

Tonight, a lot of the pressure in our D-zone we couldn’t handle it. We couldn’t handle their speed. Consequently they get the opportunities. We’re going to get better but it’s just not happening as quickly as I’d like it to be. -Bruce Boudreau, Canucks coach

After a 4-0 shutout, Pittsburgh coach Mike Sullivan told the media he was reluctant to talk about his team’s effort. In Pennsylvania’s other metropolis, Flyers bench boss John Tortorella was focused on his player’s confidence. In St. Louis, coach Craig Berube was at a loss for words.

Not enough. We didn’t do enough all around. It wasn’t a very good game. We should’ve played better for them, it was a great crowd.-Craig Berube, Blues coach

This very well could be a ploy from Cassidy and other veteran coaches to get their players’ mentally before regular season action. If you ignore the score, there were several positives to take away from Vegas’ fourth exhibition game. Offensively, Jack Eichel looks dangerous and heathy, while Mark Stone flashed his play-making abilities in his return, and Paul Cotter continued his seemingly undeniable run at a roster spot.

Also, it should be noted that Jake Leschyshyn dropped gloves and defended himself after landing a clean but hard hit on a Sharks player. That’s the character and culture stuff that un-frustrates Cassidy and other coaches.




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  1. Roberto

    Great reporting. SB’s done a nice job filling in the off/preseason with good content. Appreciate it.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    “Also, it should be noted that Jake Leschyshyn dropped gloves and defended himself after landing a clean but hard hit on a Sharks player. That’s the character and culture stuff that un-frustrates Cassidy and other coaches.”

    he got smoked, needs to take a lot of lessons from GMGM

  3. Vic

    The coaches thrilled about preseason victories should be looking for a new line of work.

  4. I wonder if players who don’t adjust to the system will be shipped out….

    I wonder if a (big) trade is coming….

    1st + Hague + Prospect + top sixer/top four for ??????

  5. If I recall Friday evening disaster, there was a number of regulars in the line-up – maybe teaching old dogs’ new tricks isn’t as easy as the guys trying to make the line-up. They scrambled around unorganized and out of position much of the time.

    • THE hockey GOD

      hockey, like baseball , is a timing sport; it takes awhile to get your timing in groove. First time players stone and marty, second and third game for a number of other veterans. Give them until mid October to get into their game. Then by end of November we’ll know if the team is there or not.

      • Blitz

        It is time for guys like Marty to prove their worth and show they didn’t age out. Marty came in last year looking like he took a step back, then took a face cut and missed most of the season, then came back and looked like crap. Now this year starts and he isn’t showing well. The dude needs to decide if hockey is still for him. Lot’s of young D talent waiting in line in the hockey circle of life.

        Stone gets a pass until well into the season. Hurt Stone didn’t play well last year. Hopefully recovered Stone does, but I expect that will take another month to know for sure.

        Petra is on another level of WTF. Dude is too busy trying to do too much. Just needs to get back to the basics, starting with “you are a defenseman, not a forward”.

  6. AJ

    What’s hilarious is Cassidy thinking himself a coach who can “turn things around” – and apparently has others believing the same. He rode the Julien/Chiarelli magic for all it was worth in Boston, but then started thinking his early successes actually had something to do with him – and so he began “developing” his own systems and meathods- which were laughably ineffective. Cassidy is not a player’s coach. So glad to have him out of Boston! Vagas, instead of looking at his record – which was pigi-backed on the skills of others – should have examined, a bit more closely, why he was fired.

    • Blitz

      Look at you trying to piss in everyone’s corn flakes. His name is not Peter Deboer and that good enough for me for this revolution of revolving coaches.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    See new Tweets
    Jesse Granger
    The Golden Knights have made their next wave of camp cuts official:

    Brisson, Dorofeyev, Manninen, Marushev, Morozov, Quinney, Ahac, Cormier, Chayka, Hayes, and Patera.

    Juniors: Brabanec and Dean.

    Waived to AHL if they clear: Froese, Rempal, Pachal and Hutchinson.

    just say no to the ganji ! ( i was walking by this “emporium and this hot girl came up to me and said “I will give you a lap dance if you buy me some ganji. I said ” just say no to the ganji”, the store was opposite one of dem der “gentlemen clubs” so I put two and two together and said once again “just say NO to the ganji”. Then I got in my Maserati and drove off.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    The Seattle Kraken revealed their mascot Saturday evening during a preseason game. Buoy the Troll has left people appalled and wondering why they didn’t go with something like, oh, I don’t know a Kraken. (my opinion , if mascot looks anything like 7 11 troll on TV, then it may get my vote).

    Sheldon Rempal, Byron Froese, Brayden Pachal, and Michael Hutchinson have cleared waivers.

    I am suprised PAchal wasn’t taken , he wears C for silver kites.

  9. THE hockey GODv

    James Neal was released from his professional tryout agreement by Columbus on Monday, Aaron Portzline of The Athletic reports.

    Maybe nighty nites will pick him up ?

  10. You will notice that inferior teams tend to do well in the preseason and early season.
    A good team has a strong farm system and has a lot of young players to evaluate.
    It is a long season! Good teams pace themselves.

  11. Tim

    Boy I’ll be glad when the season starts and the final roster is complete. I don’t get to excited about pre-season games it is time to see what you have. What we have is a decent team that should win there share of games. Anchors like Martinez,Petro on defense and Stone and Eichel plus a decent group of other contributors on offense and defense should keep us competitive.

    • THE hockey GOD

      goalie is going to be weak spot , need consistency at this position

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