Let’s go with something vague so Burns gets mad. (Photo Credit: SinBin.vegas Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It was clear Sharks defenseman Brent Burns wasn’t in the mood to speak with the media after Friday’s overtime loss. In San Jose’s locker room, Logan Couture spoke first while he ate a slice of pizza. Sans pizza, Tomas Hertl and Joonas Donskoi held quick media scrums of their own after Couture finished. Heck, even Joe Thornton poked his head in after finding his teeth.

The three San Jose players that spoke after the game were still wearing Sharks t-shirts and shorts. Burns came out showered, dressed and ready to hit the bus. It was clear by his demeanor the defenseman was upset. What might’ve set off Chewbacca was a 3rd period overturned goal that would’ve put the Sharks up 5-4. I asked Burns if he would talk about the overturned goal, and immediately you could feel his beard burning up.

No, not really. It is what it is. -Brent Burns, Sharks defenseman

Burns was upset with the overturned goal in Vegas, but it seemed like built up frustration from previous games.

Yeah, I just think it’s tough. A lot of it really is just judgement, there’s nothing really black and white. I think you’ve heard that from not just our team but a lot of teams. It goes for a lot of things, icings, it’s different every night. It’s a hard call for them and obviously it can be tough on us, we don’t know. It’s just part of the game. -Burns

He’s right. Players and coaches complain every night about goaltender interference, slashing, and icing calls. There’s too much gray area for players like Burns. The Norris winner tried to move on and credit the home team. However, you could continue to feel his frustrations.

Yeah, they’ve got a good team. That’s definitely a strength of theirs is their skill and speed. I mean yeah you get a point, that’s important. It’s tough to come out like that. -Burns

We’ve seen many NHL stars leave the T-Mobile Arena empty handed but none of them were as ticked as Burns. His tone and body-language were easy to read. Was it the goal review? Or was it losing to Vegas? We’ll never know… because we tried asking about that overturned call again.

Yeah, it’s tough, I don’t know. I can’t remember really. -Burns

And that’s when it ended.

Sorry Burnsy, the house always wins.